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Google Messages adds seven new features to celebrate 1 billion RCS users



Google Messages Magic feature

Google Messages has reached a new milestone with over one billion monthly active users. This app offers a more secure and rich messaging experience than SMS and MMS, with features like end-to-end encryption, high-quality media sharing, read receipts, and more.

To celebrate this, Google has also introduced seven new features to make Google Messages more personalized, such as Reaction effects, Voice Moods, and more.

New Features of Google Messages


Photomoji lets users convert their photos into reactions using Google AI on their devices. Users can select a photo of themselves or their pet and use it to react to a text. They can choose the object they want to transform into a Photomoji and send it. They can access their creations from a special tab and their friends in group chats can also use them.

Voice Moods, plus improved audio quality

Voice Moods allow users to add emotion to their voice messages. Users can select from nine different moods to convey how they feel when they speak. Their voice will be accompanied by a visual effect such as heart-eye emoji, fireballs or party popper. Google has also enhanced the audio quality of voice messages by increasing the bitrate and sampling rate.

Screen Effects

With Screen Effects, users can make their messages more animated with colorful animations. Users can type certain messages such as “It’s snowing” or “I love you” and see their screen filled with motion and color. Users can also try to discover all 15+ hidden Screen Effects words with their friends.

Custom Bubbles

With new Custom Bubbles, users can customize the bubble color and backgrounds of their chats and the person they chat with. Users can choose a different color for each chat. They can also avoid sending a text to wrong chat by distinguishing their chats.

Reaction Effects

Reaction Effects add more fun to the chats. If users react to a message with a simple 👍 emoji, a trio of animated hands will dance around the message bubble. This feature is designed to make the chats more dynamic with these ten popular emojis.

Animated Emoji 

Animated Emoji enhances the emoji with visual effects. Users can send an emoji and see it come to life with a burst of animation.


With Profiles, users can personalize their profile name and picture that go with their phone number. Users can express themselves better with Profiles and control how they appear across Google services.

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Try Galaxy: Experience the Galaxy S24 series’ AI and camera features on all Android and iOS devices



Samsung Try Galaxy App

If you are interested in the new AI-powered features and advanced camera tools of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, you can now try them out on your device with the updated Try Galaxy app. The app, which was previously only available for iOS users, is now compatible with all Android devices, including Galaxy models.

The Try Galaxy app allows you to enjoy the look and feel of the Galaxy S24 home screen and One UI 6.1 interface. You can access tutorials and interactive content to learn how to use the new features, such as Live Translate, Note Assist, Chat Assist, Photo Assist, and Circle to Search with Google.

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Moreover, you can also watch amazing videos of the Galaxy S24 series’ camera capabilities, such as Nightography Zoom, Super Steady, and Portrait mode.

Furthermore, the app introduces you to the Galaxy ecosystem, including the new Galaxy Themes, the Samsung Health app, and the latest foldable devices, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5.

Notably, the app is available on supported Android OS smartphones with the latest version of Chrome, but may not be perfectly optimized depending on device model, setting, screen size, etc. It also runs on Safari, on iPhone 7 and above with iOS 14 or higher.

The Try Galaxy app supports 20 languages in 120 countries and has over 18 million downloads worldwide. You can download the app by scanning a QR code or visiting

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WhatsApp is working on a Favorite contacts chat filter feature for iOS 



WhatsApp Channel list UI

To make the conversation more convenient and offer users an improved experience, WhatsApp could soon add a favorite contacts chat filter feature for iOS devices. Notably, the favorite contact feature is currently in development and before its stable release, WhatsApp continues to enhance it.

According to the details, WhatsApp is working on a new custom chat filter feature for favorite contacts. This will help users quickly access and prioritize conversations with their favorite contacts, ensuring they never miss important messages from them.

To be mentioned, the addition of favorite contacts will allow users to customize their messaging experience to suit their preferences. It also ensures that users always remain connected with their most important contacts while managing their conversations efficiently.

The capability to designate favorite contacts will also offer significant benefits for users handling numerous conversations with a dedicated chat filter. By allowing users to mark specific contacts as favorites, WhatsApp will make it easier to prioritize important conversations.

However, the chat filter feature for favorite contacts is under development and it will be available in a future update of the app on iOS. It’s also worth mentioning that, this feature is also getting tested for the web version of WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp chat filter


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Samsung Game Booster Plus update fixes the Frame Booster bug in Genish Impact



Game booster frame issue

Samsung has pushed a new update for its Game Booster Plus app, which update fixes a bug that affected the Frame Booster option in the popular game Genish Impact. The app is designed to optimize the performance and battery life of Samsung devices while gaming.

Frame Booster is a feature that enhances the smoothness of the game according to the device’s capabilities. However, some users reported that the Frame Booster option did not work properly in Genish Impact game, and caused the game to lag or crash.

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The community moderator recently acknowledged this issue and explained the cause of the bug. According to the moderator, there was a problem in the plugin booster initialization process, which resulted in an incorrect return of the initial value after the Frame Booster was turned off. The moderator promised to fix and distribute the bug as soon as possible.

Samsung Game Booster app update

The new update resolves the Frame Booster issue and improves the stability of the Game Booster Plus app. Users who play the Genish Impact game on their Samsung devices can now enjoy the game without experiencing any performance issues.

Users can install the update via Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates.


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