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Samsung July 2022 Security Patch Details Released



Samsung july 2022 security patch details

Last night, Google started releasing the Android 12 July 2022 security update for Pixel smartphones. As always, Samsung has already debuted the July 2022 security patch for the Galaxy devices, in contrast, the Galaxy A32 LTE received the latest patches on June 30, ahead of Pixels.

Well, Samsung has now released the July 2022 security patch details, which mention all the CVEs and SVEs that will be fixed when you install it on your Galaxy device. It’s worth mentioning that the One UI patch also includes CVE fixes for Google as Galaxy phones run Android OS.

According to the info, the July 2022 security patch brings fixes for 3 critical and 20 high levels of CVEs for the Android operating system. However, the company devs. had already spotted and fixed 2 CVEs through previous updates, while 7 are not applicable on Galaxies.

Aside from Google CVE items, the One UI-focussed July 2022 security patch details include SVE items from the OEM to ensure consumer’ data security and stability while using Galaxy devices. The SVE items embed several threats and exploits that can harm user data and privacy.

Samsung july 2022 security patch details

July 2022 Security Patch Bulletin


  • CVE-2022-20210,CVE-2022-20222,CVE-2022-20229


  • CVE-2022-20141,CVE-2021-4154,CVE-2022-20136,CVE-2022-25258,CVE-2022-20132,CVE-2022-21745,CVE-2021-35102,CVE-2021-35111,CVE-2021-35083, CVE-2022-20219,CVE-2022-20228,CVE-2021-0981,CVE-2022-20223,CVE-2022-20226,CVE-2022-20221,CVE-2022-20224,CVE-2022-20225,CVE-2022-20230,CVE-2021-39703,CVE-2022-20115


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2022-22090,CVE-2021-0341

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-24958,CVE-2022-22085,CVE-2022-22087,CVE-2022-22084,CVE-2022-22083,CVE-2022-22082,CVE-2022-22086

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Free 6-month Microsoft 365 on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, Z Fold 6



Samsung One UI Home app update

Samsung will start selling new foldable phones from July 24 globally. Ahead of the release, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 are bundled with a free 6-month Microsoft 365 Basic trial in Malaysia.

It will allow buyers to unleash the power of productivity with new Galaxy foldables. Bundled with Microsoft 365, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 will let you elevate your work and personal life with unmatched convenience and security.

You will get a complimentary 6-month free trial of Microsoft 365 Basic. This offer includes 100GB of cloud storage, providing ample space for cloud storage. It’s worth noting that the free trial offer is valid until December 31, 2024.

This is a limited-time offer that you won’t want to miss. With the Microsoft 365 Basic plan, you’ll benefit from more than just storage. The 6-month free trial offers:

  • 100GB OneDrive Cloud Storage: Keep your files safe, secure, and accessible from anywhere.
  • Ad-Free, Secure Email: Enjoy a clutter-free inbox with added security for your peace of mind.
  • Access to Microsoft Support: Get help when you need it with access to Microsoft’s customer support.
  • Powerful Productivity: Get started with free versions of popular Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft 365 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Z Fold 6 Promo

Here’s how you can redeem your Microsoft 365 Basic free trial:

First of all, connect your Samsung and Microsoft accounts to sync to your Gallery with the OneDrive. Once done, redeem the offer through the OneDrive app for free. Start enjoying ad-free, secure email and priority access to Microsoft support with cloud storage.

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Samsung issues crucial Galaxy Ring advisory on magnets, weightlifting



Samsung Galaxy Ring

Ahead of the Galaxy Ring release, Samsung issued a crucial warning regarding magnets and weightlifting. The company says users should avoid wearing Galaxy Ring during weightlifting and keep away from magnets.

Weightlifting might damage the Galaxy Ring due to heavy pressure. On the flip side, the near presence of magnets might shake the health indicators. As a result, the health data might be shuffled so you should avoid wearing the Ring when the magnet is nearby.

Rings made of metal get damaged if an extra heavy pressure occurs. It generally happens while you are at the gym for exercise or lifting heavy weights. Concerns may appear in the future and Samsung’s warning comes at the right time to avoid damages.

Samsung’s support page mentions users are advised to avoid exposing the Galaxy Ring to magnets. Magnetic interference can disrupt important features like step counting, potentially leading to inaccuracies.

Users are also advised to remove the Galaxy Ring weightlifting and other activities involving machinery. Wearing the ring during strenuous activities could result in hand injuries, as the ring might get caught or damaged under intense physical strain.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Ring on July 10 in Paris. The company is set to release the new wearable on July 24 in over 100 countries. Pre-order promo is currently underway in many markets internationally.

If you are interested in buying Galaxy Ring, Samsung has a pretty cool experience for you. No need to worry about sizing as the company is offering a sizing kit delivered before the product. You can determine the suitable size and then place the Ring order.

The Galaxy Ring is available in 9 different sizes. The largest size features longer battery life, a plus point for buyers who prefer bigger sizes. Pre-order your Galaxy Ring and avail exciting discounts and cashback from Samsung.

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Samsung apologized over Galaxy Buds 3 Pro quality issues, pledges exchange and refund



Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro

Samsung issues apology over Galaxy Buds 3 Pro quality complaints. The company reiterated its commitment to consumer satisfaction. Buyers who are not satisfied with their Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro have an option to exchange or refund.

According to reports, Samsung apologized over the Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro quality controversy. The company not only acknowledged the problem but also confirmed that consumers can get the product exchanged or money refunded.

“We sincerely thank customers for responding to the pre-sale of the Galaxy Buds 3 series,” Samsung said. “We deeply apologize for the quality problems raised in some products.”

Samsung posted an apology on its official website on July 19. The brand has also shared its plans to exchange and refund products with a promise to prevent a recurrence. Consumers reported that the ear tip was getting ripped, rendering earbuds useless.

“If you feel uncomfortable with the purchased product, you can receive measures such as an exchange or refund at a nearby service center. We will do our best to check all processes carefully before the official launch in Korea so that similar things do not recur.”

On July 10, Samsung launched the Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro in Paris. Consumers who have received their pre-order units shared concerns with the rubber ear tip. The quality of the rubber-made ear tip is not up to the mark and gets ripped when pulled.

Later, Samsung published a graphical advice citing the ear tip should not be twisted or screwed by nails. However, the rubber ear tip got damaged by some buyers before Samsung published the advisory not to pull or twist it.

The retail box includes additional spare ear tips but that doesn’t completely solve the issue. As the additional ear tips are of different sizes, most of the consumers aren’t satisfied that way, requiring an exchange.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro

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