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Samsung One UI July 2023 Updates List



Samsung Galaxy Monthly Quarterly Updates

Samsung is rolling out new One UI updates to Galaxy devices, bringing the latest July 2023 security patches. The Android 14-based One UI 6 Beta could also launch this month, while Samsung confirmed to introduce a number of new premium Galaxy devices on July 26.

Through this page, you can stay connected with all the software updates rollout going to take place in July 2023. It will be updated regularly with additions of models following the initial rollout. For US-specific software updates, you should jump to this dedicated page.

Samsung One UI July 2023 Updates List

July 31

Samsung yesterday rolled out new July 2023 updates to the US Unlocked Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A54 5G. Besides, T-Mobile also released the July patches to the Galaxy A52 5G smartphone.

July 28

Samsung updates Galaxy A33 5G with July 2023 Android patches.

July 24

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Fold 3 grabbed July 2023 update in the US

July 23

Samsung updates Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro and Galaxy Z Flip 5G with July patches.

July 21

Verizon rolling out July 2023 patch to Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy Tab A.

July 19

Samsung’s Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A14 smartphones receive July patch.

July 18

Samsung now rolls out the July patch to Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra flagships.

July 17

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series and A52s 5G getting July Android OTA in India.

July 15

Verizon updates Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S20 FE with July patch, while Galaxy Tab S6 Lite also getting it in the global market.

July 14

Samsung now rolls out the July patch to Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G foldable phone.

July 13

Samsung today released the July update to the Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy A52s 5G. In the US, the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy A54, and Galaxy A53 got the same treatment in the US.

July 10

As of July 10, Samsung rolled out the latest Android and One UI patches to a number of Galaxy devices such as the S23, S22, S21 & Note 20 series. Check all updates here

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July 2023 Patch Details

Android CVEs


  • CVE-2022-40529, CVE-2022-33257, CVE-2023-21250


CVE-2022-22706, CVE-2022-46781, CVE-2022-28349, CVE-2021-0701, CVE-2021-0945, CVE-2022-40533, CVE-2023-21657, CVE-2022-40520, CVE-2022-40516, CVE-2022-40517, CVE-2022-33251, CVE-2022-33264, CVE-2022-40538, CVE-2022-40536, CVE-2022-22060, CVE-2022-40521, CVE-2023-21628

CVE-2023-21658, CVE-2023-21659, CVE-2023-21661, CVE-2023-21656, CVE-2022-48391, CVE-2022-48392, CVE-2022-48390, CVE-2022-48438, CVE-2023-21120, CVE-2023-21101, CVE-2023-21670, CVE-2023-20918, CVE-2023-21145, CVE-2023-21245, CVE-2023-21251, CVE-2023-21254, CVE-2023-21257

CVE-2023-21262, CVE-2023-21238, CVE-2023-21239, CVE-2023-21249, CVE-2023-21087, CVE-2023-2136, CVE-2023-21241, CVE-2023-21246, CVE-2023-21247, CVE-2023-21248, CVE-2023-21256, CVE-2023-21261, CVE-2023-20910, CVE-2023-21240, CVE-2023-21243


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2022-40523, CVE-2022-33292, CVE-2023-20942

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2023-21669

Samsung SVEs

SVE-2023-0771, SVE-2023-0662, SVE-2023-0661, SVE-2023-0660, SVE-2023-0653, SVE-2023-0647, SVE-2023-0646, SVE-2023-0645, SVE-2023-0644, SVE-2023-0640, SVE-2023-0639, SVE-2023-0637, SVE-2023-0636, SVE-2023-0624, SVE-2023-0619, SVE-2023-0615

SVE-2023-0614, SVE-2023-0574, SVE-2023-0573, SVE-2023-0572, SVE-2023-0571, SVE-2023-0536, SVE-2023-0535, SVE-2023-0534, SVE-2023-0533, SVE-2023-0532, SVE-2023-0531, SVE-2023-0502, SVE-2023-0498, SVE-2023-0484 and SVE-2023-0479.

Software Support [Revised]


Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Galaxy Z Flip4, W23, W23 flip

Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20+ 5G, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Galaxy S21 5G, Galaxy S21+ 5G, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S21 FE 5G, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 Ultra

Galaxy Note20, Galaxy Note20 5G, Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Enterprise Models: Galaxy A52, Galaxy A52 5G, Galaxy A52s 5G, Galaxy A53 5G, Galaxy A54 5G, Galaxy Xcover5, Galaxy Xcover6 Pro


Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Fold 5G, Galaxy Z Flip, W22 5G

Galaxy S10 Lite

Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Note10 5G, Galaxy Note10+, Galaxy Note10+ 5G, Galaxy Note10 Lite

Galaxy A22, Galaxy A22e 5G, Galaxy A32, Galaxy A32 5G

Galaxy A03, Galaxy A03s, Galaxy A03 core, Galaxy A13, Galaxy A13 5G, Galaxy A23, Galaxy A23 5G, Galaxy A33 5G, Galaxy A73 5G

Galaxy A04, Galaxy A04s, Galaxy A04e, Galaxy A14, Galaxy A14 5G, Galaxy A24, Galaxy A34 5G

Galaxy M21 2021, Galaxy M22, Galaxy M32, Galaxy M32 5G, Galaxy M52 5G, Galaxy M13, Galaxy M23 5G, Galaxy M33 5G, Galaxy M53 5G, Galaxy M04, Galaxy M14 5G, Galaxy M54 5G

Galaxy F22, Galaxy F42 5G, Galaxy F13, Galaxy F04, Galaxy F14 5G

Galaxy Tab A8, Galaxy Tab Active Pro, Galaxy Tab Active3, Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Enterprise Models: Galaxy XCover4s, Galaxy Xcover FieldPro, Galaxy Xcover Pro


Galaxy A10e, Galaxy A10s, Galaxy A20s, Galaxy A30s, Galaxy A50s, Galaxy A70s, Galaxy A80, Galaxy A90 5G

Galaxy A01, Galaxy A11, Galaxy A21, Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A31, Galaxy A41, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A51 5G, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A71 5G

Galaxy A02, Galaxy A02s, Galaxy A12, Galaxy A22 5G, Galaxy A42 5G, Galaxy A72, Galaxy A82 5G

Galaxy M10s, Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M40, Galaxy M01, Galaxy M11, Galaxy M21, Galaxy M31, Galaxy M31s, Galaxy M51

Galaxy M12, Galaxy M42 5G, Galaxy M62

Galaxy F12, Galaxy F52 5G, Galaxy F62

Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019), Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (2020), Galaxy Tab A7, Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Tab S6 5G, Galaxy Tab S7+, Galaxy Tab S7 FE

W20 5G, W21 5G


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One UI Weekly: June 2024 update released for Samsung devices in Week II



Samsung June 2024 updates Week II

Hello! Samsung fans. Samsung is improving the user experience by regularly updating its One UI devices and applications. This article provides the latest information about the rollout of the June 2024 update during the second week of the month.

In the second week, Samsung started rolling out the June 2024 security update for Galaxy Z Fold 5, Flip 5, Fold 4, Flip 4, Flip 3, Fold 3, S20 FE, S23 FE, S21 FE, Note 20 series, S21 series, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S23 series. Last week, the Galaxy S24 series has already received this update and the company will soon make it available to all eligible devices.

Samsung’s Live Translate is reportedly coming to KakaoTalk with One UI 6.1.1. The company will further improve Galaxy AI for Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6. The foldable phones will come pre-installed with Android 14-based One UI 6.1.1.

This week, Samsung also rolled out the One UI 6 Watch Beta program for its Galaxy Watch 6 series in the US. The program allows Samsung Watch users to experience new features and enhancements before the official release. The first One UI 6 Watch beta version introduces several new features, primarily powered by Galaxy AI.

One UI 6 Watch Beta Features: A New Era of Smartwatch Experience with Galaxy AI

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One UI

Samsung One UI 7 Update: Which Galaxy devices will get Android 15?



Samsung Android 15 One UI 7 Galaxy Devices

Google Pixel phones will get the third Beta update of Android 15 this month. The new OS remained limited to the Pixel devices till I/O 2024. Samsung will open its Android 15 Beta Program — One UI 7 — for Galaxy devices sometime in August 2024.

Following the I/O 2024 event, many Android vendors such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and OnePlus have commenced Public Beta for their flagships, which Samsung is not subjected to follow.

One UI 6.1 is the latest Galaxy skin based on Android 14. The Android 15-based One UI 7 will arrive on many Samsung devices later this year. While we are in the middle of 2024, we already know Galaxy devices are eligible for Android 15.

Samsung Android 15 One UI 7 Galaxy Devices

Android 15 Easter Egg

The Galaxy S24 series will surely be the first to get One UI 7 Beta sometime in August this year. The South Korean tech giant will then expand its Beta activity for some older lineups including but not limited to the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Check the device list below:

Galaxy S Android 15 Update List

  • Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy S21+
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy S21 FE
  • Galaxy S22
  • Galaxy S22+
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Galaxy S23
  • Galaxy S23+
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Galaxy S23 FE
  • Galaxy S24
  • Galaxy S24+
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra

Galaxy Z Android 15 Update List

  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5

Galaxy Tab Android 15 Update List

  • Galaxy Tab A9 / A9+
  • Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro
  • Galaxy Tab S8 / S8+ / Tab S8 Ultra
  • Galaxy Tab S9 / S9+ / S9 Ultra
  • Galaxy Tab S9 FE / S9 FE+

Galaxy A/M/F Android 15 Update List

  • Galaxy A05s / A15 / A25
  • Galaxy A14 / A24 / A34 / A54
  • Galaxy A33 / A53 / A73
  • Galaxy M14 / F14
  • Galaxy M34 / M54 / F54

In case you don’t find your Galaxy device in the list mentioned above, don’t panic. As the year progresses, we will update the list according to the eligibility of devices. Do note that the list is compiled on previous rollouts, software guarantees, and experience.

The official list will only come when the stable One UI 7 rollout will begin around October 2024.

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8 Popular Samsung smartphones getting June 2024 update [Verizon US]



Samsung Galaxy june 2024 update

Verizon is rolling out a new update with a June 2024 security patch for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Flip 5, Fold 4, Flip 4, Fold 3, Flip 3, Galaxy S20 FE, and Galaxy S23 FE smartphones in the US. The new update improves the system security and stability of these smartphones.

June 2024 security patch for Samsung devices is ready to fix 37 high-level CVEs for the Android operating system. In addition to the Google security fixes, Samsung is also including 22 SVE items in the update. These enhance the overall user experience.

It resolves several issues including those affecting the grid image display, battery statistics services, call verification, the Samsung Dialer app, and more.

Firmware Versions

  • Galaxy Z Fold 5 – F946USQS3CXE9
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5 – F731USQS3CXE9
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4 – F721USQS5FXF1
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 – F936USQS5FXF1
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3 – F711USQS7IXF2
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3 – F926USQS6IXF2
  • Galaxy S20 FE – G781VSQSEHXE3
  • Galaxy S23 FE – S711USQS4CXE3

How to update:

Users of these devices can check and install the latest update by following a few easy steps mentioned below.

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll and tap Software update
  • Finally, hit the Download and install

If you have received the latest update, then follow the on-screen instructions to install the update on your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra get June 2024 security update

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