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Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X: AI-derived photo editing features



Samsung Enhance-X Galaxy S22 Fold 4

Do you remember Samsung launched the Galaxy Enhance-X app back in July 2022, bringing AI-powered photo editing tools to Galaxy users? Today, we are exploring all features and AIR capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app!

Galaxy Enhance-X

Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X app comes with various features and an AI-derived Photo remaster. Galaxy phone’s Gallery Photo Remaster uses an AI engine that automatically detects where’s the need for remastering to create the optimal photo.

Beyond that, Galaxy Enhance-X allows the user to select the remastering engine to remaster the photo. You can get this app on compatible Galaxy devices through the Galaxy Store app (link here) and benefit from Samsung’s excellent photo editing tools.

Thanks to the AI engine base of Galaxy Enhance-X, Samsung offers various experiences by providing functions that were not introduced to users due to different existing limitations in advance, and actively receiving feedback from the Members app.



Galaxy Enhance-X utilizes deep learning and AI algorithms to enhance photo quality with a single touch. It automatically detects errors present in photos, such as noise, blur, and loss of detail, and applies appropriate AI image quality improvement algorithms to improve photo quality.


High Dynamic Range can enhance image quality expression by intelligently analyzing highlights, shadows, overall brightness, contrast, etc. without losing quality with a single click. Use the Galaxy Enhance-X HDR option to expand the dynamic range of brightness your picture can express.


Images shared from social media apps or friends are usually compressed. Samsung’s Galaxy Enhance-X app boosts the resolution up to 4x for photos under 1MP and removes compression noise for crisp images.

Moire (wave pattern) fix

When you take a picture of your laptop, TV, or monitor screen with your camera, you may have noticed a high-frequency repetitive pattern of wavy lines called “moire.” The Enhance-X app detects and removes moire patterns in photos to give you clear, sharp photos.

Shadow removal

[Instance] When capturing food indoors in bright light, the shadows cast on the plate, disappointing picture results. The Enhance-X uses an AI engine to identify the shadows in your photos and removes them to greatly improve faulty photos.


The enhanced Galaxy Enhance-X app can only be installed on the latest Galaxy S23 lineup because image processing through AI requires complex arithmetic processing and requires high-end hardware performance, coming to the S22 series and select A series phones soon.

Gallery Photo Remaster:

Image Enhancement: Magic, HDR, Bright, Focus Enhancement (Deblur), Lens Distortion Correction, Upscale ( Super Resolution ), Vivid

Remove Artifact: Improve Moire, Remove Reflective Objects, Remove Shadows, Remove Motion Blur

Image Enhancement:

Slim (beauty function), portrait (light effect in portrait mode)

Enhance-X has the advantage of providing the user with the desired function as soon as the photo result is executed, even if the image is not taken through a Samsung camera.

Now, if you have dark photos, bright photos, or photos with unwanted blur and reflections in your gallery, take advantage of the Enhance-X feature to make your photos more pleasing.

How to install: First of all, the Enhance-X app can be easily accessed through the App icon by running the Galaxy Store app installed on the mobile phone, then searching for and installing the Enhance-X app.

Samsung launches new Galaxy Enhance-X app with AI editing tools

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Made in India Chromebooks: Google signs new partnership with HP



Google HP Chromebooks India

Google and HP have announced a partnership to manufacture Chromebooks in India, making them the first Chromebooks to be made in the country. The partnership aims to improve the digital education scenario in India by providing affordable and secure computing devices to students and educators.

According to the information, the Chromebooks will be produced at the Flex Facility near Chennai, where HP has been making various laptops and desktops since August 2020. The production of HP Chromebooks starts on October 2, 2023.

Chromebooks are the leading devices in K-12 education globally, with over 50 million students and teachers using them. Chromebooks have built-in accessibility and security features that make them ideal for online learning.

Today, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed the partnership through a tweet on X (Twitter). He mentioned, “We are partnering with HP to manufacture Chromebooks in India – These are the first Chromebooks to be made in India and will make it easier for Indian students to have access to affordable and secure computing.

Google HP Chromebooks India


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Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus with Snapdragon chip spotted on Google Play Console



Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 teaser Amazon

Samsung is not only planning to unveil the Galaxy Tab A9 in India next month but there will be a Plus variant too. In a recent development, the Galaxy Tab A9+ has been spotted on Google Play Console.

Google Play Console listing doesn’t reveal much about its specs, while its existence is almost confirmed. The Galaxy Tab A9 Plus will feature a 1200 x 1920 pixels resolution display, while the size remains unknown at the moment.

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Past reports revealed that this tablet will be equipped with Snapdragon 695 processor, coupled with 4GB RAM. However, the Tab A9 is said to sport MediaTek’s Helio G99 chipset and a 1340 x 800 pixels resolution display.


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Samsung enhances Smart View feature through new update



Samsung Smart VIew update

Samsung Smart View feature is getting a new update with version This feature allows you to mirror your phone’s screen to your TV, as well as control the TV with your mobile.

Now, the company is enhancing the Samsung Smart View feature through a new update. It fixes some issues that users spotted in previous versions to improve the performance and stability of the app.

The installtion package size of this update is 5.73MB, available on the Galaxy Store. If you use the Smart View function of a Samsung smartphone, then you should install the latest update of it.

You can get the Samsung Smart View update through Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates. Also, you can download it through the link mentioned here.

Samsung Home Launcher gets updated right before One UI 6 unveiling on October 4

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