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Samsung April 2022 Security Patch details goes live



Samsung Galaxy April 2022 Security Patch

Later last month, Samsung debuted its new April 2022 security patch, while the Galaxy S22 series became the initial receiver. While the latest security patch distribution had begun last month, Samsung just shared the April 2022 patch details for the Galaxy consumers.

According to Samsung, the April 2022 security patch brings fixes various levels of CVEs from Google including 27 high, 18 moderate, and no critical CVE mentioned in the details. At the same time, previous Samsung software updates had already fixed 6 vulnerabilities while 4 aren’t applicable.

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Below, you can check the details of CVEs being fixed with the One UI April 2022 security patch update.


  • None


  • CVE-2020-29368, CVE-2021-39685, CVE-2021-39686, CVE-2021-39698, CVE-2021-3655, CVE-2021-35088, CVE-2021-35103, CVE-2021-35105, CVE-2021-35117, CVE-2021-30328, CVE-2021-30329, CVE-2021-30332, CVE-2021-30333, CVE-2021-39694,
  • CVE-2021-0694, CVE-2021-39794, CVE-2021-39795, CVE-2021-39796, CVE-2021-39797, CVE-2021-39798, CVE-2021-39799, CVE-2021-39803, CVE-2021-39804, CVE-2021-39808, CVE-2021-39805, CVE-2021-39809, CVE-2022-0847


  • CVE-2021-1027, CVE-2021-1028, CVE-2021-1029, CVE-2021-1001, CVE-2021-1002, CVE-2021-1018, CVE-2021-0973, CVE-2021-0769, CVE-2021-0992, CVE-2021-0987, CVE-2021-1005, CVE-2021-1014, CVE-2021-1015, CVE-2021-1007, CVE-2021-1023, CVE-2021-1026, CVE-2021-1034, CVE-2021-1022

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2021-1942, CVE-2021-35110, CVE-2021-1950, CVE-2021-1009, CVE-2021-1032, CVE-2021-1011

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2022-20047, CVE-2022-20048, CVE-2022-20053, CVE-2021-35106

Samsung Security Updates

Samsung provides new security updates in three different methods including monthly, quarterly and biannually. The flagship Galaxy devices are eligible for new patches monthly, alongside select A series phones. Meanwhile, the budget and other mid-rangers receive once every three months.

Samsung April 2022 Updates

OTA Offerings

Last February, Samsung confirmed that all the Galaxy devices launched in/after 2019 will have four years of regular security patches, in which there will be only two new patches in the fourth year. Further, the company announced to deliver five years of security updates to the 2021 and 2022 flagships such as the Galaxy S22 and S21 series.

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More Samsung Galaxy A53 users getting September 2023 security update



Samsung Galaxy A53 September 2023 update India

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G smartphone users already got the September 2023 security update in Europe. Now, the company has started releasing this update for Galaxy A53 5G in more countries including India.

September 2023 security update for Samsung Galaxy A53 5G smartphone in India comes with One UI build version A536EXXS7CWIS and an updated package size of 216.68MB.

The new firmware improves the system security, stability, and performance of your smartphone to provide a seamless and uninterrupted user experience without any lagging or freezing errors. It fixes over 60 issues to improve the security of the device.

If you have received a notification of the latest update, then check and install it now through Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra One UI Software Update Tracker



Samsung Galaxy S23 One UI 6 Beta 2 update

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is eligible for new software update until February 2028. Within its five-year software update lifespan, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will receive a number of new security patches, and feature drops as well as a total of 4 Android upgrades by Samsung.

The company listed the Galaxy S23 Ultra along with the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus for new software updates on a monthly basis. This means, your device will get the latest Android patches every month until February 2027 (at least four years).

S23 Ultra Software — Current Status

  1. [Stable] Android & One UI — Android 13 & One UI 5.1
  2. [Beta 4] Android & One UI — Android 14 & One UI 6
  3. [One UI] Security Patch — September 2023
  4. [Android] Google Play System — August 2023

Future Software Update [Expected]

Samsung will provide a total of four major OS upgrades and five years of security patches.

Android OS

Incremental Software

  1. October 2023 Android security patch — Rolling out with Beta 4
  2. September 2023 Android security patch — Rolling out in several countries

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The page is refreshed on September 23, 2023.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 grabs September 2023 update in India



Samsung Galaxy S22 September 2023 update India

Samsung is releasing the September 2023 update for Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones in India. The new update installs the latest security patch to improve system security and stability.

September 2023 security update for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series in India arrives with the One UI build version mentioned below.

  • Galaxy S22 – S901EXXS7CWH6
  • Galaxy S22 Plus – S906EXXS7CWH6
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra – S908EXXS7CWH6

The installtion package size of this update is 389.60MB. This update focuses mainly on security fixes and does not introduce any new features or changes. According to the changelog, the update fixes over 60 issues found in smartphones and tablets in the previous version.

You can install the update through Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install.

Samsung Galaxy S22 September 2023 update India

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