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Here’s how to use Camera Assistant app on your Samsung device



Samsung Camera Assistant A54 A53

Samsung offers several features to let Galaxy customers manage and customize their phone’s camera. Meanwhile, Good Lock’s Camera assistant has some advanced features that provide more ways to manage camera settings as per your preferences.

The Korean tech giant added new modules to Good Lock with One UI 5.0, Camera Assistant is being one of them. It brings some useful features that you can drive to make your already strong Samsung camera stronger. It automatically switches the camera lens based on your surrounding so that you get the best of the present moment.

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It also lets you prioritize between the picture quality and picturing speed, video recording in photo mode, shoot continuously at regular shooting intervals, and much more.

Samsung Camera Assistant

For photoholics, the Samsung Camera Assistant will be the best choice as it lets them capture their best shots with their phone itself. Here are some tips and tricks that will make it easy to use the Samsung Camera Assistant module:

How to use Samsung Camera Assistant:

All you need to have is a compatible Galaxy smartphone and Good Lock app installed in it. Now open the “Good Lock” app, visit its “Life up” page, and tap the download button beside “Camera Assistant.” The following options will appear:

Auto HDR:

It is a feature that lets you capture more details in your pictures and videos in a bright and dark environment. To use it, all you need to do is just turn the toggle on.

Picture softening:

The picturing softening tools are available for customers who prefer a soft picture texture rather than the Galaxy camera’s default picture quality, which offers you pictures with detailed and sharp textures.

There are two softening tones to choose from – Medium and High. You can choose the one according to your preferences and if you are not a person who likes soft images, can simply turn it off.

Use Samsung Camera Assistant

Auto lens switching:

Once you turn the toggle of this feature on, your Galaxy phone will automatically pick the best lens based on zoom, lighting, and distance to the subject. This way, you can capture the best shots, no matter the time, place, or environment.

Quick tap stutter:

The quick tap shutter is a new addition to Camera Assistant that improved the users’ shooting experience. It lets you set a photo to be taken immediately the moment your finger touches the capture button, rather than the moment it realizes.

Capture speed:

This feature allows you to set the priority between image quality and capture speed. If you want to shoot quickly for capturing the moment rather than the quality you can try the “Prioritize speed” option.

Meanwhile, you can choose “Prioritize quality” for the best pictures or “Balance speed and quality” for faster capturing without sacrificing too much quality.

Video recording in Photo mode:

The name itself tells its use, it lets you record videos in photo mode. All you need is to touch and hold the shutter button to record videos after you have enabled the toggle.

Timer multi-photo options:

By default, the camera of your Galaxy phone takes one photo with the timer mode. But with this feature enables, you can shoot continuously at regular shooting intervals without having to press the shooting button again.

Camera timeout:

You can choose the camera timeout time here. Once you set it, your phone will automatically close the camera app. You can choose between – 1, 2,5, or 10 minutes options.

Dim screen while recording:

This feature will save the battery of your phone by setting the screen brightness to low when recording video for a long time.

Clean previews on HDMI displays:

Once turned on, this feature will show you the camera preview without settings or buttons on HDMI-connected displays.

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WhatsApp makes profile photos screenshot-proof



WhatsApp channel reactions

A few years back, WhatsApp removed the option to allow users to save profile photos of others, and now to add an extra layer of protection to privacy, WhatsApp is restricting users from taking screenshots of other users’ profile photos.

As per the details, WhatsApp is rolling out a feature to block screenshots of profile photos, it means no one will be able to take screenshots of other users desktop picture (DP). It provides more control over user’s privacy and ensures that their images aren’t shared or stored without permission.

In addition, this feature would prevent the misuse and unauthorized distribution of profile photos. By blocking the direct screenshot functionality within the app, WhatsApp aims to discourage casual and unauthorized sharing of profile photos, reinforcing the concept of user privacy and consent.

After the latest version update, when a user attempts to take a screenshot of a profile photo, a notification appears indicating that the action has been blocked. However a users may still take a photo using a secondary device or camera to capture the profile photo.

Consequently, the feature to block screenshots of profile photos is rolling out with version and is currently live to some beta testers. Therefore, it will be available to more users in the coming weeks or months.

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WhatsApp profile photos screenshot


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Google Maps losing users to Waze over incident reporting on Android Auto and CarPlay



Google Maps Incident reporting

Google Maps is a widely used navigation app, but it has a feature that many users may not be aware of that is incident reporting. This feature, which was launched in 2019, allows users to report various road conditions and events, such as accidents, speed traps, construction, and lane closures.

However, this feature is becoming increasingly outdated and useless, as Google Maps has not supported it on the platforms that most drivers use nowadays – Android Auto and CarPlay.

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Google Maps has not added the incident reporting feature to these platforms, even though it has been almost five years since its launch.

On the other side, Waze supports incident reporting on both Android Auto and CarPlay and recently updated its feature to make it more user-friendly and accessible. This is a huge missed opportunity for Google Maps, as it lags behind its rival app, Waze.

Google Maps Incident reporting


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WhatsApp Transfer channel ownership feature rolling out for iOS 



WhatsApp Channel list UI

WhatsApp Channels is one of the most prominent tools, which allow administrators to send various types of content such as text messages, photos, videos, stickers, and polls. Therefore to uplift its productivity, WhatsApp now offering the ability to Transfer channel ownership for iOS users.

WhatsApp is rolling out a feature to transfer channel ownership on iOS devices with version This feature enables users to step back from the responsibilities of managing the channel while still maintaining its continuity and ensuring that it continues to flourish under new leadership.

Furthermore, the ability to transfer channel ownership will be beneficial for a user who wishes to grow their channel further but wants to resign responsibility for managing the channel due to various reasons, such as time constraints, shifting priorities, or personal circumstances.

By transferring ownership, the user can effectively delegate the most important administrative tasks to another trusted contact, ensuring that the channel remains active and operational. However, the feature is currently available for some beta testers, but it will be available to regular consumers soon.

To transfer the ownership, WhatsApp has added a new option in the channel info screen. This sends a request to the other party and to become a new channel owner the recipient must accept the invite, if the receiver fails to do so, the operations remain unfinished.

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WhatsApp Transfer channel ownership iOS


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