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Download Google Pixel 6a Wallpapers [Light/Dark]



Download Google Pixel 6a Wallpapers

Google has officially launched the affordable Pixel 6a smartphone at an uncompetitive price in India. Operating system and hardware specifications aside, the Google Pixel 6a comes with a “Nature swept” collection of 12 (static) wallpapers, that are available to download for any smartphone.

The foreground of these wallpapers is blurry, while Google embedded Dynamic and floral concepts in the background, which makes the Google Pixel 6a homescreen quite elegant, however, you can also download these wallpapers for free! Just head to the link mentioned below.

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Download Google Pixel 6a Wallpapers

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Google designed the Pixel 6a wallpapers so the Material You Dynamic Theming can do a magnificent job of extracting a palette from these wallpapers. As of now, the Android 12 will create and show you just 4 color palette choices, while the upcoming Android 13 will triple your choices.

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All of the 12 wallpapers are available in light or dark feel, as per the background and foreground so any type of user can enjoy stock wallpapers. You’ll get these wallpapers for free while purchasing the Pixel 6a, however, you can download them to give a new look and feel to your existing smartphone.

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Download Google Pixel 7a Stock Wallpapers



Google Pixel 7a Wallpapers Download

Google has recently launched its new A-series smartphone – the Pixel 7a 5G. Over its predecessor, the handset brings notable upgrades such as 90Hz display, 64-megapixel primary camera, wireless charging, and premium appearance. As usual, Google Pixel 7a comes with many new wallpapers, that you can download.

Similar to the Pixel 7 flagships, the affordable Pixel 7a also comes with a whole bunch of new feather-themed wallpapers. The set of Google Pixel 7a wallpapers is available for download (via XDA), bringing 12 static walls diversified by one dark and one light.

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Google Pixel 7a Wallpapers Download

Arctic – This wallpaper features a close-up of a feather, with the light shining through it creating a beautiful pattern. It is available in both light and dark versions.

Carbon – This wallpaper is a dark, abstract design that is made up of different shades of black and gray. It is a great choice for those who want a sleek and modern look.

Cotton – This wallpaper is a soft, white design that is made up of small, fluffy cotton balls. It is a great choice for those who want a calming and relaxing look.

Realr – This wallpaper is a great choice for those who love the ocean and nature. It is a beautiful and inspiring image that will make you feel good every time you look at it.

Get these walls now!

Thankfully, all the images are available in a resolution of 1080 x 2400 so there’s not any concern of quality. Morver, the file format is PNG, making it way too easier to apply on any Android smartphone, including your Samsung Galaxy as well. Follow the link below to get walls in highest resolution.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 battery health check feature rolls out in Canada



Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung has now pushed the January 2023 firmware update for the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro in Canada. It brings the phone’s Camera Controller feature to the Galaxy Watch5 devices, but, it is no longer working for now. The OEM is yet to rollout One UI 5.1 update, which brings support for Camera Controller.

According to the information, all the Galaxy devices launched after the Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Z Flip would be eligible for the zoom feature through the Galaxy Watch’s Camera Controller app. Notably, the One UI 5.1 is scheduled to introduce on Feb. 1st, followed by rollout is expected in early March.

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The Korean tech giant is already bringing zoom support to Galaxy Watch through the January 2023 update. As soon as your Galaxy phone receives the Android 13-based One UI 5.1 update, you will be allowed to zoom in the phone’s camera app by pinching in/out on the Watch’s screen.

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Apart from this, the Samsung Members app will now show you a new “Connected device diagnostic.” Using this feature of the Members app, you will get to know about your paired Galaxy smartwatch’s battery status, touch function, etc.

Do note that you have to install the latest versions of the Samsung Members and Galaxy Wearable apps as well. This will ensure seamless experiences on your Galaxy Watch and connected smartphone. Lastly, it brings some under-the-hood enhancements for better usability.

Note: You can check status of your Watch through Samsung Members.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 January 2023 update Canada

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Download Samsung Galaxy S23 series wallpapers



Download Samsung S23 Wallpapers

Samsung is all set to launch the new Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra smartphones at the Unpacked event on February 1. Ahead of this, you can now download the Samsung Galaxy S23 Wallpapers in their full resolution and apply them on your Galaxy phone’s home screen or lock screen.

Like every year, Samsung is bringing a new set of wallpapers for the Galaxy S23 phones. These wallpapers look quite classic that can match any smartphone’s screen. Obviously, you will be able to select a color palette that will sync with the new wallpapers and give your phone a personalized look.

Have a look at these wallpapers below:

Here’s how they look when you apply a perfect color palette throughout your phone’s user interface (via @tarunvats33):

Download Samsung Galaxy S23 Wallpapers

About Galaxy S23:

As mentioned, Samsung will launch three smartphones, such as S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra, at the event on February 1. While the Ultra model will re-introduce the Galaxy S22 Ultra design, the Standard and the Plus variants of the phone will come with a new design.

The company is already letting you reserve your Galaxy S23 phone so when they get official you can get access to them earlier than anyone else. Also, if you reserve it now you will get a Samsung credit of $50. Here’s how you can pre-reserve the phones.

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