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February 2023 update headed to Telegram brings fruitful changes




Telegram app is receiving the February 2023 update with a bundle of new features to provide a wonderful experience to users. You can identify the latest update via build version 9.4.0.

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The new update of Telegram brings 10 major features including a Profile picture maker, Translate entire chats, redesigned network usage, Auto-Save Incoming Media, new custom emoji, and more.

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If you’re using the Telegram app on your smartphone then download the latest update to enjoy the new features. Below you can check what’s new in February 2023 update in brief.

Telegram February 2023 Update

With the new update, Telegram gets a bunch of new features for all devices. You can check them below.

Profile Picture Maker 

Users can now quickly turn any sticker or animated emoji into a profile picture for their accounts, groups, or channels. Everyone can use animated and custom emojis for these photos, even if they don’t have Telegram Premium.

Telegram February 2023 update

Moreover, you can set or suggest profile pictures for your contacts – try editing a contact’s information on Telegram.

Telegram February 2023 update

Translating Entire Chats

Users who have a Telegram Premium subscription can now translate entire chats, groups, and channels in real-time by tapping on the translation bar at the top. From the options menu, you can hide the bar and control which languages are translated.

However, all users can translate individual messages by selecting it and tapping on the Translate option.

Telegram February 2023 update

Emoji Categories 

Now you can sort stickers and emojis by categories (like heart, thumb, and more) in the panel. For a better look before sending, you can hold it to Zoom in. Telegram users can send over a million different stickers and emojis, but choosing the right one isn’t a full-time job.

Telegram February 2023 update

Network Usage 

With detailed pie charts for Wi-Fi and mobile data, you can see how much data is used by Telegram and also modify your auto-download settings to suit your data plan.

Auto Save Incoming Media 

You can now control when media is automatically saved to your gallery based on its size, type, and whether it’s received from chats. This menu now also supports exceptions, so you can save only what you want.

Telegram February 2023 update

You do not need to download everything on your mobile. Even if something gets deleted from your mobile, you can download it again from Telegram.

Granular Media Permissions 

Admin of the group can choose whether to allow members to send up to 9 different media types such as photo, voice, or video messages. They can also disable text messages to create media-only groups.

Telegram February 2023 update

Finally, it is possible to communicate using only voice notes, or only quizzes, without the need for the administrator to be constantly attentive.

Annual Premium Subscription

You can get 40% off on your Telegram Premium subscription by prepaying for one year of exclusive features.

Chat Selection for Bots 

Bot developers can add special buttons that help users select groups, channels, or people that meet predefined criteria.

Re-Login Apple and Google ID

Without entering an SMS code, logged-out users can quickly log back in using their Apple or Google ID. If you set up a two-step verification password, you’ll still need to enter it.

New Custom Emoji 

The latest telegram update added 10 new custom emoji packs from Telegram artists. This time, the company has brought hundreds of icons specially designed for groups and profile pictures. You can browse and add any of these packs directly from the new trending section at the top of the emoji panel.

New Interactive Emoji 

The new interactive versions of some emojis have been added. You can send any of them in a one-on-one chat, then tap to reveal the full-screen effect for you and your partner. Everyone can use these emojis as a reaction as well.

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YouTube Music will get AI-powered ‘Ask for Music’ feature



YouTube Music Share Sheet

New findings say a new AI-powered Ask for Music feature coming to YouTube Music. Evidence confirming the existence of the feature was discovered in the YouTube Music app for Android v7.06.53.

Whether YouTube Music will add this AI feature as Ask for Music is a subject to be seen. Recently, it was reported that the company is working on a Gemini Extension for YouTube Music.

These developments reiterate that Google is committed to fueling the most popular services with AI capability. YouTube Music is one of the most popular apps, rivaling Spotify and Apple Music in the United States.

AndroidAuthority says that the new feature could replace the current voice search function. Thanks to AI integration, Ask for Music will likely let users search for music in natural language.

It is also assumed that YouTube Music will make song discovery more easier. The app could enable searching for songs by describing the music videos or asking for songs similar to [artist/song name], etc.

Apart from this, the APKTeardown also revealed a user interface-related detail. YouTube Music might add a YouTube app like launch animation. These changes are expected to be deployed with future updates to the app.

Work-in-progress code (for reference):

  • <string name=”ask_for_music_prompt”>Ask for music</string>
  • <string name=”ask_music_submit_button”>Submit</string>
  • <string name=”ai_feature_input_disclaimer”>AI-generated responses are experimental. Quality and accuracy may vary. Please don’t enter confidential or personal information regarding yourself or others.</string>
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Samsung Accessibility update is out for One UI devices, install now!



Samsung Accessibility update

Samsung Accessibility app is getting a new update with version The new update is available for One UI devices on the Galaxy Store with a package size of 14.6MB.

The fresh update improves some functions to enhance the overall performance of the app. In addition, it resolves some issues that users encountered in the previous version. However, the changelog contains no new features or changes to enhance the overall performance.

Samsung Accessibility features help all users, especially those with physical or situational limitations, communicate with the world more easily. With the new update, the company aims to provide a smoother performance.

Users can install the Samsung Accessibility update through Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates. Also, they can download it directly from the third-party app source link mentioned here. Remember that availability is currently limited to Galaxy devices running Android 14.

Relumino Mode

One of the amazing features of Samsung Accessibility is Relumino Mode. It is designed to improve the video viewing experience. By enhancing specific parts of videos, such as highlighting outlines and improving contrast, color, and sharpness, it becomes easier to discern and follow the on-screen action.

Samsung brought Relumino outline mode to the Galaxy S23 series with One UI 6.1. The company’s premium Smart TVs introduced Relumino mode, making the content visible to people with low vision.

Samsung Accessibility update

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Samsung just refreshed your Galaxy phone’s Calculator!



Samsung Calculator app update

June 2024 is going on and Samsung has pushed a new update for its Calculator app, bringing it to version The new update is live for Galaxy devices with a package size of 4.05MB.

The update focuses on improving the app’s functions and fixing some existing bugs. Users can expect a smoother experience when performing calculations or conversions.

However, the changelog does not contain any new features or changes. Notably, the new version is compatible with Galaxy devices running Android 14.

Whether you’re calculating tips, converting units, or solving equations, the Samsung Calculator app just got better. You can update the app now and enjoy the improved performance.

If you’re using a Samsung phone or tablet, keep an eye out for the update on the Galaxy Store app. To install the update visit the Galaxy Store app >> Menu option >> Updates. Also, you can sideload it through APKMirror but we recommend users wait for the official release.

Samsung Calculator app update

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