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Samsung ends Google’s reign of astrophotography on mobile camera



Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Astrophotography

Astrography became a Pixel-exclusive camera feature since Google made the Google Camera app limited to Pixel smartphones. Though, a bit late, Samsung swiftly destroyed the Google Camera app’s dominance of providing night photography features like astrophotography on smartphones.

Almost each Android smartphone user is aware of the Google Camera app and its features that are really unique. The level of popularity of Google Camera is quite much, really, just think about GCam once. Pixel phones exclusively feature the Google Camera app, but Android users can get it using ported versions called GCam.

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Using the GCam mods, Samsung users get access to all Google Camera features that are restricted by the Android maker such as night sight and astrophotography. GCam mods come from various developers and pro-users who port it for their specific devices and then share it on the web for others.

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And so far, Galaxy smartphone users are using GCam app to capture pictures of stars, but, it’s now officially available on Expert RAW app. Qualified Galaxy smartphones will soon have access to the Astrophoto feature with an updated version of Expert RAW app as the feature is under Beta testing.

Smartphone Astrophotography Sample

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While the Google Camera’s astrophotography is quite famous among consumers, it will become a boring feature for them just after seeing the Astrophoto feature of Samsung’s Expert RAW app. As Google introduces software-derived features, Samsung’s taking help of AI and segmentation process to make Astrophotography advanced.

Samsung’s version of Astrophotography is just wonderful!, You just need to turn the Sky guide “ON” and the user interface will instruct you to pinpoint the location of constellations, solar systems, groups of stars and nebula. Sounds pretty amazing, let’s know how it works.

 Your camera will use advanced AI segmentation technology and multi-frame processing based on the movements of a celestial body to snap photos over a set time period. As a result, you’ll capture stunning shots of stars that look like they were taken with top-grade professional equipment.

What is astrophotography

Astrophotography, better known as astronomical imaging, is the photography or imaging of astronomical objects, celestial events, or areas of the night sky. Astrophotography needs premium equipment, while, smartphones are now capable of doing this job wonderfully, at least for stars or group of stars.

Samsung Astrophoto

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Will Samsung launch Slim variants of Galaxy Z Flip 6, Z Fold 6?



Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 update September 2023 update US

Samsung might launch Galaxy Z Flip 6 Slim and Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slip GalaxyClub reports. While the company is marching towards its July Unpacked, rumors about new Slim models are surfacing now.

RossYoung hints that Samsung might introduce a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim. It could have a larger display than the regular phone and lack S Pen support. This variant could hit the market later this year in the fourth quarter.

The Z Fold 6 Slim is model-numbered Q6 Slim, while there’s also a B6 Slim. B6 is the model number of the upcoming Z Flip 6, with Slim also expected. These rumors point out that the affordable foldables might be Slim.

At present, we don’t have any idea of the specifications of the Slim foldables. Earlier, it was reported that Samsung was heavily shocked by the reduced thickness of foldable phones released by Chinese vendors specifically Huawei.

It looks like the Korean tech giant has decided to trim some key specs in order to make foldables thinner. Those who want pro-grade specs would have option to go for strategic models, while Slim variants would extend the choice.

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Samsung struggles in Nvidia HBM test: Reuters



Samsung HBM3E Nvidia approval

Samsung is facing difficulties in passing the Nvidia HBM test Reuters reports. The report says that Samsung has not yet passed Nvidia’s tests for high-bandwidth memory. Issues with heat and power consumption are reportedly the major reasons.

Since last year, Samsung has been facing issues passing Nvidia HBM tests for HBM3 and HBM3E. Meanwhile, the South Korean tech giant responded (via Reuters), “The testing is still ongoing, and final results have not been determined.”

Last month, Nvidia failed Samsung’s 8-stack and 12-stack HBM3E chips. However, the testing is still running and the company may get more chances to get its chips passed. In case the company fails to pass the HBM test, it will lag behind its competitor SK Hynix.

HBM is a key player in the booming popularity of artificial intelligence. This semiconductor stacks DRAM layers to dramatically increase data capacity and processing speed. Currently, SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics have been sharing the market.

Analysts also say that SK Hynix, which developed the first HBM chip in 2013, has spent far more time and resources on HBM research and development than Samsung over the past decade, accounting for its technological edge.

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iFixit ends Samsung collab, Repair Hub to shut next month



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Flip 5 iFixit self-repair

iFixit made a surprising announcement, breaking its repair ties with Samsung next month. The company says that a number of reasons are behind the termination of this collaboration. Two years after servicing Galaxies, iFixit will stop selling original spare parts next month.

Samsung allegedly creates problems for independent repair services. Consumers purchasing original spare parts from Samsung are required to submit their name, contact details, home address, IMEI number, and defect details for every repair carried out.

“It’s with a heavy wrench that we have decided to end our partnership with Samsung. Despite a huge amount of effort, Samsung’s approach to repairability does not align with our mission,” iFixit reports.

The Galaxy maker also requires repair service providers to purchase spare parts in large quantities. Service providers stay away from hefty purchases as Galaxy phones are often designed in such a way that spare parts have to be sold as a glued unit with several components.

Changes taking place starting June 1st, 2024:

  • Starting June 2024, iFixit will no longer be Samsung’s designated third-party parts and tools distributor.
  • iFixit will no longer have a quantity limit of seven Samsung parts per repair shop per quarter.
  • No existing information will be removed from iFixit, but it will not collaborate directly with Samsung to develop new manuals.
  • iFixit will continue to sell parts and repair fix kits for Samsung devices, sourcing OEM parts when available and clearly indicating whether parts are original or aftermarket.
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