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One UI 5.0

One UI 5 update made my Galaxy S21 FE AWESOME, thanks Samsung!



Samsung S21 FE One UI 5

Last week, Samsung officially started rolling out the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update for Galaxy S21 FE 5G smartphones. During these days, I used the One UI 5 software on my Samsung Galaxy S21 FE smartphone and I found that it made my phone awesome.

With Android 13-based One UI 5.0, Samsung has purified the overall design aesthetic while introducing a handful of new features and multiple improvements that make the interface more usable.

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I also loved the new tweaks to Material You, customization tools that make it easier to change the look and feel of the lock screen, new gestures for multitasking, call backgrounds, and a lot more.

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But arguably the most important new change that One UI 5.0 brings is major performance optimizations. Below you can check out the most highlighted parts of One UI 5 software on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE smartphone.

Samsung S21 FE One UI 5

New features:

Extract text from image:

What could be more convenient than copying text directly from an image, screenshot, or banner and pasting it into messages or notes? Yes, with One UI 5.0, Samsung has brought users the ability to extract text from images. All you need to do is open the image that contains text and tap the yellow “T” icon.

Samsung S21 FE One UI 5

Per-app language:

With Android 13, Google introduced a new feature that allows you to select a different language for each app without changing the system language. Samsung brings the same feature to One UI 5 software and is located in Settings >> General management. When you tap on “App languages“, it will list all the supported apps.

Samsung S21 FE One UI 5

Camera Watermark:

One UI 5.0 comes with a new Camera Watermark feature that you can directly find under “Camera Settings.” This feature is so good as the company has made it a bit customizable.

It allows users to enable and add Custom or Date and time watermarks. You can edit the Custom option with different texts such as your name, your phone’s name, or anything you want.

Samsung S21 FE One UI 5

Help guide in Camera Pro mode:

If you’re a casual photographer, Samsung Camera’s Pro mode brings useful tips for you through the new Help guide function. When you open the Pro camera mode, you will see an “i” icon. Tap on it and your phone’s camera will guide you on how to capture perfect shots.

It will show you some helpful tips for basic photography elements like ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focus, and more.

Samsung S21 FE One UI 5

Security and Privacy:

The One UI 5.0 is making it easier than ever for you to keep your device protected and your sensitive information private. With one quick glance, you can get a quick overview of your device’s security and find suggestions and warnings depending on the status. Just head over to Settings >> Security and Privacy.

Better multitasking:

Multitasking is very common in smartphones nowadays. Therefore, to meet users’ demands and improve productivity, Samsung One UI 5.0 has brought two new Multitasking gestures – Swipe for Split screen and Swipe for Pop-up. You can find them under Settings >> Advanced features >> Labs.

Connected devices:

“Connected devices” is a completely new menu under System Settings. With this, you can manage all your phone’s external connections right from one place, providing you with more convenience for controlling your smart TV, PC, wearable, or smartphone.


Color palette:

Samsung has expanded the Dynamic Theme Color Palette options from 4 to 16 with the One UI 5.0 update so that you can get more choices while choosing a perfect theme for your phone that syncs with the Lock screen or Home screen wallpaper.

In addition, One UI 5.0 is bringing Dynamic Theming to more Samsung, Google, and other third-party applications so that when you apply the color palette to app icons, all applications will look similar.

Lock screen:

The One UI 5.0 Lock screen customization options are next level. You can now disable any of the components of the lock screen, such as the Clock, Notification icons, and App shortcuts, by tapping the “-” icon. Meanwhile, to edit that part, tap on it.

Samsung also offers a “Contact Information” option to let you add a phone number or email address so that people can contact you if you lose your phone.

Samsung S21 FE One UI 5

Stack Widgets:

Samsung is making things simpler in One UI 5.0 by removing the “Smart Widgets” concept. Now you don’t need to follow the unnecessarily complicated process of making a stack.

Instead of going through the Widget menu to add a smart widget, you can simply drag and drop a widget onto another widget, and it will turn into a stacked widget. This also means that your widgets are not limited to a single size.

Samsung S21 FE One UI 5

Performance optimizations:

Undoubtedly, the new iteration of Samsung’s software is faster and smoother than the One UI 4. Animations, transitions, and simply scrolling down long lists deliver a more satisfying experience which is certainly welcomed.

During the One UI 4 software rollout, many users were asking about new and smoother animations. The company has finally brought it for you, the animations are really smooth, while in some places there are new animations as well.

Additionally, the RAM Plus feature, which was taking your phone’s internal storage to increase RAM, now gets the ability to be disabled so that you can get more free space on your device and get a lag-free performance.

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One UI 5.1

What’s new with Samsung One UI 5.1 AI Eraser features and how to use



Samsung One UI 5.1 AI Eraser

Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S23 series with the One UI 5.1 software at the Unpacked event yesterday. The new devices introduce a bunch of new features and improvements that are coming soon to older Galaxy phones. Some of such One UI 5.1 improvements can be seen in the Samsung AI Eraser.

The AI Eraser of Samsung Gallery is smart enough to erase the shows, light reflection, and wanted objects from your pictures to make them look perfect. This function of the Galaxy devices is getting improvements with the latest One UI 5.1 software.

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According to a Samsung members community moderator, the One UI 5.1 update has improved the processing speed of the AI ​​eraser function. It will help users get the perfect results in no time. Additionally, the company has also improved the resolution, image quality, and other AI eraser editing tools.

How to use Galaxy AI Eraser

How to erase objects :

You first need to visit “Samsung Gallery” and open the “photo” you want to edit, Next, tap on the “Edit icon” and then visit the “More” options. Now tap on “AI Eraser”, select the object to erase, and finally, tap “Done” when you are satisfied with the editing.

How to erase shadows :

Shadow erase automatically distinguishes between shadows to be erased and shadows to be discarded, and image quality has also been improved after shadow erase is applied. However, variations may occur depending on photo characteristics, such as shooting conditions.

To use this function, head over to “Samsung Gallery”, Select a photo and tap on the “Edit” option. Now tap on the “More” option and then tap “AI Eraser”. Now tap on “Shadow Erase”, finally erase the shadow and click “Done”.

How to clear light reflections:

Just like the other two editing features, to clear light reflections, you need to open the Picture you want to edit in the Gallery app. Tap on the Edit icon >> More options ?? AI Erase. Now tap on “Light Reflection Erase”, erase the unwanted light reflection and tap “Done”.

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One UI 5.1

Samsung introduces Multi Control feature with One UI 5.1, are you ready?



Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Multi Control Feature

One UI 5.1 is official, thanks to Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 smartphone lineup. Since the update is yet to release for older Galaxy devices, we are closely exploring all the awaited features. It’s clear that Samsung will roll out the Multi Control feature with One UI 5.1 for Galaxy phones.

As showcased during the Unpacked, the Samsung Multi Control feature allows you to control your Galaxy smartphone, Galaxy Tablets, and Galaxy Book PC directly from the Galaxy Book3 series’ keyboard and trackpad. This capability enables you to copy, paste, or drag and drop between devices.

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Benefits of Multi Control

Samsung usually brings additional benefits to connected experiences across the Galaxy S lineup of smartphones. The new Multi Control feature connects mouse and keyboard functionality between a Samsung Galaxy PC and tablet to serve ultimate flexibility between devices.

Besides this, enhanced text usability makes it easy to copy and paste text, like URLs, from one device (smartphone) to another (Tab / PC) to pick up activity on another device. There are more new features in the One UI 5.1 software, check them out right here.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Multi Control Feature

Additional notes

To use the Samsung Multi Control feature, your Galaxy smartphone needs to run the latest One UI 5.1 software. However, consumers having Galaxy Tab running One UI 4.1 or later and Galaxy Book launched in 2021 and later can also enjoy the Multi Control.

Notably, Galaxy users are required to sign in with the same Samsung Account on both phones and PC. There are fewer chances of the expansion of this feature to non-Samsung laptops. Hence, you are lucky if owned a Galaxy Book as Samsung is greatly enhancing the ecosystem.

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One UI 5.1

Galaxy S23’s ‘light mode’ won’t expand to older Samsung devices with One UI 5.1 update



Samsung recently launched Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones. All models of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series come with an attractive design, fast charging support, the latest One UI 5.1 software, and a powerful processor along with several new features, one of which is Light Mode.

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The light mode feature is currently available on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. It will available to only Galaxy Z and Galaxy S series smartphones released after Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy S23. This means that the latest One UI 5.1 update will not extend the Light Mode feature to older Galaxy devices.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Light Mode

Samsung Galaxy S23 Light Mode

Galaxy S23’s Light Mode function improves heat generation and current consumption by partially adjusting the AP’s maximum processing speed. It is difficult to experience the Normal mode in normal usage environments such as surfing the Internet, SNS, making calls, and watching videos even if you use the light mode.

It does not reduce the refresh rate of the screen like power saving mode, rather the screen refresh rate remains constant when it is set, so you will not have any inconvenience in using it.

Also, Light Mode has no effect on running games instead it minimizes heat generation and uses battery efficiently.

How to enable Light Mode?

You can easily enable the Light mode feature on your eligible Galaxy devices. Just need to visit Settings >> Battery & Device Care >> Battery >> Other Battery Settings >> Select Performance by Usage Type >> Select Light Mode. You can also add Light Mode to the quick panel to easily turn it on/off it.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Light Mode

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