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I can use iPhone-like ‘Back-Tap action’ on my Samsung phone, thanks RegiStar



Samsung RegiStar January 2023 update

Apple iOS lacks customization but some of its features are excellent. The Apple ‘Back Tap’ feature is the easiest way to put an iPhone function you use all the time at your fingertips. Luckily, you can now use the iPhone-like ‘Back-Tap action’ feature on your Samsung smartphone, all thanks to the new RegiStar plugin.

Earlier the last month, Samsung officially launched a new Good Lock module named RegiStar for its One UI 5.0 users. This new plugin unlocks a lot of possibilities for home screen customization, search options and history, a Power button, and much more.

In the meantime, the Samsung RegiStar module also brings a Back-Tap action feature for Galaxy customers. It allows you a little easier access to more precise settings on your phone.

Samsung RegiStar Back-Tap action

Similar to Apple iPhones, Samsung offers you both Double Tap and Triple Tap action, You can choose what action your phone will take when you tap the back of your phone twice or thrice. Here are some Back Tap actions you can perform on your Samsung phone –

  • Take and share a screenshot
  • Access your Google Voice Assistant
  • Start pop-up window
  • Show notifications
  • Show recent apps
  • Back button
  • Open an app – You can choose any of your most used applications by tapping the ‘Settings’ icons.

To use this feature, you just need to download the RegiStar module on your Good Lock application. Once you open the plugin, you will see different functions, you have to tap on “Back-Tap action”.

Now tap on the “Double Tap” option and choose any of the functions or apps. Do the same with the “Triple Tap” option. You will also see an option that reads “Event detection notification”, it shows a toast popup when a Back-Tap event is detected. If you want, you can enable it.

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Good Lock

Samsung plans to enhance Virtual Touchpad function in H2 2024



Samsung Virtual touchpad

Samsung is planning to improve its virtual touchpad functionality, following valuable user feedback from its community. The company may release a major update for the One Hand Operation + Good Lock module to implement improvements.

A user on the Samsung community suggested including a “lock (fix) button” on the virtual touchpad to stabilize the cursor. This button would address concerns of thumb fatigue and precision aiming during single-handed operation.

This suggestion of a lock button is mainly useful for those who sometimes find the current controls challenging due to the cursor movement when adjusting the pointer speed.

In response, a community moderator has acknowledged the feedback and commitment to reviewing and improving the virtual touchpad by the second half of 2024.

samsung Virtual touchpad

Moreover, he has assured users that the team is taking a complete approach to integrating these suggestions. Although these improvements may take time to implement. Through this, the company aims to improve the usability of the One Hand Operation+ functions.

One UI 7.0 update to improve clock format alignment in Samsung devices

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Samsung hints at restoring a Theme Park customization feature



Samsung Theme Park One UI 6.1.1 support

A recent update to Samsung‘s Theme Park app removed a feature beloved by users. The feature of the Theme Park Good Lock module that allowed image customization of folders and keycaps is no longer supported, causing disappointment among Galaxy users.

Addressing user feedback, Samsung has acknowledged the concerns. A community moderator has assured users that the company is actively reviewing ways to reintroduce the image customization feature for folders and keycaps to the Theme Park app.

In addition, the company also expressed apology for any inconvenience caused by the updated appp process. As of now, the moderators have not provided any specific answer or timeline regarding restoring this feature.

Hopefully, Samsung will restore the customization features soon to enhance the Theme Park experience. Until then, stay updated on the latest version of the app.

Samsung Theme Park Customization feature

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Samsung will fix ‘Close All’ task button issue in Home Up with upcoming updates



Samsung Home Up Close all button issue

Samsung Home Up Good Lock module is set to receive a new update that will address user concerns regarding the ‘close all’ button placement in different task changer views. Users have reported that the button is too high in the vertical list and slim types, which affects usability.

The issue seems to start from the One UI 6 release, with users noticing the change after updating. Those who prefer the vertical list layout find the button positioned too high, switching to the mini-grid layout for better accessibility.

In response to user feedback, the community moderator has confirmed that the Close All button placement issue of Home UP is recognized and will be resolved in an upcoming software update. This update will normalize the location of the ‘Close All’ button across all layouts for consistency and ease of use.

However, the timeline for this fix remains uncertain. The moderator has expressed that it is difficult to commit to a specific timeline for the release of this update. Users are advised to stay tuned for the update, which will enhance the user experience by providing a regular interface once again.

Samsung Home Up close button issue

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