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Download new Samsung Dropship plugin 1.1.8



Samsung Dropship update

On 4 November 2022, Samsung introduced a new app as a One UI 5 Good Lock plugin namely Dropship. The new Samsung Dropship app allows users to easily share files across devices running any platform including Android, iOS and the Web. Now, the Samsung Dropship app is available to download.

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Samsung initially released the Dropship app for Galaxy customers in South Korea, while global users will also be able to download it officially via Galaxy Store. It’s worth mentioning that the Dropship app debuted as a part of One UI 5 Good Lock, hence, you will be needing a Galaxy device running the latest software.

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Download Samsung Dropship

Android version 1.1.8 — Details

iOS version — Apple Store

Samsung Dropship Key Features

  • Platform-independent: It can be easily transmitted not only on Android but also works on iOS and the web.
  • Create your own shared link: You can create a sharing link with your own unique keywords, and also insert your profile picture and message.
  • Set various options: You can set the validity period and time as you like.

Samsung Dropship

Samsung Dropship Changelog


Samsung has pushed a new update for the Dropship Good Lock module, which brings new features and One UI 6 support. Users can identify the latest update through version 1.1.8. Read more here…


Samsung is rolling out a new update for file sharing Good Lock module Dropship, which arrives with version 1.1.6. This major update brings new features and bug fixes that aim to improve the user experience and performance of the app. Read more here…


[New features]

App: Text to file sharing function

  • When copying and sharing text, select Dropship to share and it will be delivered as a text file and can be copied to the clipboard when received.

Web: copy and paste function

  • If you copy an image or text and paste it on the dropship web page, it will be delivered as an image or text file.
    The text file can be directly copied to the clipboard and used.

View coordinates again in the Receive / Send list

  • The coordinate sharing page, which was only available in the Send function, is now available in the Receive / Send list.

Galaxy To Share linked function

  • You can create and share coordinates through Dropship in the newly released Galaxy To Share app. Coordinates shared with GTS are valid for 3 days.

[ Changes ]

  1. Change the storage folder from a folder by PIN to a common dropship folder. There is a VOC that a storage folder is created every time, so it is used as a common dropship folder.

[Fixed bugs and errors]

  • Fixed the problem that upload failed in certain cases
  • Fixed the problem that the page did not load when entering the web in certain cases
  • Fixed the problem that the profile image did not appear in certain accounts
  • Re-agreement is not possible when media access is denied Fixed this invisible problem so that you can go directly to the permission page (iOS)
  • Fixed the problem that unicode (Japanese, etc.) was included when sharing as a share in Photo or My files, etc., and the file name could not be read (iOS)
  • Other stabilization

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Samsung One UI Phone app gets new update in May 2024



Samsung Phone May 2024 update

Samsung regularly updates its apps to bring new features and bug fixes for a better user experience. If you want an enhanced calling experience, install the latest version of the Samsung Phone app. We are in May 2024 and Samsung is rolling out a new update for the Phone app with version number

Samsung Phone is the default app for calling on all Galaxy devices, which lets you find and dial contacts quickly and conveniently. But sometimes, it may have some bugs or glitches that affect your experience. That’s why the company constantly releases new updates for this app.

The May 2024 update of the Samsung Phone app fixes some common issues encountered in the previous version. It also brings improvements to the performance and stability of the app. However, the update does not add any new features or changes to the Phone app.

The installation package size of the new Samsung Phone version is 26.23 MB. You can download and install the update from the Galaxy Store. Just open the Galaxy Store, tap on the Menu icon, and select Updates. Then, tap on the refresh icon next to the Phone app. You can also get it directly from here.

This app automatically upgrades with the installation of new software updates. Now, what are you waiting for? Update the Samsung Phone app if you received the new version and make your calls more enjoyable.

Samsung Phone May 2024 update

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Good Lock

Next One Hand Operation + update will fix Samsung Clock, Calendar icons issue



One Hand Operation icons issue

Samsung smartphone users have recently encountered a frustrating glitch related to app icons after enabling the One Hand Operation + feature. The icons for the calendar app and clock app in the quick launcher no longer update in real-time.

Previously, when you enabled the One Hand Operation Good Lock module, the icons remained consistent with the settings we applied. However, now when you select Quick Launcher in Handles, the clock and calendar app icons appear according to the default settings.

This means that if you’ve applied a theme, it’s not being applied to these app icons, resulting in an odd interface appearance.

Users have expressed frustration, especially those who rely on the One Hand Operation + feature for seamless navigation. Unfortunately, this inconsistency is affecting the icons as well.

Thankfully, Samsung has acknowledged the issue with One Hand Operation + icons. The moderator apologized for the inconvenience and assured users that the company would fix this problem in the next app update.

One Hand Operation icons issue

While One Hand Operation + is useful for many, this glitch has undoubtedly impacted its usability. So, you can still use its functions, it’s just the appearance of the icons that are affected.

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WhatsApp introduces transfer ownership and media viewing features for community groups



WhatsApp new community feature

WhatsApp is working on new features to enhance its community group chat functionality. The feature for better Media organization is currently in development and spotted in the WhatsApp beta version for Android.

The new feature will allow users to view all media, such as photos and videos, shared within their community groups. It will improve the organization of shared content and make it easier for users to find specific media items.

For community moderators, this new feature will be mainly useful. It will provide a quick way to overview all shared media to ensure that content aligns with the community’s standards.

Inactive members will also find it beneficial, as it allows them to stay updated by accessing shared media without having to scroll through numerous messages.

Whatsapp community features

In addition to this media feature, WhatsApp is also developing a ‘transfer ownership’ function, which was noted in the previous beta update. This will give community admins the ability to hand over their admin duties to another member.

Whatsapp community features

These features will improve the user experience, especially for those who engage in community group chats. More information about these features will be provided as they become available.

WhatsApp working on ‘AI Profile Photos’ feature for enhanced privacy

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