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Samsung May 2023 One UI patch fixes issues of bootloader, Call, App Lock, and more



Samsung December 2023 devices list

Samsung published May 2023 One UI patch details for Galaxy users. This security maintenance release will bring fixes for 21 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items along with more than 58 common vulnerability exposures by Google.

Samsung May 2023 One UI patch

SVE-2023-0010 (CVE-2023-21489)

Out-of-bounds write vulnerability in bootloader

Heap out-of-bounds write vulnerability in bootloader before SMR May-2023 Release 1 allows a physical attacker to execute arbitrary code on Galaxy devices running Android 11/12/13 OS with Qualcomm processor onboard, the May 2023 release adds proper boundary check logic.

SVE-2022-2946 (CVE-2023-21486, CVE-2023-21485)

Improper export of Android application components in Call Settings

Improper export of Android application components vulnerability in Call Settings allows physical attackers to access some media data stored in the sandbox, which may have affected Galaxy devices running Android 11, 12, and 13. Samsung’s May One UI patch includes a proper solution to the vulnerability.


Improper access control vulnerability in Telephony framework

Samsung phones on Android OS (v11, v12, and v13) may have been affected by improper access control vulnerability in the Telephony framework, which lets local attackers change a call setting. Thankfully, the new patch brings proper permission to protect a receiver.


Improper access control vulnerability in AppLock

Improper access control vulnerability in AppLock allows local attackers without proper permission to execute a privileged operation on Samsung devices with Android 11, 12, and 13. Meanwhile, the May patch adds a permission check.

In addition, Samsung’s latest Galaxy security software brings patches to a handful of more moderate issues related to FactoryTest, Knox Enrollment Service, SemShareFileProvider, ActivityManagerService, ThemeManager, GearManagerStub, Tips, Shannon, Exynos CP chipsets and more.

Samsung Galaxy Software Update

May 2023 Android patch

Alongside the One UI patches, Samsung’s May 2023 software will include Android CVE items discovered and patched by Google too. Per the details, it solves 4 critical, 48 high and 3 moderate level of common vulnerability exposures, however, 2 were fixed in the previous release and 1 isn’t applicable on Galaxy devices.


  • CVE-2022-33231, CVE-2022-33288, CVE-2022-33289, CVE-2022-33302


CVE-2022-32599, CVE-2022-41757, CVE-2022-38181, CVE-2022-36449, CVE-2022-33917, CVE-2022-42716, CVE-2021-0873, CVE-2021-0884, CVE-2021-0883, CVE-2021-0882, CVE-2021-0881, CVE-2021-0880, CVE-2021-0879, CVE-2021-0878, CVE-2021-0874, CVE-2021-0875

CVE-2021-0876, CVE-2021-0872, CVE-2021-0885, CVE-2022-4696, CVE-2023-20941, CVE-2023-20656, CVE-2023-20654, CVE-2023-20652, CVE-2023-20653, CVE-2023-20657, CVE-2022-33269, CVE-2023-21630, CVE-2022-33270, CVE-2022-40503, CVE-2022-47335

CVE-2022-47336, CVE-2022-47338, CVE-2022-47337, CVE-2021-39617, CVE-2022-20338, CVE-2023-20993, CVE-2023-21109, CVE-2023-21117, CVE-2023-20914, CVE-2023-21104, CVE-2023-20930, CVE-2023-21110, CVE-2022-20444, CVE-2023-21112, CVE-2023-21118, CVE-2023-21103, CVE-2023-21111


  • CVE-2022-22706, CVE-2023-21116, CVE-2023-0266

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2023-20655, CVE-2022-40532

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2023-21107

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[U: India] 1st Samsung Galaxy S24 update with Camera and Display enhancements expands to Europe



Samsung Galaxy S24 Update Europe

Samsung is expanding the first software update of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series in India. Identified via version S92xBXXU1AXBA, the update comes with a camera and display improvements as well as installs the February 2024 security patch. Users will have to download around 670MB package to install the update.

Samsung Galaxy S24 update India


Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra users are getting the first software update with the February 2024 security patch in Europe. The update is already live in Korea and the US.

The fresh update improves the security and stability of the smartphone to provide a better performance. It installs the latest Android patch, fixing over 75 flaws to make your device more secure, stable, and reliable.

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Also, the update brings notable camera and display improvements to enhance the usability experience. It adds a ‘display vividness’ feature for better screen color intensity customization.

Furthermore, it also comes with the latest camera stabilization code for image quality and clarity. The update includes the latest Google security patches to address various vulnerabilities and bugs within the Android system.

Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra are receiving a February 2024 update in Europe with a One UI build version S92xBXXU1AXB5. It weighs around 700MB package.

To check the update, you just need to navigate to the device’s Settings, then a Software update, and Download and install. If you have received the update, install it now to get enhanced features and next-level experience.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Update Europe

Thanks for the tip! Tarunvats😊

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Samsung Galaxy A15 5G getting February 2024 update in India 



Samsung Galaxy A15 5G update US

Samsung Galaxy A15 5G smartphone has started collecting a new One UI update in India, which installs the latest February 2024 security patch. To be mentioned, the update is already live in the US and will expand to more region users in the coming days or weeks.

For recall, the Galaxy A15 5G is a newly launched smartphone that comes with several sophisticated features and capabilities including a 6.5-inch display, Mediatek Helio G99 processor, 5000 mAh with 25W charging, triple camera setup and runs on Android 14 based One UI 6 software.

However, the installation of this latest patch will be like a booster in the performance of the Galaxy A15 5G smartphone. It’s obvious that the latest update didn’t bring any new features, but it will on the core functioning of your handy gadget to offer users a more protected interpretation.

The update also mends over 80 vulnerability exposures from Google and Samsung to maintain the device’s reliability and provides increased security for the system, ensuring that confidential data and sensitive information remain safe and secure.

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Therefore, the owners of Samsung Galaxy A15 5G will be able to determine the February 2024 update through One UI build version A156EDXU1AXB8 and need to install a package of around 252.98MB in India.

Consequently, users can check and install the patch manually through Settings > Software Update > Download & Install.

Galaxy A15 February 2024 update India 

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Samsung Galaxy S24 camera and display fix update comes to the US



Samsung Galaxy S24 February 2024 update US

Samsung has kicked off the February 2024 update for the Galaxy S24 series in the US, following its release in Korea. The update is released to enhance the user experience with notable camera and display improvements. It is rolling out for locked models and the company will soon make it available for unlocked models.

February 2024 security update for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series in the US can be identified through the One UI build version mentioned below.

  • Galaxy S24 – S921USQU1AXB7
  • Galaxy S24 Plus – S926USQU1AXB7
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra – S928USQU1AXB7

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According to the changelog, the new update introduces a ‘display vividness’ feature, giving users the flexibility to customize screen color intensity to their liking.

Also, the camera performance receives a boost with the addition of optimization code aimed at enhancing image quality and clarity. Users can now enjoy elevating the performance of the Galaxy S24 camera.

In addition to these upgrades, the update includes a stabilization code to enhance the device’s overall stability and smoothness. It applies the latest Google security patches to address various vulnerabilities and bugs within the Android system.

Furthermore, the February 2024 security patch improves system security and stability, protecting users against potential threats. Overall, this update promises to refine the Galaxy S24 series, offering users an improved, secure, and personalized smartphone experience.

Samsung Galaxy S24 update US


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