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One UI 5.0

Samsung One UI 5.0 Edge Panels: Everything you need to know



Samsung One UI 5.0 Edge Panels

Samsung One UI 5.0 update is available for a bunch of Galaxy devices including the flagship, mid-range, and low-budget smartphones. This major One UI version comes with a slew of new features and improvements to provide a next-level experience. In addition, Samsung also enhanced its exclusive Edge Panels with One UI 5.0.

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Edge Panels is a Samsung smartphone’s exclusive feature that allows you to directly access any feature, contact, app, and more through a single touch. You can also use a split-screen view to set up your devices to use two apps on the Edge screen at the same time. This feature is very helpful as well as time-saving. With One UI 5.0, Samsung brings improvements to it, let’s explore them.

Samsung One UI 5.0 Edge Panels 


  • Apps: You can open any of the apps directly from the panel, as well as customize the apps. With One UI 5.0, you can see the names of the app in this panel.
  • Edge People: From here, you can customize contacts to directly access them on the edge panel.
  • Smart select: You can select a part of your smartphone screen in an oval shape or rectangular shape as well as make GIFs by recording video.
  • Tasks: This panel contains several daily tasks like alarm, stopwatch, creating a new contact, and more. You can also edit your tasks as you like.

Samsung One UI 5.0 Edge Panels

  • Weather: This panel shows the location, date, time, weather, humidity, and UV index.
  • Reminder: You can check all the reminders in this panels
  • Tools: From here you can see location details as it uses the Compass tool.
  • Clipboard: This panel shows the clipboard manager.

Samsung One UI 5.0 Edge Panels

You can edit all the above-mentioned Edge Panels except Smart select, Weather, Reminder, and Clipboard. However, you can download more Panels through Galaxy Store.

You can choose panels to hide content on the Lock screen when you are using a secure lock type, just need to visit Edge Panel >> Three vertical dots >> tap Hide on lock screen >> you can turn on the toggles.



You can change the position of the handle to the right or left at your convenience

Lock Handle position:

Turn on the toggle to lock the position of the Edge Panel Handle.


  • Color: Now you can do any color of your choice on the handle of the edge panel, just need to select.
  • Transparency: Adjust the visibility of the Handle via a slider.
  • Size: Modify the length of the handle by the slider
  • Width: From here you can change the width of the handle to thin, medium, or thick

Vibrate when the handle is touched

Turn on this toggle to feel that the edge panel has been opened. When you enable this feature, whenever you touch the edge panel, the smartphone will vibrate.

How to check the latest Edge Panel version?

Now you can easily check the latest version of Edge panels in your smartphone by following a few steps. Visit Settings >>Display >> scroll down and tap on Edge Panels >> About Edge Panels. Here you can see the latest version of Edge Panels.

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One UI 5.1

Breaking: Samsung Galaxy A14 5G gets One UI 6.1 update



Samsung Galaxy A14 One UI 6.1 update

Samsung has initiated the release of Android 14-based One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy A14 5G smartphone. The update is rolling out in some Asian countries including India and Indonesia.

One UI 6.1 update for Samsung Galaxy A14 5G smartphone arrives with One UI build version A146PXXU7DXD3 and an installation package size of 1.6GB. The update is rolling out gradually so it may take hours or days to reach all models.

The update introduces a bundle of enhancements for the Galaxy A14 along with the April 2024 security patch. Notably, it lacks the Galaxy AI features of flagships but comes with amazing capabilities.

Users can now copy and paste objects between images, enjoy improved image clipping, and search within the Gallery app. The video editor allows for playback speed adjustments and project exports for cross-device editing. It also brings new lock screen widgets, customizable alarm alerts with AR Emoji, revamped Calendar app settings section, and more.

Overall the update enhances the Galaxy A14 5G experience with creative editing tools, personalization options, and security enhancements to make it a more versatile and secure device.

To install and install the update, open Settings>> Software Updates >> Download and install.

Samsung Galaxy A14 One UI 6.1 update

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One UI 5.0

Samsung releases One UI 5.1.1 update for Galaxy Z Flip 5G



Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G May 2024 update US

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G smartphone is finally getting the One UI 5.1.1 update, which brings many improvements and new features to the device. The update is rolling out for locked variants in the US.

One UI 5.1.1 update for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G comes with One UI build version F707USQU6IWI1 in the US. The latest firmware installs the August 2023 security patch to improve the system security and stability of the device.

Users who have received the notification on their smartphone can get the update through Settings >> Software Update >> Download and Install.

One UI 5.1.1 update for Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Based on Android 13, One UI 5.1.1 enhances the multitasking experience by showing better app previews on the Recents screen, allowing easy switching from pop-up view to split screen, and restoring pop-ups snapped to the edge of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G One UI 5.1.1 update

The update also improves the Flex mode, which lets users use more apps with the Flex mode panel, customize the toolbar, and access improved media controls. It also introduces a new Quick Share feature, which enables users to share files with their contacts anytime and anywhere, and also protect their private content by setting expiration dates and preventing resharing.

Moreover, this major update also improves the Samsung Health app, which provides better sleep coaching, more meaningful sleep data, skin temperature measurement during sleep, better workout summaries, and enhanced rewards and badges.

Aside from this, the update also enhances the Camera and Gallery apps, which offer more date and time styles for watermarks, enhanced remaster previews, easier effect adjustments, and copy and paste effects. It adds some additional changes, such as drag and drop with two hands, app cache clearing, and enhanced memory management.


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Good Lock

Download the latest Good Lock apps/modules on your Galaxy – One UI 6/5.1.1



Samsung Good Lock update

Samsung Good Lock is a crucial part of One UI, especially for consumers who love smartphone customization. With each new One UI iteration, Samsung brings fruitful apps, plugins, and modules to Good Lock in order to take the personalization experience to the next level.

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The Android 14-based One UI 6 Good Lock could come with a handful of new plugins as part of making the application even more useful. Although all Good Lock plugins are not available for Galaxy consumers worldwide, you can take advantage of the remaining ones.

One UI 5 Good Lock update radically redesigned the overall look of the application, dividing the modules into two sections – Make Up and Life Up. The first section includes apps and services useful for personalization, while the second part consists of experimental Android tools.

Below, you can check brief info about plugins as well as download links from Galaxy Store and APKMirror.

Theme Park

  • You can create and apply themes easily and quickly
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK



  • Allow creating 3D motion wallpaper with various effects
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Customize and create a new lock screen and Always on Display.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Set the keyboard optimized for you and try creating your one unique animation sticker.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Conveniently organize the navigation bar and gesture mode.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Home Up

  • Enjoy the improved One UI Home experience.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • You can configure many different clock styles on the lock screen and AOD and customize the clock however you want.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


Nice Shot

  • Use the screenshot and screen recording features more conveniently
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


Edge Touch

  • Adjust settings for touch on edge screen easily
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • You can customize Sound, Vibration, and screen history.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

One Hand Operation +

  • Use your phone or tablet easily with your thumb.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Various features have been added to Bixby Routines, allowing you to create more powerful routines.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Experience the improved Multi Window
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK [New update]


  • Expand Audio System settings and increase convenience
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Camera Assistant [One UI 5 or higher]

  • Customize your own camera settings to your preference
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

RegiStar [One UI 5 or higher]

  • Customize your smartphone’s home settings, search options, history, back taps, and more.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

DropShip [One UI 5 or higher]

  • Easily share files between devices running Android, iOS, and the Web.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Galaxy to Share [One UI 5 or higher ]

  • Share your own created personalization settings of various Good Lock modules
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK
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