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Samsung Camera Assistant update arrived with features bundle [One UI 5.1]



Samsung One UI 5.1 Camera features

Samsung has started releasing the February 2023 update for the Good Lock Camera Assistant app, which comes with version The new update brings a bunch of new features to provide an amazing camera experience.

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The latest Camera Assistant update has added the Picture softening step (OFF/ 50(addition) /100) and Capture Speed Step (Speed priority, picture quality precondition). In addition, the company has enhanced the name of some options of this Good Lock module such as the Number of pictures after timer to Timer multi-photo options, Soften picture to Picture softening, and more.

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February 2023 update added Dim Screen while recording function that allows you to set the screen dark when shooting video. The timer multi-photo option lets you set the shooting interval (currently fixed at 1.5 seconds) as well as the number of photos to be clicked.

As soon as the shutter button is released, the picture can be clicked. You can still swipe or hold down the shutter button to capture GIFs, burst shots, and video, but a photo will still be taken.

To be mentioned, Samsung Camera Assistant update new features are currently available on Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 series smartphones that are running Android 13 based One UI 5.1.

The installation package size of this update is 8.27 MB, you can install this update via Galaxy Store to enjoy new features.


  • Add Picture Softening step – OFF/ 50(addition) /100
  • Add Capture Speed Step – Speed priority, picture quality precondition
  • Timer multi-photo options – In addition of shooting intervals (currently 1.5 second fixed) settings
  • Dim Screen while recording – the function to set the screen dark when shooting video
  • Quick Tap Shutter
  • Take pictures as soon as your finger touches the Shutter button instead of when you lift it off. You can still swipe or press and hold the Shutter button to capture GIFs burst shot, and videos but a picture will be taken too.

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WhatsApp readying a new Media upload quality feature to maintain clarity of data 



WhatsApp channel reactions

To offer users a more seamless experience than ever before, WhatsApp has been continuously making changes in its functionalities, and its recent example is the new Media upload quality feature. This will allow users to choose whether their photos and videos should be sent in high quality by default.

Yes, WhatsApp is readying a new feature called Media Upload quality which will eliminate the need to manually adjust settings for every photo and video. In simple words, it will help users enjoy sharing high-quality images and videos, ensuring that important details are always preserved.

With this new option, users of WhatsApp will be able to ensure that their images and videos are always shared in high quality, maintaining clarity and preserving important details. It also enables users to focus on their conversations rather than adjusting settings repeatedly.

Therefore, if the user decides to share images and videos in HD quality then they will be required to send the media as a document. Consequently, the useful feature which allows users to manage media upload quality is currently under development and it will be available in a future update of the app.

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WhatsApp Media upload quality


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Samsung Language Core update improves apps’ offline language understanding



Samsung Language core update

Samsung Language Core service provides offline language understanding technology to Samsung internal apps. Now, Samsung is improving the Language Core functions through a new update to deliver a better Galaxy experience.

The fresh update arrives with version and it is available on Galaxy Store with a package size of 804.49 MB. The update enhances some functions and fixes some issues encountered in the last version.

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Users can install the latest Language Core app update on their devices through Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates. The update is expected to improve the performance and accuracy of the language understanding technology and provide a more natural and intuitive user experience.

Samsung Language Core app is capable of understanding and generating sentence structure, grammar, meaning, and other meanings inherent in words.  One of the apps that benefit from the Language Core app is the Samsung Keyboard, which supports the calibration of sentences entered by users, stylistic transformation, and the addition of emoji that suit the mood of sentences.

One UI 6.1: How to activate voice input feature on your keyboard

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New Gboard OCR feature rolling out for Android, bringing easier text scanning



google gboard new feature

Back in 2023, we spotted that Google had been testing a feature, that could make text scanning easier, and now Gboard has started to roll out the Scan Text OCR feature for Android devices. Notably, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a tool that streamlines text recognition within images directly through the keyboard.

To be mentioned, this new OCR Scan Text feature appears in the grid of Gboard capabilities and can be dragged to the toolbar for quick access. To use the feature, users will first need to grant Gboard the camera permission, then, open the Gboard keyboard and tap the new Scan text tile.

Now, just take a photo of the text you want to scan, and once Gboard has processed the photo, it will highlight the recognized text and allow users to select the text and insert the text into the input field. Also, the selection tool remains open in case you want to select something else.

This process is faster than opening Google Lens, especially if you move the Scan text tile to the shortcuts row. Accordingly, this OCR feature of Gboard is extremely helpful for students and multitaskers as it makes text scanning easier than ever. Consequently, the feature has started to release but currently, there is no information available about its wider rollout.

Gboard scan text


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