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Samsung honoring 5 years of Smart Dealer program with its business partners



In 2017, Samsung launched the Smart Dealer program. More than 600 dealers, who have Samsung as a trusted and strong partner, are now participating. Increasing the number of participants in the 5th-anniversary show – this event is a successful model, which Samsung hopes to expand in the future in close collaboration with its business partners.

Samsung relies on its retail partners

Participants in the Smart Dealer Program will only have access to Samsung’s exclusive Smart Dealer products, service offers, and sales campaigns. Program participants are also provided with training equipment and training in their role as client advisors.

The ultimate goal of the Samsung Smart Dealer program is to work together to address current market challenges and delight customers. In response to current developments, the Partner Program has been providing a wide variety of multimedia formats in recent years, from digital training and 3D kitchens to interactive videos.

In 2020 and 2021, specialist dealers who performed exceptionally well in the program were awarded the title of “Smart Dealer of the Year”. Samsung picks one first-place winner and three second-place winners. The winner will receive a special PoS package.

New Samsung Smart Dealer Program

The partnership between retailers and Samsung will be further expanded in the coming years with the help of the Smart Dealer program. In addition, interested employees can apply for the newly created “Samsung Pro” training program and thereby be trained to become Samsung product professionals and brand ambassadors.

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One UI 6.1: 5 Galaxy AI features that boost your work productivity



One UI 6.1 Galaxy AI features

The Galaxy S24 is Samsung‘s first phone that uses AI to help you work better. It has Android 14-based One UI 6.1, which offers several new features, enhancements, and Galaxy AI.

Whether you need to communicate with people who speak different languages, prepare the perfect message for any occasion, organize and summarize your work materials, or transcribe your meetings and conversations, the Galaxy S24 has an AI feature for that.

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In this article, we’ll explore five of the most impressive Galaxy AI features that boost your work productivity

5 Galaxy AI Features:

Two-way call translation: 

Live Translate feature allows you to have real-time, two-way translation on conference calls with people who speak  17 different languages. You can communicate clearly and professionally with anyone, even if they don’t have a Galaxy or a smartphone.

One UI 6.1 Galaxy Ai features

Tailored tone for text & email

Chat Assist feature helps you to create the perfect message as well as gives you AI-generated suggestions on how to restructure your message and writing style according to the tone you want to convey.

Whether you need to write a formal email, a catchy social media post or a friendly text, Chat Assist can help you do it right from the Samsung Keyboard. And if you need to write in a language you don’t speak, Chat Assist can also translate your message for you.

Face to Face, Multi Language Meetings

If you need to converse face-to-face with someone who speaks a different language, you can use Interpreter, which turns your Galaxy S24 into a real-time, in-person translator. This feature splits the phone screen into two, so each person can see and hear the translated text and audio of the other.

You can choose from 17 languages and variations and have a smooth and professional conversation with anyone around you.

Organize ideas & planning

With this Note Assist feature, you can generate, read and save abridged versions of all your materials in a few taps of your finger, transforming the daily churn of documents into a well-structured archive.

The Galaxy S24 also helps you organize and summarize your work materials with Note Assist, which lets you save any document to your Samsung Notes app and create a bullet-point summary of it.

Accurate documentation

You can also use Transcript Assist to record and transcribe your meetings and conversations, and add a summary to them using Note Assist. If you have pre-existing audio files recorded without Transcript Assist, the feature can convert these files to notes using Text to Audio.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 users in Korea get February 2024 update



Samsung Galaxy S22 February 2024 update KOrea

Earlier this week, Samsung postponed the February 2024 security update for Galaxy S22 users in Korea due to some additional changes. But without much delay, the company has started rolling out this update for Korean Galaxy S22 users.

Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra users are getting February 2024 security update in Korea with One UI build versions S901NKSS3DXAHS906NKSS3DXAH, and S908NKSS3DXAH respectively.

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Users will have to download a 451.29MB software package to install the update on their Galaxy S22. You can download the update through Settings >> Software update >> Download and install.

The latest security patch improves system security and stability to enhance the overall performance. However, the changelog of the update does not include any new features or changes but the update surely provides a better usability experience.

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Samsung, Juniper Networks and Wind River collabs to make vRAN and Open RAN more efficient



Samsung vRAN Open RAN

Samsung Electronics, Juniper Networks, and Wind River have recently joined hands to make the vRAN and Open RAN more efficient. This collaboration will allow service providers to operate their networks with end-to-end virtualization.

To be mentioned, this software-based network ensures more flexibility, agility, sustainability, and faster time-to-market for the introduction of new services. As both Open RAN and vRAN offer a significant benefit by separating RAN hardware from software.

vCSR is part of a new architecture in which the distributed unit and CSR functions coexist as virtualized network elements on one server. Also, this innovative vCSR technology will be demonstrated at MWC2024 at the Samsung, Juniper Networks, and Wind River respective booths.

Furthermore, this development plays a key role in realizing the potential of vRAN by fostering flexibility and interoperability among different components. By consolidating multiple software network elements on the same server, operators can benefit from the following:

  • End-to-end automation with Samsung’s CognitiV Network Operations Suite: The solution supports plug-and-play deployment, management visibility, and massive software upgrades, delivering a more streamlined and efficient deployment and operation process.
  • Greater agility and flexibility: Built on Software-Defined Networking principles, the virtualized architecture enables the greater scalability and flexibility needed to meet operators’ various network configurations and service demands.
  • Ability to support diverse applications: With software-centric architecture, vCSR can support security applications such as firewalls and intelligently steer data flows.
  • Reduced CapEx thanks to simplified deployment with less hardware: There is no need to purchase legacy hardware since it can be combined within the existing server with the vDU and other software platforms. It also frees up additional rack space.
  • Reduced OpEx with energy savings: By eliminating the physical CSR hardware through server consolidation, approximately 30% of energy use can be saved.

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Rolls of All three companies to vRAN and Open RAN more efficient


Leveraging our expertise in real-world vRAN deployments, Samsung, along with Juniper and Wind River, are paving the way for end-to-end virtualized networks across the world. With this revolutionary approach, we are giving operators the confidence to transform their networks and embrace virtual and open approaches.

Wind River

As a leader in the 5G landscape that powers the majority of 5G vRAN/O-RAN deployments with global operators, Wind River Studio is a purpose-built distributed cloud being used in production, at scale, for vRAN and Open RAN.

Juniper Networks

The compelling objective of vRAN is the flexibility and agility it can bring to operators. Our Cloud-Native Router enables operational simplicity and economic flexibility, while delivering excellent performance.

Samsung vRAN Open RAN

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