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Samsung Video Player suspiciously adopts Experience UX-derived icon



Samsung Video Player new update icon

Samsung has pushed a May 2023 update for the Video Player app, which suspiciously redesign the icon of the app. The new update of the Video Player app is available on Galaxy Store for One UI devices.

Samsung Video Player New Update

The Korean tech giant is releasing Samsung Video Player update with version and an installation package size of 9.28 megabytes. This changelog-less Video Player update brings common bug fixes and stability optimization to provide a better and enhance performance.

Not only this, the latest version has adopted the Experience UX-derived icon of Samsung Video Player and made it more impressive. The new icon looks more amazing as the company has changed the color shade from dark to light.

Samsung Video Player new update icon

The color of the new icon is lighter as compared to the previous icon, as well as the company has used white color only on the border of the triangle icon instead of the entire. Notably, The triangle of the icon is not complete because one of its sides is not touching the other side, there is a little space in between.

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Significantly, the company has not officially announced it, but you can see this icon by installing the latest version. You can easily install the Samsung Video Player app update via Galaxy Store. After opening the Galaxy Store, tap on the menu icon, and click on the Updates option. Tap on the refresh icon present on the right side of the Video Player app.

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Google Play System December 2023 update improves Adaptive Connectivity Services



Google Play System December 2023 update

December 2023 has started and Google has rolled out a new update for its Play System for Android devices. The new update enhances Adaptive Connectivity Services to provide a better performance.

The Play System December 2023 update includes improvements to stability, bug fixes, and performance optimizations for Android smartphone users.

Adaptive Connectivity Services can help users save battery life, data usage, and network congestion by choosing the most suitable connection for each app or task. The company is making this service more useful with the new update.


Adaptive Connectivity Services p.2023.48 (2023-12-01)

  • [Phone] Improvements to stability, bug fixes and performance optimizations

Users can check for the update by going to Settings >> Security >> Google Play System Update. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically, without requiring a device restart.

However, no new features or changes have been noted yet but the company will update the changelog on the official page soon.

Google Play System December 2023 update

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Google Play Store App Updates – v38.6.10



Google Play Store new feature

Google Play Store is a digital App/Game distribution and updates platform developed by the Android maker. All smartphones running Android bring the Google Play Store as a preloaded application. It delivers different categories of apps and games from official and third-party devs.

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Itself, Google Play Store also receives new updates with under-the-hood improvements to provide you with a seamless app installation experience. Since the Play Store updates get installed in the background, you can bookmark this page to stay updated with the latest releases.

First, check Google Play Store version of your phone

  • Open your Google Play Store app.
  • Open the Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom, and find the “Play Store version” there.

Latest Google Play Store Update

You can update the Google Play Store from the app itself, or you can also sideload the latest version through third-party sources, however, we don’t recommend doing so.

Google Play Store 38.6.10 — Link

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Android Auto App Updates – 11.0.1348 Beta



Android Auto 9.5 Beta update

Android Auto is a smart driving app created by Google that helps you focus, stay connected, and be entertained with Google Assistant. With a simplified interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions, Android Auto is designed to make it easy to use your favorite apps while on the road.

The company regularly updates the app to provide a better user experience, thus, in this post, we are tracking the latest update of Android Auto.

December 03, 2023

Google Android Auto is getting a new update with version 11.0.1348 beta. The update improves functions and fixes bugs to provide a better experience. Users can install the latest update through the Google Play Store or download it directly from the link mentioned below.

November 12, 2023

Google starts rolling out Android Auto 10.9.1345 Beta update through the Play Store. The changelog mentions improved DND, separate dark mode UI and bug fixes.

How to use Google Android Auto?

To use Android Auto, you’ll need a phone running Android 6.0 or higher and an active data connection. Therefore, to find out if your car monitor is compatible and how to enable it, please check your owner’s manual or contact your car manufacturer. After enabling, use a high-quality USB data cable to connect your phone to your car, and then start Android Auto.

Previous Updates

August 13, 2023

Google Android Auto app gets a fresh beta update with version 10.2 via Play Store. The latest update comes with new features, bug fixes, and functional enhancements. Read more here…

July 30, 2023

Google is releasing a new update of Android Auto with version 10.1.6330. The new update brings improvements and enhanced features to provide better information.

  • Get Android Auto 10.1.6330 update – Link

July 09, 2023

Android Auto app is getting the latest 9.9.6326 version update with under-the-hood changes and new/enhanced features. The changelog promises improved Do Not Disturb functionality, independent dark mode on car UI as well as bug fixes and other improvements.

Google Android Auto

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