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One UI 6 or 5.1 should bring Large Folders feature



One UI Large Folders Feature anted

With iOS version 14, Apple introduced a new way called App Library to find and organize the apps so iPhone consumers can see what they want and where they want. In iPhones, we can reach this destination by swiping Left until we get to the App Library.

Inside this section, iOS puts all the apps in different folders category-wise. For example, if you have Instagram installed, then you can find it from a big folder named Social in the App Library. This functionality is amazing, which further become interesting when Huawei managed to copy it for its devices.

iOS App Library

iOS 14 App Library

By introducing HarmonyOS, its self-developed operating system, Huawei presented the Large Folders feature for smartphones. This feature is almost similar to that one iSheeps got with the iOS 14 on their iPhones’ App Library section.

Instead of creating a dedicated page on the homescreen, HarmonyOS introduces the Large Folders feature on the regular pages. Users can easily create Large Folders on the homescreen by just combining two apps together to create a regular folder.

HarmonyOS Homescreen

Huawei P50 Pro

Once done, tap and hold the newly created folder then the OS provides you with an option to Enlarge the folder. The enlarged folder occupies the space of a total of 4 apps (2×2) on the homescreen. The interesting this about this feature is that you will be able to put 9 apps within the same space occupied by 4 apps, thanks to Large Folders.

Apps placed inside the Large Folder can directly be opened from the homescreen, however, you can tap on a Lil bit of blank space in the folder to expand it. Similar to the homescreen and regular folders, we can add even more than 9 apps, that can be found on the 2nd page inside the folder.

Have a look at this feature, in action | Credits – HC Newsroom


While Huawei has further improved the Large Folders functionality with its next-gen HarmonyOS version, other Chinese smartphone vendors have also included the same feature in their custom skins. OPPO (with ColorOS 13) is the most recent entry in the list of OEMs providing the Large Folders feature.

ColorOS 13 Large Folders

ColorOS 13

As OPPO failed to provide a clean appearance to the Large Folders’ functionality, HarmonyOS 3.0 take it to the next level. Well…, Chinese phone makers are introducing new user-friendly features with their custom skins based on the Android operating system, regularly, but, Samsung is far behind.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wonderful addition spotted in the One UI 5.0, based on Android 13 so far. At least, Samsung should add the Large Folders feature with the upcoming builds of the One UI 5.0 software for the Galaxy devices.

If it doesn’t happen, I’m dreaming to use the Large Folders feature with the forthcoming One UI 5.1, based on Android 13, or the Android 14-based One UI 6.0, which will arrive over a year later from now on. What do you think about it? Should Samsung bring the Large Folders feature, let us know through social media.

One UI Large Folders Feature anted


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Samsung takes care of Chinese phone users as well, you should agree



OnePlus 11 launches

Nowadays, people do care the most about their phone’s Android and software update support. Longer software updates promise gives peace of mind to consumers as they can continue using the device for years instead of spending money every year or two.

Since Samsung announced four Android updates and five years of security patches for Galaxies, Chinese OEMs were forced to copy this, AS WELL. As result, OnePlus and OPPO are now bringing up to four generations of OS and five years of regular security patches.

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Google stuck on its conventional OS support of three years, however, it was also forced to further extend the security patches support to five years. To date, there are a total of four smartphone vendors that provide striking software support, all thanks to Samsung.

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OnePlus and OPPO

Earlier, both OEMs, one by one, announced to offer of 4 major Android plus five years of “regular” updates to their flagships launched in 2023. China can copy Samsung, but not entirely as when Samsung extended the support, it listed previous year’s flagships too.

On the flip side, Chinese vendors including OnePlus and OPPO made the announcement that the extended software policy will be applicable to devices launched in the future. Here comes reliability, it’s difficult to believe in any brand as time changes everything, every promise, hehe!

Having a China phone is not a problem, just think twice about your hard-earned money before spending on the smartphone. At Samsung, there are a lot of possibilities with the One UI and Galaxy ecosystem as well as reliable and great consumer data security.

If you care about software and Android updates support, you are most welcome at Samsung world. You will get never before experience with un-delayed and bug-free software updates on your flagship every month. Wanna begin your Samsung journey with the mid-range? Congrats, you will still get flagship support.

Whether you pick the Galaxy A53 or Galaxy A73 or the forthcoming Galaxy A54, Samsung will give you 4 Android upgrades plus up to five years of regular security patches. And by skipping the OnePlus 11 in favor of Galaxy S23, you can ensure new OS up to Android 17, which might go up to Android 18 too!

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One UI 5.1

Samsung Director’s View is a great feature that should improve with Galaxy S23



Samsung Galaxy S23 Director's View

Director’s View! Have you ever used this feature on your Galaxy smartphone? If you have not then use it now because it is an amazing feature of the Samsung Camera app. Like last year, the company should improve Director’s View further with its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series smartphones.

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Introduced with the Galaxy S21 series, Director’s View feature allow you to record videos from various angles by changing cameras. You can use your Galaxy smartphone’s front and rear cameras simultaneously to make a view and collect different views.

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With Galaxy S22 in the Year 2022, Samsung enhanced this amazing camera feature by adding new features and improvements. The company brought an anti-shake feature for improved blur reduction in videos. In addition, you can save options that allow you to save two videos separately so you can view and edit the videos.

Starting with the Galaxy S22 series smartphone, you can control the PIP camera feature by adjusting the PIP screen size and turn on /off it during dual PIP view recording mode.

Although the director’s view is a very good feature and for someone who likes to record videos, this feature is very useful. However, Director’s View feature can be improved with new options, and Samsung should enhance it further with its next flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S23.

To be mentioned, the company is going to launch the Samsung Galaxy S23 series smartphone on February 01, 2023, at Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event.

How to use Director’s View?

You can easily use Samsung Director’s View feature to record everyone’s reactions by just following a few steps. Firstly, open the Samsung Camera app >> More options in Shooting mode >> Tap on Director’s View.

Now, choose the Screen mode, front camera view, and Camera thumbnail that you want. Click on the record button to record the video and then the stop button to save the video in your smartphone’s Gallery app.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Director's View

In addition, you can pause the recording and can choose the Save option to save two different videos that record through front and back cameras.

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Are you wondering to purchase Samsung Galaxy S23 series smartphone?



Samsung has officially announced to launch the Galaxy S23 series smartphones at an in-person Unpacked event on February 1. For your information, the series will include three phones – S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. Are you wondering to purchase any Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone?

If you are looking to upgrade to a new flagship phone, the upcoming Galaxy S23 devices will be a great choice. Samsung is bringing a new beautiful camera design for the Galaxy S23 and S23+ models while the S23 Ultra will continue the design legacy of the S22 Ultra which is already very unique.

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Meanwhile, if you are wondering about the performance, let me tell you that all three phones feature Galaxy-exclusive Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor worldwide, which is currently the best-performing processor for Android phones.

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For photography, the Galaxy S23 Ultra features a 200MP primary shooter that is capable to capture stunning shots in every climate. At the same time, the Nightography feature of the devices has also significantly improved so you won’t have to compromise with pictures at night time or in dark areas.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Aside from these, the phones have a great battery life, display, and other features. Whereas, the software update support is also amazing. They will come with Android 13-based One UI 5.1 software and will get major Android updates until Android 17 (One UI 9).

As for price, it is expected that the cost of the phones will not be much more than their predecessors. So if you are already in love with any of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series phones and their features, you can now pre-reserve it and get multiple offers with the purchase.

How to pre-reserve:

Yes, Samsung is now letting you pre-reserve your Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, or Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone. So, if you want to have hands-on with the latest smartphones before anyone else, you can now pre-book it from Samsung’s official website.

The company is offering a credit of up to $50 on pre-reserving any of the S23 phones. In addition, there will be a lot of benefits for early buyers. For more information, read the related story here.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Reserve

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