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Samsung Galaxy A54 and A34 Price and Release Date



Samsung has finally launched the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 smartphones with the latest internals, multiple advanced features, better day-night cameras, powerful security, new picture editing tools, impressive software support, and a beautiful design.

The devices are not available to purchase right now. The company will start selling the Galaxy A54 smartphone in the United States on April 6. This time, Samsung has not introduced Galaxy A34 in the US.

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Meanwhile, the Korean firm further revealed that the new mid-range phone will be available to purchase in the UK (Europe) in late March. However, the exact date is still under wraps. Whereas in India and other Asian markets, the company will reveal the pricing and availability of the phones on March 16.

Samsung is offering four color variants for both of these devices. The Galaxy A54 comes in Graphite, Lime, Violet, and White color options. And, the Galaxy A34 offers Graphite, Lime, Silber, and Violet colors.

Samsung A54 A34 Price

There are different RAM and storage versions of the phones available depending on the market. You can check out the price of the new Samsung Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 below:

Samsung Galaxy A54 and A34 Price

Galaxy A54

  • 6GB + 128GB – $450 (US)
  • 8GB + 128GB – £449 (UK)
  • 8GB + 256GB – £499 (UK)
  • 6GB + 128GB – €489 (Europe)
  • 8GB + 256GB – €539 (Europe)

Galaxy A34 

  • 6GB + 128GB – £349 (UK)
  • 8GB + 256GB – £399 (UK)
  • 6GB + 128GB – €389 (Europe)
  • 8GB + 256GB – €459 (Europe)

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French firefighters use Samsung’s rock-solid Galaxy Tab Active 3 tablet



French Firefighters Galaxy Tab Active 3

Samsung provided the rugged Galaxy Tab Active 3 tablet to French firefighters to help them in their digital transformation. The motive of this move is to facilitate the missions of firefighters by providing them with all the information about the buildings, in complete safety.

The Galaxy Tab Active 3 rugged tablet comes with IP68 rating, making it resistant to water and dust alongside the military certification MIL-STD 810H to withstand the harshest environments. Besides falls from 1.5m height, the tablet is tested in extreme conditions (humidity, vibration, altitude, freezing, thawing, etc.).

Interestingly, firefighters can keep their gloves on when using the device, by activating the “Gloves” mode, to remain operational in complete safety. Thanks to the Google ARCore certification, Samsung’s rugged tablets make it possible to integrate virtual elements into the real working environment.

Moreover, the Batifire application is integrated with the camera and autofocus feature, due to which firefighters benefit from advanced scanning functionalities while having the possibility of scanning QR codes at the entrance to buildings.

French Firefighters Galaxy Tab Active 3

Knox Suite is an all-in-one solution, designed for enterprise mobility. It makes it possible to efficiently secure, deploy and manage the fleet of devices throughout their life cycle. This set of solutions is designed to make life easier for IT administrators.

This solution makes it possible to automate and secure the deployment of all terminals on a daily basis, to carry out maintenance thanks to the feedback of relevant information on the use of batteries or business applications or even to take control, remotely, on the system updates through the Knox platform.

These hardened tablets perfectly meet the security challenges of Ain firefighters in terms of data protection and synchronization. Knox ensures that confidential and sensitive data stays safe. All devices are protected at every level, with data isolated and encrypted in real-time.

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One UI 5.1 lets you create dream lock screen on Samsung device



Samsung Galaxy S23 March 2023 Update US

Are you looking for a smartphone to power up your freedom and flexibility in your daily experiences? If yes, Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S23 series smartphones deliver pro-grade features, including the ability to create your dream lock screen, thanks to One UI 5.1.

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 flagship lineup is enhanced with the right mix of features to suit your individual needs, as a smartphone that can be customized to your personal taste. And the incredibly optimized One UI 5.1 unlocks more ways than that delivered by the Android 13-based One UI 5.

One UI 5.1 lets you create a dream lock screen:

  • It’s never been easier to design an everyday experience that’s truly yours.

With an expanded range of customization features on One UI 5.1 that’s on every Galaxy S23 series, tailor your phone to suit your different lifestyle demands. You can easily create your dream lock screen with your wallpaper, clock style, and notification settings with a live preview.

To customize the lock screen, tap and hold on the lock screen and get quick access to all customization tools!

The ability is inspired by iOS 16, but Samsung made it more stunning with way too improved usability and reliability. Also, you can tailor your phone interface with new colors and graphic options, as well as more than 80 new emojis and 10 animation effects for added messaging fun!

Galaxy S23 x One UI 5.1

Powered by One UI 5.1, Samsung’s flagship and mid-range smartphones unlock greater user control with improved Modes and Routines to choose your own settings, style and layout for enhanced personalization and convenience.

For instance, create an Exercise Mode that automatically plays your favorite workout playlist whenever physical activity is detected, or a Sleep Routine that is cued to silence all notifications when it’s time to wind down.

From workdays to grocery shopping, the Android 13-based One UI 5.1’s improved Reminders application keep you focused on the task ahead, showing customized to-do lists based on what you’re doing.

Read more about how One UI 5.1 is bringing new ways to create your own mobile experiences here.

More on One UI 5.1:

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Samsung launches Exynos Connect U100, new mobile-optimized UWB solution



Samsung Exynos Connect U100 chip

Samsung introduced the first UWB (Ultra Wideband) based short-range wireless communication chipset – Exynos Connect U100. With this product, the company also unveiled the Exynos Connect brand.

The Exynos Connect brand includes semiconductors based on UWB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, and strengthens its competitiveness in the wireless communications semiconductor business in preparation for the advent of a hyper-connected society.

Samsung Exynos Connect U100 chip executes a power mode optimized for each operation and is suitable for IoT devices such as mobile devices, electric vehicles, and tags that require long-term operation with low-capacity batteries.

Samsung Exynos Connect U100 chip

UWB is a short-range wireless communication technology that can transmit large amounts of information quickly with low power over a wide frequency band. It can accurately measure the distance and position between devices within a few centimeters, making it suitable for various fields such as smart keys, smart homes, and smart factories. It is the center of attention.

Samsung Exynos Connnect U100

Samsung Exynos Connect U100 combines RF (radio frequency), eFlash (embedded flash memory) memory, and power management IP (intellectual property) into a single chip, so it can be easily implemented on small devices.

It is equipped with STS (Scrambled Time Stamp Sequence) function to prevent external hacking during communication and is equipped with a secure hardware encryption engine, so it has excellent security performance.

Furthermore, by implementing the Time of Arrival (ToA) and Angle of Arrival (AoA) functions, accurate distance/position measurement and direction detection is possible even in complex environments.

In this way, even when GPS is difficult to use, accurate positioning can be performed within a few centimeters and within a range of less than 5°, enabling position tracking, and virtual reality (VR) or can be applied to augmented reality measurements.

Moreover, it supports the Digital Key Release 3.0 standard of Car Connectivity Consortium which stores the vehicle’s digital key value and shares user authentication.

According to Joonsuk Kim, Executive Vice President of the Connectivity Development Team at Samsung Electronics:

Our Exynos Connect U100 combines sophisticated ranging and positioning capabilities with strong security to enable hyper-connectivity between people and everyday objects, fueling a range of new applications in positioning and location tracking. Building on our technology leadership in communications technologies, we are committed to driving innovation in short-range communication solutions to transform the way we connect and relate to the world around us.”

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