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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5/4 materials that may infect sensitive skin



Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Plugin update

Samsung has a pretty impressive collection of smart wearables that includes the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Watch 4 Classic, Watch 5 and Watch 4. Samsung Galaxy Watch devices are made of different kinds of materials that could infect users having sensitive skin in some cases.

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Through this post, I’m sharing information with customers who have sensitive skin and may have reactions to any of the materials used in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Watch 4 Classic, Watch 5, or Watch 4. Before going ahead, it’s noteworthy that Samsung doesn’t use any kind of material that is internationally restricted.

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Hypersensitive skin

If your skin is exposed to soap or sweat for a long period or if you are in a certain environment, a hypersensitive skin reaction may occur. Below, you can check the materials that the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series models include if your skin is hypersensitive or if you have an allergy to any materials.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4


The Galaxy Watch’s main body and band buckles consist of stainless steel, which is a non-corrosive metal alloy that contains steel (Fe), nickel (Ni), and Chrome (Cr). However, it is widely used for everyday products, but, some people have an allergy to nickel.


Similar to nickel, Samsung smartwatches’ main body and band include acrylate, which is commonly included in consumer goods that are attached to the skin. If your skin is sensitive to acrylate don’t keep your Galaxy Watch wearing on your wrist for a long to reduce chances of hypersensitive skin reaction.

“Samsung uses materials in Galaxy Watch that meet the standards of the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the regulations of European countries, and other international standards.”

How to clean

Make sure that the Galaxy Watch has not arrived in contact with dust, sweat, ink, oil, cosmetics, sunscreen, antibacterial spray, hand cleaner, detergent, or insecticides. If your Galaxy Watch is exposed to any of the above-mentioned substances, use a lint-free, soft cloth to clean it.


Samsung’s first 3nm Exynos W1000 chip to power Galaxy Watch 7



Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Samsung appears to be simplifying the naming scheme of the wearable Exynos chip. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to be equipped with the first 3nm chipset, which would be called Exynos W1000.

The Galaxy Watch 7 might use Exynos W1000 chipset, claims SamInsider (via SamMobile). Samsung’s first Wear OS smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 4, debuted Exynos W920, which also powers the Galaxy Watch 5.

Last year, the company introduced the Galaxy Watch 6, which features the new Exynos W930. Judging from the previous naming, it was assumed that the Watch 7 series would have an Exynos W940 processor.

However, the South Korean tech giant apparently decided to simplify its Exynos line. If the report is correct, Exynos W1000 will power the upcoming Wear OS smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 7, Watch 7 Pro, and Watch 7 Classic.

Galaxy Watch x Exynos Chip

  • Watch 4: Exynos W920
  • Watch 5: Exynos W920 [Enhanced]
  • Watch 6: Exynos W930
  • Watch 7: Exynos W940 W1000

Launch Timeline

Samsung will likely introduce the Galaxy Watch 7 alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6. The company could hold the Unpacked event in the second week of July, just ahead of the Paris Olympics.

This year, the Watch lineup could consist of three models, an increment of one model. The Watch 6 has two models – Standard and Classic, however, the Watch 7 could bring Standard, Pro, and Classic.

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April 2024 Plugins available for Galaxy Watch 5, Watch 4



Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 4 April 2024 plugins

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 plugins are updated in April 2024 to enhance the Galaxy Watch experience. This update brings general improvements and bug fixes to enhance the performance of these popular wearable devices.

The update addresses issues encountered in previous versions to deliver a seamless and bug-free experience. The Watch Plugin is required for syncing the Galaxy Watch with smartphones or tablets.

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For the Galaxy Watch 5, the plugin update carries the version number and is around 177.18MB in size. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 4 plugin update is not far behind with version, taking up 173MB.

To access the update, users should connect their Galaxy Watch to their smartphone via the Galaxy Wearable app. Within the app, select the Menu option, proceed to Settings, and then to About Galaxy Wearable for details.

Users can install the April 2024 plugins via Galaxy Store or download them directly from the third-party app source Galaxy Watch 4 plugin link and Galaxy Watch 5 plugin update link.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5  6 April 2024 plugins

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 users get touchscreen issue fix in Europe, the US



Samsung Galaxy Watch touchscreen issue US Europe

Samsung has pushed a new security update for the Galaxy Watch 6 series in the US and Europe, following its successful release in Korea. The new update released in April 2024 addresses the touchscreen issue that users reported with the previous software.

The fresh update of Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 includes the latest stabilization code to enhance the touchscreen responsiveness in Europe and the US. Users can identify the latest update through the firmware version ending with AXC2 and an installation package size of around 130MB.

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Users who have experienced touchscreen issues with their Galaxy Watch 6 are advised to install this update promptly to enjoy a seamless experience. Through this update, the company aims to maintain the high quality and functionality that users expect from their Galaxy smartwatch.

The update can be installed by connecting the watch to a smartphone through Bluetooth and using the Galaxy Wearable application, or by directly enabling WiFi on the watch and checking for updates in the Settings menu.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 touchscreen issue fix now available via new update

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