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Samsung One UI Smart Tutor updated to version 1.5 (build 363)



Samsung Smart Tutor

Samsung Smart Tutor is an application created by Samsung, which is used to remotely diagnose your device to optimize device performance and provide functional advice. It is an easy, quick, and secure mentoring tool for Samsung smartphone and tablet series users. Thus, here in this article, you can check the most recent update for this app for a better experience.

With this tool, the customer’s smartphone can be controlled remotely by a Technical Expert. The technical expert can remotely view/control the smartphone screen of the customers and troubleshoot the customer phone issues. You can also learn and listen to new features by sharing your mobile screen.

Samsung Smart Tutor Updates

March 14, 2023

Samsung has rolled out a new update for Smart Tutor, which arrives with version 1.5 (build 363). The latest update weighs 14.71 MB for installation. This upgrades some functions of the Smart Tutor to deliver a better experience.

  • Samsung Smart Tutor 1.5 (build 363) – Link

Samsung Smart Tutor

November 25, 2022

Samsung Smart Tutor is getting a new update with version 1.5 (build 344). The new update brings bug fixes to improves the performance and stability of the app. The update is compatible with version One UI 5.0 based on Android 13 or below.

  • Samsung Smart Tutor build 344 – APKMirror

January 11

Samsung Smart Tutor 1.5 (build 314)

Samsung is rolling out a new update for Smart Tutor, which brings general improvements to enhance the user experience and stability. Also, you can recognize this latest update with version number 1.5 (build 314) and a package size of 11.24 MB.

Thus, if you would like to install the latest version of the Smart Tutor app on your Galaxy smartphone, you can check out the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store app. You can see the below screenshot for more details.

Samsung Smart Tutor 1.5 (build 314)

Samsung Smart Tutor update

Previous Updates:

December 22

Samsung Smart Tutor 1.5 (build 308)

Samsung is releasing a new update for Samsung Smart Tutor with version number 1.5 build 308 and package size of 11.23 MB. The update comes with some regular improvements to optimize the stability and performance of the application.

In addition to this, the update doesn’t include any noticeable features and changes. If you want to download this latest version then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Galaxy store
  • Then tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner
  • After that, you will find the Updates option, tap on it.
  • Now, here you will get all the available updates, you can install any of them.


  • Screen Share: Your mobile’s screen will be shared with a tech expert with lowering the amount of data transferred.
  • Control Remotely: Once connected, a tech expert will control your mobile remotely. Only check and review a problem.
  • Chat with: You can chat with a tech expert freely.
  • Screen Lock: Once press the “Lock” button, the screen will be locked. A tech expert will not be able to view and control.
  • Application Lock: The feature restricts a tech expert from accessing applications with customers’ private information such as Gallery, Message, email, and others.

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Good Lock

Samsung plans to enhance Virtual Touchpad function in H2 2024



Samsung Virtual touchpad

Samsung is planning to improve its virtual touchpad functionality, following valuable user feedback from its community. The company may release a major update for the One Hand Operation + Good Lock module to implement improvements.

A user on the Samsung community suggested including a “lock (fix) button” on the virtual touchpad to stabilize the cursor. This button would address concerns of thumb fatigue and precision aiming during single-handed operation.

This suggestion of a lock button is mainly useful for those who sometimes find the current controls challenging due to the cursor movement when adjusting the pointer speed.

In response, a community moderator has acknowledged the feedback and commitment to reviewing and improving the virtual touchpad by the second half of 2024.

samsung Virtual touchpad

Moreover, he has assured users that the team is taking a complete approach to integrating these suggestions. Although these improvements may take time to implement. Through this, the company aims to improve the usability of the One Hand Operation+ functions.

One UI 7.0 update to improve clock format alignment in Samsung devices

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Samsung Wallet/Pay App’s enhanced service now available on Galaxy Watch



Second One UI 6 Watch Beta

Samsung Galaxy Watch users are getting a new Samsung Wallet/Pay app update via the Galaxy Store. The update arrives with version and a package size of 53.89MB.

The fresh update of the Samsung Wallet app brings significant service enhancements, improving the overall user experience. Although Samsung hasn’t mentioned any specific functional enhancements, you will surely get enhanced performance by installing the update.

In addition, the update fixes some bugs that users encountered in the previous version. Users can expect smoother transactions and improved features that could enhance their digital payment experiences directly from their Galaxy Watch devices.

By focusing on enhancements, Samsung aims to provide seamless and efficient services through its devices. Galaxy Watch owners are advised to update their Samsung Wallet/Pay app promptly to enjoy enhanced service.

To install the update on your Galaxy Watch, connect it with your smartphone. Now, open the Galaxy Store app >> tap on the Menu option >> Click on Updates. Also, you can get it directly from the third-party app source link mentioned here.

Samsung Wallet update galaxy Watch

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Samsung One UI Clock Style app upgrades to version 8.5.66



One UI 7.0 Clock Format alignment

Samsung Clock Style app is receiving a new update with version 8.5.66, which improves functions and fixes bugs. This update is available on the Galaxy Store with a package size of 16.15MB.

The fresh update enhances user experience by addressing issues that users encountered in the previous version. In addition, it refines some functions for better performance.

The new version 8.5.66 of Samsung’s Clock Style app aims to make interactions smoother and more reliable for users globally. Overall, it delivers improved functionality and reliability.

Users of Galaxy devices can install the update through Galaxy Store by tapping to Menu option and then Updates. Also, they can download it through the third-party app source link mentioned here.

Recently, a community moderator stated that Samsung may improve the Clock format of the QuickStar with One UI 7.0 update. Users of Galaxy devices are currently facing an issue with the QuickStar Good Lock module feature when setting the clock format to ‘AM/PM’, particularly noticeable when the device includes Korean or Chinese characters.

One UI 7.0 update to improve clock format alignment in Samsung devices

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