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How to fix app crashing and freezing problems on your Samsung One UI 4.1 phone?



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One of the wonderful things about Android is the numerous apps and games available for download. Samsung offers a variety of official applications to its users so they don’t need any third-party apps. On the other hand, there are millions of free apps and games available on the Google Play Store to download.

No matter whether an app came pre-installed on your smartphone or you have downloaded it, sometimes it may close, crash, freeze, stop responding continually, or generally not work as it was designed, which is the most annoying thing while using our phone, especially when doing some important work.


This usually happens when you overload the internal memory of your device with heavy applications and it lacks storage. Another reason for the problem of stopping applications could be the slow speed of your WiFi or mobile data or applications tend to malfunction.

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Samsung One UI 4.1 app

Fortunately, these issues can be fixed easily. And, in this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to fix app crashing and freezing problems on your Samsung One UI 4.1 phone. So if these kinds of problems arise every time on your phone too, then suggest you do not miss this article.

How to fix Samsung One UI 4.1 app crashing?

Software update

The very first thing that you have to make sure of is to upgrade your phone to the latest software system. To check if it’s running on the latest version, navigate Settings >> Software update >> Download and install.

Optimize your internet connection

A slow or unstable Internet connection can cause an application to shut down. In this case, optimizing your network strength usually works. If the problem continues, try the following steps to fix Samsung One UI 4.1 app crashing.

  • Turn off mobile/WiFi Router data for about a few minutes.
  • Switch off your phone and restart it.
  • Turn on mobile data or turn on the router and connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Try using another network connection if the application is still interrupted and not running.
  • If the problem persists, you can change the settings to resolve the issue as suggested below.

Clear application data and cache

  • Go to Settings and select Applications.
  • From the list of applications that appears, select an application.
  • Tap Save >> Clear data or Clear cache.

Free up space on the device

  • Go to Settings.
  • Enter Apps.
  • Tap Settings Samsung Apps.
  • Click on the More options (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner.
  • Go to Sort by >> Size.
  • To Delete:
    • Go back and select the application.
    • Click Uninstall to free up storage space.

Reinstall the application

  • Tap and hold the application you want to uninstall.
  • Click Uninstall and tap OK.
  • Now go to Google Play Store, and reinstall the application.

Restart the device to factory settings

  • Enter Settings of your phone.
  • Tap General Manager.
  • Tap Reset >> Factory Reset.
    • Make sure this will delete all data, including downloaded files and applications.

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One UI

Here’s how to use the clipboard function on One UI 6.1 devices



Samsung Language core update

One UI 6.1 devices have a new feature that lets you access and manage your clipboard more easily. The clipboard is where you can store texts and images that you copy from other apps or websites.

The clipboard function is now part of the keyboard toolbar. You can customize the keyboard toolbar by adding or removing icons as you like.

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To use the clipboard function, you need to do the following:

  • Open the keyboard by tapping on a text input field.
  • Tap on the more icon (···) on the right side of the keyboard toolbar to see all the icons.
  • Tap on the clipboard icon to open the clipboard window, where you can see all the items that you have copied.
  • Tap on the item that you want to paste in the text input field, or tap on the delete icon to remove the item from the clipboard.

You can also add the clipboard icon to the keyboard toolbar for quicker access. To do this, you need to open the keyboard by tapping on a text input field >> Tap on the more icon (···) >> Press and hold the clipboard icon and drag it to the keyboard toolbar >> Release the clipboard icon when it is in the position that you want on the toolbar.

The clipboard function on One UI 6.1 devices is a handy feature that helps you copy and paste texts and images with ease. You can also adjust the keyboard toolbar to suit your needs and preferences.

One UI 6.1 Clipboard function

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One UI

One UI 6.1: How to activate voice input feature on your keyboard



Samsung Language core update

With the release of One UI 6.1, Samsung has introduced a slight yet significant change to its keyboard interface, mainly related to the voice input feature. Users who are familiar with this feature button may now be puzzled by its new location.

The voice input button is a useful tool for dictating text messages or commands. It has been moved to the left side of the navigation bar with One UI 6.1. If you’re struggling to find it, then following a few steps will restore your voice-typing capabilities.

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First, make sure the keyboard button display is enabled.  To do that, visit Settings >> General Management >> Keyboard list and default >> Keyboard button on the navigation bar >> Tap on the toggle to enable it.

Once the keyboard button appears on the navigation bar, you can easily switch to voice input. Simply open the keyboard input window, tap the keyboard icon on the navigation bar, and select ‘Voice input’ from the available options.

This minor change is part of Samsung’s ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience by optimizing accessibility and convenience. By following these steps, you will continue to enjoy the seamless functionality of voice input on your device.

One UI 6.1 Voice typing feature

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Circle to Search: Hidden tricks for screen search on Samsung Galaxy S24 and Google Pixel 8



Samsung Galaxy AI features

One of the most innovative features that Google introduced at the Galaxy Unpacked event is Circle to Search. This feature is currently available on the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Google Pixel 8 series, which enhances the smartphone’s functionality and performance.

Circle to Search enables users to search their screen by drawing a circle over the text or image that they want to search. It can be activated by long-pressing on the home button or navigation bar and then using a finger to draw a circle around the desired content. A search bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, displaying relevant results from Google.

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However, some content may be too small or hidden by the search bar. In such cases, Circle to Search offers some solutions.

  • Users can move the search bar to the top of the screen by dragging it with one finger.
  • Users can also zoom in or out on the screen by using a two-finger pinch gesture.

These features are not widely announced, but they are very useful for selecting content that is difficult to see or reach.

Circle to Search is a useful feature that allows users to search their screen without leaving the current app. It can be used to look up words, definitions, translations, images, videos, news, and more. It also allows users to copy or share the selected content with a simple tap.

January 2024 Android Feature Drop brings new AI features


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