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Android rivals don’t have any answer to Samsung Good Lock



Samsung Good Lock apps 2022

Android holds a large share of the global smartphone market compared to iOS and others. Specifically, Samsung is the leader in Android market with highest shipments. Rivals are giving tough competition to Samsung, but they don’t have any answer to One UI’s Good Lock.

Major Samsung rivals (in Android) include Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, realme and vivo. Compared to Galaxy’s One UI software, the custom skins based on the Android operating system are significantly customizable, but, there is nothing like the Good Lock.

Other Android software skins such as MIUI, ColorOS and OxygenOS offer a lot of customization options to smartphones. Meanwhile, they (Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, realme, vivo, even Apple iOS) don’t have any competitor to Samsung’s Good Lock service.

In case you are not a regular Samsung tracker, Good Lock is an application available on Galaxy Store for selected Galaxy devices and countries. Over time, the company introduced several additional plugins that make it a plenty useful customization suite.

Fine Lock (3rd party app)

Created by Samsung, the Good Lock and Galaxy Labs are official tools for customizing and optimizing Android experience on Samsung devices running Android/One UI software. The company is expanding availability but Galaxy Store in some markets still doesn’t let you download Good Lock app.

Even if you have them installed, they may not work at all. Fine Lock is here to solve the problem by acting like a launcher for Good Lock and Galaxy Labs modules. Fine Lock does not support Samsung devices running AOSP OS build, such as LineageOS.

Good Lock upgrades

The Good Lock app works like a manager of personalization modules and applications. Once opened, you will get dozens of plugins, letting you renovate different aspects of your Galaxy device as well as enable experimental features that are restricted by the operating system.

With the One UI 5.0 version, Samsung introduced four new apps/plugins to the Good Lock suite, which brings increment to the usability. The newly released Camera Assistant, Dropship, RegiStar, and Galaxy to Share are newcomers to the Good Lock app.

Apart from the newly added plugins, Good Lock already packed lots of modules and apps, which allow you to renovate your Galaxy device. Samsung’s One UI user interface can be customized in various ways, but the Good Lock removes every kind of restriction.

Here’s what Good Lock has to offer

Make Up Section

Theme Park: Samsung Theme Park app allows Galaxy smartphone users to easily and quickly create their own themes.

Pentastic: This module is supported by only Galaxy devices that have S Pen support. Using it, you can apply various styles to the S Pen menu.

Wonderland: There are a lot of wallpaper providers, however, Samsung Wonderland is an official way to give a 3D motion wallpaper with various effects on your Galaxy.

LockStar: This Good Lock plugin not only allows you to customize the lockscreen of your Galaxy device but also provides plenty of styles of always-on display feature.

KeysCafe: Using this Samsung app, you can create a keyboard that is optimized for you alongside different kinds of visual effects and colors.

NavStar: Conveniently organize the navigation bar and gesture mode.

HomeUp: For homescreen personalization of Galaxy devices, Samsung HomeUp module is the greatest solution. This plugin allows you to renovate your Galaxy’s homescreen in various ways and optimize it to your preference.

ClockFace: You can configure many different clock styles on the lockscreen and AOD, and customize the clock in any way you want.

QuickStar: It allows you to redesign the user interface of your Galaxy device’s Quick panel.


Life Up Section

NiceShot: NiceShot makes it possible to use features like screenshots and screen recording more conveniently.

NotiStar: Manage the notifications history easily.

EdgeTouch: It allows you to adjust settings for touch on edge screen easily.

NiceCatch: If you want to get rid of interrupting vibrations, NiceCatch module is here so you can look into the causes of unexplained actions.

One Hand Operation +: This module has different kinds of shortcuts and tools that make it easier to use your large screen with just a single hand.

Routines +: In the Bixby Routines, the Routines + module adds various features so you can create even more powerful Routines.

MultiStar: MultiStar service brings additional features and personalization options for the Multi window feature so you can have better experiences while multitasking.

Camera Assistant: It’s one of the newly added plugins to the Good Lock family. This module lets you customize your own camera settings to your preference.

RegiStar: With the help of RegiStar, Galaxy users can conveniently configure the Settings app and press the side key, tap the back, or press the screen strongly to quickly launch useful features.

Sound Assistant: It allows you to expand audio system settings and increase convenience.

Samsung Good Lock Android

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Android or iOS: Why my Samsung Galaxy is better than your Apple iPhone



Samsung Galaxy S23 March 2023 Update

Purchasing a new smartphone can be an easy decision, but it becomes a tough task to upgrade from iOS to Android. To make it easier, we are listing the top 5 reasons and special benefits that make the switch from Apple iPhone to Samsung Galaxy a generous move.

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1. Android app ecosystem

Compared to iOS (iPhone), Samsung Galaxy devices offer two great Android app markets – Google Play Store and Galaxy Store. The Play Store has continued its growth trajectory as the world’s largest app store. Moreover, you’ll find that virtually all of your favorite apps are just a download away on your new Galaxy phone.

2. Wearable ecosystem

Aside from mobile phones, the South Korean tech giant has an impressive array of wearable devices and they all work together in the seamless Galaxy ecosystem. The Galaxy Watch 5 allows you to answer a call, respond to emails, and get real-time feedback.

3. Samsung DeX

iOS can never beat Samsung’s amazing DeX feature, which allows your Galaxy device to power a full desktop experience by connecting it to a monitor or smart TV and pairing a keyboard and mouse. The DeX feature allows you to take full advantage of the processing power of the phone.

4. Secure Folder

One UI introduces the Secure Folder feature, which allows you to separate your most sensitive personal apps. Galaxy users can easily move apps and files into Secure Folder and even have two instances of apps including the first in the Secure Folder and the second on your home screen.

5. Knox Security

Samsung Knox is a complete suite of security features, combining both hardware and software functions. All Galaxy device users get real-time mobile protection and encryption from the moment they turn on their devices. Introduced on the most recent flagship phones, Knox Vault takes that to another level.

Samsung Galaxy S22 S23 Ultra

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Samsung is doing what Android rivals can never copy



Samsung Android Phone

Samsung is setting an example in the Android industry by bringing longer OS upgrades to a maximum number of Galaxy devices. While A-series 4 Android upgrades amazed us all last year, Samsung’s silent decision to expand it to the Galaxy M series is just unbelievable, at least for China.

As the world is serious about pushing sustainable efforts, smartphone vendors are also finding ways to support them. Nowadays, premium phones lack a free charger in the box, consumers also want to have a phone that lasts longer without any kind of lags or security concerns for the time being.

Samsung first extended the Galaxy Android support in the second half of 2020. The company confirmed three major OS upgrades for all premium Galaxy devices launched in 2019 and later. Prior to this, the company was committed to offering two major upgrades to all phones and tabs.

At Samsung, there are no limits to innovation, as it’s committed to bringing the best and most stable user experience. Not everyone wants to spend much on a smartphone, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get longer software support as the Galaxy A is here as a decent option.

At the Galaxy S22 launch event, the South Korean tech giant announced its revised Android support policy. The latest Galaxy software guarantee ensures up to four years of Android plus One UI updates for flagships starting Galaxy S21 and select Galaxy A phones (A53, A73, A54, and A34).

Seeing Samsung’s clever yet iconic move, Android rivals such as OPPO and OnePlus copied the software promise and announced to bring Samsung-like Android updates to their flagships launched in 2023. They copied but there’s a difference, which is not hidden from anyone – CREDIBILITY.

Software version strategy and support can be copied from Samsung’s ecosystem, but China can never do what Galaxy devices can offer. As a striking move, the Galaxy M series begins offering up to 4 generations of Android updates, not all, but the Galaxy M54 becomes the first product.

This way, the world’s biggest smartphone vendor proved that there are no limits to pro-grade features, and can be brought to mid-rangers too. Compared to the Google Pixel flagship (source), Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy M54 phone has longer OS updates support, which isn’t copyable.

Google smartphones starting the Pixel 6 series supports up to five years of monthly security updates. Meanwhile, Samsung is offering the same security patches promise to plenty of Galaxy Z, Galaxy S, Galaxy A, and Galaxy M series smartphones.

Apart from longer support, Samsung is also reducing the firmware deployment delay. With Android 13, the company amazed all Galaxy users and further promised to provide updates even faster with the next Android and One UI versions.

Samsung Software Update

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Samsung One UI 6.0 should integrate ultimate Theme Park customization



Samsung Theme Park is a great application, which is available on select Galaxy devices through the Good Lock suite. As Android 14 development continues, hopes are high for the next One UI version and we advise Samsung to integrate Theme Park customization tools into One UI 6.0.

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Theme Park is an app, that belongs to the Good Lock customization suite. The application makes it possible to create a custom theme that consists of wallpaper, keyboard, quick panel, icon, and volume panel. Combining Theme Park tools, Samsung can swiftly make One UI 6.0 the ultimate customizable software.

Theme Park tools should be a part of One UI 6:

Since Good Lock is not available for all Galaxy models and all regions/markets, Theme Park can only be used on a limited scale. At the same time, some users are either unaware of the Good Lock tool or don’t want to enter into the hurdle of creating a custom theme.

Using the Theme tool of the Theme Park app, you can set the wallpaper and get the color combination for the theme. It is somehow similar to the Color Palette but allows you to manually select a main color and a style, which affects the overall color and mood of the theme.

The Keyboard customization tool of Theme Park is also useful. It brings fruitful features such as personalization of Key style, and tap color as well as allows you to use an image on all keys. If you spend some free with the Keyboard tool, you can create give an epic look and feel to it.

Quick panel can’t be customized in the One UI software, except for changing colors derived from the Material You palette. Using the Theme Park app, users can give different color shades to the elements of the Quick panel such as primary toggles, brightness slider, and text as well as blur level of background.

Icon customization is the greatest feature of the Theme Park application. There is a huge directory of shapes that can be altered with One UI’s default icon shapes. Moreover, the tool also lets users pick their preferred color for the icons and background tray.

Samsung iOS icons

One UI 5.1 removed Material You theming from the Volume panel to deliver a better user experience. However, it doesn’t mean the Volume panel can’t be customized as the Theme Park app is here to help us. However, we can just assign different colors to the interface elements.

One UI 6

Samsung may begin the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 Beta testing by August 2023. The Galaxy S23 series is ready to become the first Galaxy to run the new One UI 6 software, however, the company is expected to release the official version later this year. We want Samsung to integrate Theme Park tools into the next One UI version.

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