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Samsung Smart Switch support now available on MultiStar and QuickStar



Samsung MultiStar QuickStar Smart Switch

Samsung continues to improve its Good Lock modules by adding new features through new update releases. Currently, the company is releasing a new update for Samsung MultiStar and QuickStar Good Lock modules, which brings Smart Switch support.

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The new updates of Samsung MultiStar and QuickStar apps can be identified via versions 6.2.5 and respectively. It is worth noting that some functions of these apps got Smart Switch support after installing the latest update.

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Smart Switch is a feature of the Samsung that let you securely and easily transfer your content including files, photos, settings, and call history to another Galaxy device. In the MultiStar app, you can easily transfer your backup through Smart Switch.

Samsung MultiStar QuickStar Smart Switch

On the other side, the below-mentioned functions of the QuickStar app have received Smart Switch support.

  • Show notifications by the last update
  • Show Quick button grid
  • Open the Quick panel directly

With Smart Switch support, you won’t need to set up the above-mentioned Samsung MultiStar and QuickStar functions again when switching to another Galaxy smartphone as they will be seamlessly transferred. You can check more details below.

Samsung MultiStar

  • Latest Version: 6.2.5
  • Updated Package size:13.06 MB
  • Changelog:
    – It supports backup through smart Switch
  • Download: Link

Samsung QuickStar

  • Latest Version:
  • Updated Package size: 14.54 MB
  • Changelog:
    – Supports Smart Switch for the following functions (One UI 4.0 or later)
    *Show notifications by the last update
    * Show Quick button Grid
    *Open Quick Panel directly
  • Download: Link

Samsung NotiStar 5.1.24 update brings smart switch support, bug fixes

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WhatsApp to extend QR-based chat transfer feature for old Android, iOS phones



WhatsApp Chat History transfer feature

WhatsApp is simplifying the process of transferring chat history from one phone to another through a new feature. The fresh beta ( update of WhatsApp introduces a new way for a seamless transfer of conversations from an old phone to a new one, without the need for Google Drive backups.

With Beta, WhatsApp brought a QR code-based system that allows users to move their chat history directly between Android devices. The beta new update suggests the possibility of extending this feature to allow cross-platform chat history transfers, potentially including iOS devices.

Presently, WhatsApp supports chat history transfers between iOS and Android, but it’s limited to newer Android versions and requires a physical cable. The new update aims to eliminate these restrictions to offer a universal solution for all users. This new feature would be a significant improvement over the current chat transferring method.

The details of how this new universal transfer feature will work are not yet clear, as it is still under development. Through this, WhatsApp aims to provide a more user-friendly and universally applicable migration solution.

WhatsApp Chat history transfer feature

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Plugin gets updated following One UI 6 Watch Beta release



Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Plugin June 2024 update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the Galaxy Watch 6 Plugin this June. The new update is available with version and size 150.34MB for the Galaxy Watch 6 series.

The fresh update resolves previously identified errors to enhance the performance and reliability of the device. Although the details of errors have not been shared, the resolution is expected to improve the stability of the watch’s operation.

Samsung just recently released the One UI 6 Beta update for the Galaxy Watch 6 series, which allows users to enjoy new features and enhancements ahead of the official release. To make the Watch 6 Plugin compatible with the latest update, the company updated it to the newest version.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Plugin is essential for connecting the Galaxy Watch 6 to Samsung smartphones, allowing for smooth interaction. With this update, Samsung continues to ensure that its Galaxy devices function properly.

It is recommended for all Galaxy Watch 6 users to install this update to take advantage of the improvements. The update process is simple and can be done through the Galaxy Wearable app. Also, you can download the update directly from the third-party app source link mentioned here.

One UI 6 Watch Beta Features: A New Era of Smartwatch Experience with Galaxy AI

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Gemini AI fab button coming to Google Messages



Google Messages gained support for the Gemini AI chatbot. It’s integrated into the application as a contact available for chat and AI-generated responses. Google is working to bring a new fab button to the Messages app that will trigger Gemini AI conversation.

According to AndroidAuthority, Google Messages is testing a new Gemini AI fab button. The button will be available on the home screen of the app, above the current FAB available to begin a new chat. The company aims to streamline the process by adding a new fab that takes you directly to the chatbot.

The latest Google Messages app version brings evidence related to the Gemini fab. The button is not yet activated for general users, but it was confirmed through APKTeardown. Once the button arrives, you will be able to start the chat with Gemini easily.

Google Messages Gemini AI

Google Messages is already a nice app for social messaging. With time, it added several fruitful features and tools that ease conversational texting. The integration of Gemini AI further increased its capabilities, while the button will make significantly increase its usability.

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