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Some Samsung Galaxy M52 users having content media issues after installing February update



Samsung Galaxy M52 May 2023 update

Just a few days ago Samsung Galaxy M52 users got the February 2022 Android security patch update in India, the update comes with security and stability of your device. But just after installing it, users started complaining about having issues in using Gallery on WhatsApp.

According to the SammyFans report, after installing the February security update for Galaxy M52, the images, video, and documents downloaded on WhatsApp are shown white icons in the Gallary. Meanwhile, the WhatApp contents are not visible in the Samsung Gallery.

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Samsung Galaxy M52 issue

In addition, many users are facing this issue that has come with the February security update. Here we have listed some solutions to solve this problem after collecting users’ opinions.

Updates for Samsung Galaxy M52 devices can happen for a number of reasons. This quick debugging guide will show you the steps you can try if you experience problems after the update.

Samsung Galaxy M52 5g issue

Switch to Google Photos:

  • For some reason, you can’t browse your images or video using Samsung Gallery or you can’t view folders with Files on Google. Some users posted their solution to switch from Samsung Gallery to Google Photos for viewing videos and photos.

Clear data:

  • Try once after clearing the data of Samsung Gallery

Try the above-mentioned solution to resolve your problem till then Samsung has not released a stable solution for this issue. The company may resolve this issue in the upcoming update till then we recommended you use Google photos

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Restart your Galaxy device to fix slowdown issue after Google System update



Samsung Slow down issue fix

Samsung has recently confirmed a performance issue affecting Galaxy devices, where users report a slowdown, especially when opening apps. This issue seems to occur after updating the device’s Google System Software and using the device extensively.

The Korean tech giant has released a patch to fix this performance slowdown issue caused by a Google System update. The fix improves app launch times and overall device performance. Still, Galaxy devices that are already suffering from this slowdown require a restart to eliminate the issue.

If your Galaxy device is still not performing optimally, Samsung recommends restarting it. This can be quickly done by accessing the Quick Panel, tapping the Power Button, and selecting Restart.

The company reassures users that these measures should resolve any lag and restore the device to its normal speed. You can contact Samsung customer support if the problem persists after a restart.

Samsung Slow down issue fix

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Samsung Messages keeps crashing, Google Meet addresses bug



Samsung Messages app update

Samsung Messages app was reportedly crashing due to an issue caused by Google Meet. Recently, some Galaxy users reported having problems with Samsung Messages, which is addressed if the community moderator’s statement is believed to be true.

Over the past day, Samsung Messages users faced regular crashes, rendering the app unusable. The users have complained through Reddit forums, with reports indicating it to be an issue that appeared on a large number of Galaxy smartphones.

Galaxy users tried clearing the app cache and data, followed by phone restart, but it didn’t work. It was solved with the update released to the Google Meet app and consumers are advised to update it to the latest version through Google Play Store.

Google has issued an update for the Meet app. Please check to be sure all apps are fully updated.

As Samsung Messages kept crashing, Galaxy users faced a lot of issues. Google Messages may have helped them stay connected with the communication. However, Google Meet was reportedly the accused behind the failure of Samsung’s Messages app.

Samsung Messages app comes pre-installed on Galaxy smartphones and tablets. It’s a Google Messages alternative yet a clone installed in Galaxy devices. Powered by RCS, this application provides users with the convenience of communication over SMS/MMS.

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One UI 6.1 Always On Display overlapping issue fix coming, check temporary solution



Samsung always on display issue fix

After the recent One UI 6.1 update, several Samsung users have reported an issue with the Always On Display (AOD) feature when using LockStar. This issue displays clock numbers or apps overlap during the transition of time on the lock screen.

The issue is particularly noticeable when the time shifts in minutes and apps. For example, a user reported when the time progresses from 11:57 to 11:58, it results in the digits superimposing and creates a confusing display.

Several Galaxy users are affected by this issue, and the issue persists despite subsequent firmware updates. The overlapping issue on Always On Display after One UI 6.1 is not only a rare occurrence but happens frequently enough to cause significant concern among users.

In response, a community moderator has acknowledged the One UI 6.1 overlapping AOD issue. He stated that it occurs for those using the “Automatically Restart” function and confirmed a software update to resolve this issue.

However, due to the variable nature of software update schedules, a precise resolution date cannot be provided.

One UI 6.1 Always on Display issue

As a temporary solution, users are advised to either disable the Automatic Restart function through Settings >> Device Care >> Auto Optimization or to turn off LockStar entirely.

The inconvenience caused by this issue has been recognized, and users are asked for their patience while a permanent fix is in development.

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