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These Samsung devices eligible for Android 12 & One UI 4.1 update



One UI 4.1 Eligible Devices

Samsung One UI 4.0 is based on Google’s latest Android 12 operating system, which comes with a lot of new features and several noticeable tweaks in the user interface for a better user experience. The company is gradually rolling out the Android 12 update to various Galaxy devices.

Starting 2021, the Korean tech giant launched its Galaxy S21 series pre-installed with One UI version 3.1, which is a minor upgraded version over the original Android 11-based One UI 3.0. Following its tradition, Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 series flagships with a new One UI version – One UI 4.1 in February 2022.

One UI 4.1 Eligible Devices

Just like the One UI 4.0, the new One UI 4.1 will also be based on the Android 12 operating system. However, it features better and optimized user experiences over its parent version. After One UI 4.0, Samsung is ready to distribute the One UI 4.1 features and changes to the existing Galaxies through firmware updates.

Below, you can check the list of eligible devices that should get the Android 12-based One UI 4.1 update.


One UI 4.1 Eligible Devices

Samsung Galaxy S Series:

  1. Galaxy S22 5G – Pre-installed
  2. Galaxy S22+ 5G – Pre-installed
  3. Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G – Pre-installed
  4. Galaxy S21 5G
  5. Galaxy S21+ 5G
  6. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
  7. Galaxy S20
  8. Galaxy S20 5G
  9. Galaxy S20 5G UW
  10. Galaxy S20+
  11. Galaxy S20+ 5G
  12. Galaxy S20 Ultra
  13. Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
  14. Galaxy S20 FE
  15. Galaxy S20 FE 5G
  16. Galaxy S20 FE 5G UW
  17. Galaxy S10 5G
  18. Galaxy S10+
  19. Galaxy S10
  20. Galaxy S10e
  21. Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Note Series:

  1. Galaxy Note 20
  2. Galaxy Note 20 5G
  3. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  4. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
  5. Galaxy Note 10+
  6. Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
  7. Galaxy Note 10
  8. Galaxy Note 10 5G
  9. Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Z Series:

  1. Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G
  2. Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G
  3. Galaxy Z Fold 2
  4. Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G
  5. Galaxy Z Flip
  6. Galaxy Z Flip 5G
  7. Galaxy Fold
  8. Galaxy Fold 5G


Galaxy A series

    • Galaxy A71 5G
  • Galaxy A71 – One UI 4.0 rolling
  • Galaxy A51 5G
  • Galaxy A51


  • Galaxy A12
  • Galaxy A12 Nacho
  • Galaxy A22
  • Galaxy A22 5G
  • Galaxy A32
  • Galaxy A32 5G
  • Galaxy A42 5G – One UI 4.1 rolling
  • Galaxy A52
  • Galaxy A52 5G
  • Galaxy A52s
  • Galaxy A72


  • Galaxy A03s
  • Galaxy A13


  • Galaxy A Quantum
  • Galaxy Quantum 2


Galaxy M series

  • Galaxy M62
  • Galaxy M52 5G – One UI 4.1 rolling
  • Galaxy M42 5G
  • Galaxy M32 – One UI 4.1 Beta rolling
  • Galaxy M32 5G
  • Galaxy M22
  • Galaxy M12


  • Galaxy M51
  • Galaxy M31s
  • Galaxy M31 Prime Edition
  • Galaxy M31 – One UI 4.1 Beta rolling
  • Galaxy M01


Galaxy F series

  • Galaxy F42 5G
  • Galaxy F62
  • Galaxy F22


Galaxy Tab series

  • Galaxy Tab S7+ (LTE/5G)
  • Galaxy Tab S7 (LTE/5G)
  • Galaxy Tab S7 FE – One UI 4.1 rolling
  • Galaxy Tab S6 5G – One UI 4.1 rolling
  • Galaxy Tab S6 – One UI 4.1 rolling
  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
  • Galaxy Tab A8 10.5


Update 6: Fido, a Canadian network carrier, just confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Galaxy S21 FE smartphones will start receiving the Android 12-based One UI 4.1 update from March 15. Read more

Update 6: Samsung officially introduced the new One UI version 4.1 alongside the Galaxy S22 flagship lineup on February 9, 2022. Check features here

Update 5: Samsung Galaxy S22 series is officially launching on February 9, 2022.


Update 4: Samsung confirmed, Galaxy S22 series is coming in February 2022.

Update 3: As per the latest leak via IceUniverse, Samsung will release the Galaxy S22 series on February 9th.

Update 2: Samsung One UI 4.1 some features reportedly revealed, know more here

Update 1: Samsung Galaxy S22 series is expected to launch on February 18, 2022.


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James is the lead content creator on Sammy Fans and mostly works on Samsung's firmware section. His first phone was the Samsung Galaxy S4 and continue to get new S series devices. Most of the time, James tries to learn about new technologies and gadgets but he also sneaks a bit of free time to nearby rivers and nature.

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One UI 4.1

Samsung One UI 4.1: Message app, Send and view them by conversation!



samsung messages update

Samsung One UI 4.1 Message app is a simple and effective application, with a neat and clean interface. Not enough to say it is easier and simpler because even facilitates not only younger but the older people of the community and helps them to view messages by a conversation in easy steps.

It keeps you in touch with all your contacts using the messages app on your phone. I am using the phone since my childhood, and I have witnessed the visionary changes in the messaging app from cell phones to a smartphone.


I am saying this because it was never easier to share photos, send emojis, or just say even a quick hello, along with the sticker. There are many things that you can do with the messages, like mute the conversation or assign a special message tone for your selective contacts.

Open the Message on your phone, and then tap the desired conversation. Tap More options and tap on three verticle dots, then tap on notification sound. Next, choose the suitable notification sound for that conversation. There are many more things that you can do with this app. Let us discuss them one by one.


Message App

Message customizationSamsung has supported you, and it empowers you to change its appearance. You can customize the way your messages appear. If you want to change your font for messages, you can do it by adjusting your phone’s font settings.

Now you are fully eligible to set custom wallpapers or background colors for the individual message threads. tap on more options, the same three vertical dots. Click on customize wallpaper or customize chat room. Here, opt for the Gallery icon, and choose the image, or else you simply choose the color to change the background color.

Message App

Know your Message app settings

  • Search: Used to find message threads, that you are looking for
  • Delete: Touch and hold a message you want to delete, then you can tick on messages you want to delete
  • Marking the Message: Tap and hold the chat bubble that you want to add to star or favorite.
  • Block messages: You can block the unwanted message sender because it may irritate you if you get the sketchy text. Select Block number, by going to the dot shown at the top right.

There is more to discuss, but these are some important options that I have discussed above. If you need to update the application, tap on settings then tap on About Messages. If you see the update is available you can download it.

Get notified –

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One UI 5.0

Your Samsung phone’s lock screen will control smart home devices after Android 13 update




Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Android 13 beta updates are live while Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for One UI 5.0 beta update that might release in a couple of months. Based on Android 13, the new custom software system will come with major UI changes and multiple new features.

One such feature we are expecting is the ability to control Smart home devices from Lock screen of your Galaxy device. Android 13 beta reveals that this feature will be diabaled by default, however you can enable it from the settings of your phone. Maybe, it come enabled with Samsung One UI 5.0.

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Samsung One UI 5.0 Smart home devices controller

Currently, the One UI 4.1 Lock Screen Settings doesn’t have any options to ley you control your smart home products on the lock screen . Meanwhile Android 13 One UI 5.0 will come with a toggle to enable a feature named “Control from locked device”.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

When you enable this toggle on, it will give you access to some device controls on the lock screen. It should be noted that Samsung One UI 5.0 Smart home devices controller is not ment to give users the option to select which Device Controls are available when their phone is locked.


Instead of this, app developers will have to pick whether or not certain Device Controls are available on locked phones. For instance, this feature will not be available until developers update their apps to support the functionality.

However, at this moment, we can’t confirm which device controls will be available on locked devices, as the feature isn’t yet detailed by Samsung and remains to be seen in One UI 5.0 beta.

What’s more coming with Samsung Android 13 One UI 5.0 upgrade? Check out the features through the link mentioned below.

Samsung Android 13 One UI 5.0 update should bring these features

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One UI

Samsung Galaxy A72 receiving May 2022 security update in Brazil



Samsung Galaxy A72 Update

In March 2021, Samsung launched three mid-range Galaxy A series smartphones called – Galaxy A52, A52 5G, and Galaxy A72. Talking specifically about the Galaxy A72, the device is equipped with Snapdragon 720G processor, S-AMOLED display, IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, and more.

Launched pre-installed with the Android 11-based One UI 3.1, the Galaxy A72 is eligible for software upgrades up to Android 14. Furthermore, this mid-range handset is also eligible for new security patch updates in every three months.

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In this article, we will cover every latest (major + minor) software update released for the Galaxy A72 anywhere across the globe.

Latest Samsung Galaxy A72 Update

May 26

May 2022 security patch [Brazil]

Samsung is releasing the May 2022 Android security patch update for Brazilian Galaxy A72 smartphone users. It improves system security and stability to maintain users’ experience.


You can identify this update through the One UI build version – A725MUBS4BVE1.

If you want to manually check for the latest update, head to your device Settings, tap on Software updates, and finally hit the Download and install button.


Tip: You can check the latest security patch content on the official Samsung security update page and eligibility on the scope page.

Samsung Galaxy A72 Update

March 11

February 2022 security patch

A week ago, Samsung has started releasing the February 2022 Android security patch update for the Galaxy A72 smartphone users.

Now, the South Korean tech giant is expanding the latest software update for the consumers of the Galaxy A72 in India.

  • Firmware version – A725FXXU4BVB4


January 04


Android 12-based One UI 4.0

Samsung started rolling out the official One UI 4.0 update based on Android 12 to the Galaxy A72 smartphone users.

The update rollout is initially taking place in Russia, while the firmware version is A725FXXU4BULA.



December 29

December 2021 security patch

Samsung started sending a new firmware update to the Galaxy A72 smartphone users in Germany, which bears PDA version number: A725FXXS4AUL1.

As per the info, this new Galaxy A72 software update installs the December 2021 security patch in order to further enhance the overall device stability.


The latest December 2021 security patch brings fixes for 5 critical, 22 high and 3 moderate CVEs from Google to Galaxy devices.


November 02

RAM Plus and October 2021 Security PatchSamsung just released the October 2021 security patch update for the Galaxy A72 smartphone users in Russia. This update brings improvements to the system security as well as a very big feature called RAM Plus. [Source]

  • Firmware Version – A725FXXU4AUJ2
  • Changelog
    • The stability of Camera has been improved.
    • Following applications or features added: RAM Plus
    • Overall stability of your device has been improved.
    • The security of your device has been improved.
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