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September 2022 SMR fixes these bugs on Samsung devices



Samsung September 2022 Update

Samsung has now officially published the September 2022 security patch details for Galaxy devices, detailing which bugs, CVEs and SVEs are going to get fixes. The company is bringing a maintenance release for flagship Galaxy devices as part of the monthly Security Maintenance Release (SMR) process.

In addition to CVE fixes from Google, the September 2022 update includes various SVE items from Samsung as well. The company detailed which Android OS bugs (CVEs) and One UI bugs (SVEs) will be fixed with the latest security updates throughout the month.

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September SMR CVE Items

Samsung’s September 2022 security update for Galaxy devices comes with 21 high levels, and 3 moderate levels of CVEs. At the same time, there is no critical level of CVE mentioned on the list by the company, while, 2 CVEs are already fixed with previous updates and 4 aren’t applicable.

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  • None


  • CVE-2021-39815, CVE-2022-20122, CVE-2021-0947, CVE-2021-0946, CVE-2021-0698, CVE-2021-0887, CVE-2021-0891, CVE-2021-30259, CVE-2022-22062, CVE-2022-22070, CVE-2022-22067, CVE-2022-22822, CVE-2022-23852, CVE-2022-23990, CVE-2022-25314, CVE-2022-20218, CVE-2022-20392, CVE-2022-20393, CVE-2022-20395, CVE-2022-20398, CVE-2022-20396


  • CVE-2022-20197, CVE-2020-0500, CVE-2020-0293

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2022-22080, CVE-2022-20239

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-22061, CVE-2022-22069, CVE-2022-22059, CVE-2022-25668

Samsung September 2022 Update

September SMR SVE Items

Apart from CVE items from Google, the South Korean tech giant additionally included 29 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items to improve its customers’ confidence in the security of Galaxy phones and tablets. You can check the SVE list below.


  • Use after free vulnerability in mtp_send_signal function of MTP driver


  • Use after free vulnerability in sdp_mm_set_process_sensitive function of sdpmm driver

SVE-2022-1086(CVE-2022-36845), SVE-2022-1083(CVE-2022-36841), SVE-2022-1082(CVE-2022-36844), SVE-2022-1081(CVE-2022-36843), SVE-2022-1080(CVE-2022-36860), SVE-2022-1079(CVE-2022-36863), SVE-2022-1077(CVE-2022-36862), SVE-2022-1076(CVE-2022-36842), SVE-2022-1075(CVE-2022-36846), SVE-2022-1074(CVE-2022-36858)

  • A heap-based overflow vulnerability in library


  • Out of bound read in


  • Improper Authorization vulnerability in setDualDARPolicyCmd


  • Improper Authorization vulnerability in Video Editor


  • Custom permission misuse in SystemUI


  • Intent redirection in Photo Editor


  • Improper access control vulnerability in Telecom application


  • Improper Authorization vulnerability in Photo Editor


  • Path traversal vulnerability in CallBGProvider


  • Use After Free vulnerability in iva_ctl driver

Samsung mentioned that some SVE items included in the Samsung Android Security Update cannot be disclosed at this time.

Samsung September 2022 Security Update Tracker

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE February 2024 update reaches Europe



Samsung Galaxy S21 FE February 2024 update Europe

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE smartphone users are getting the February 2024 security update in Europe. This update is already rolled out for Galaxy S21 FE users in India, and the US.

The update primarily focuses on enhancing the system security of the device by including the latest Android security measures. Additionally, the update addresses various bugs and stability optimizations, which brings a better overall user experience.

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February 2024 security update for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in Europe can be identified through One UI build version G990BXXS6FXA7. The company is regularly working to make this update available to all models.

Users can install the update through Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install. If you have received the update notification, then update it now to enjoy enhanced functions.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE February 2024 update Europe


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Samsung postpones Galaxy S22 update in Korea for additional tweaks



Samsung Galaxy S22 February 2024 update Korea

Samsung Galaxy S22 users in Korea will have to wait a little longer for the February update, as the company has announced a delay in the rollout. The update has been postponed due to some additional changes that need to be applied.

According to the community moderator, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is under final testing and will take several more days to complete.  On the other side, the Galaxy S21 series has just received the February 2024 update in Korea.

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February 2023 security update for Samsung Galaxy S22 series to be released this week. The moderator also promised to provide further updates if there is any change in the situation.

It is worth mentioning that the latest security patch for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is already live in Canada, Europe, and the US. The company will soon make it available for all devices. Now it remains to be seen what new Samsung brings to Korea with the February 2024 update.


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Samsung expands Galaxy S21 February 2024 update to Korea



Samsung Galaxy S21 February 2024 update Korea

Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones are getting a February 2024 security update in Korea, following the release in the US and Europe. The update improves system security and stability to provide a better Galaxy experience.

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series can identify the February 2024 security update in Korea through One UI build version G99xNKSS4FXAD and an installation package size of around 280MB.

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The latest patch fixes over 80 issues to make the smartphone more secure, stable, and reliable. It mainly resolves problems with Smart Suggestions, Auto Hotspot, and Bootloader.

You can check the update by navigating to the device’s Settings, then a Software update, and Download and install. If you have received the update, install it now to get enhanced features.


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