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Samsung Clock getting bunch of new features with update



Recently, Samsung has started rolling a new update for the Samsung Clock application, which comes with plenty of new features and changes. This latest update can be identified through version  and a package size of 25.53 MB.

As per the changelog, this new update provides the function of skipping only one alarm repetition and clock function for Bixby Routines, which is only compatible with Android 12 and above. Also, it adds UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) to the world clock.

Further, the changelog also mentions the alarm ringtone option and the alarm re-sound interval function. With this, you can set the alarm to snooze at the required time interval. Along with this, the update changes the position of the buttons on the stopwatch, timer, and notification screens.

With this latest update, the app now supports setting day and night background colors in Dual Clock and Digital Clock Widget. Alongside, it also brings support for the use of the second hand in analog clock widget with Android 12 or above.

For further information, you can check the changelog mentioned below.

Samsung Clock update

What’s New:

  • Provide the function of skipping only one alarm repetition
    • If you press the [Restart] button when the alarm repeat is turned off, the alarm will only be skipped once, and then restarted automatically.
  • Provide clock function for Bixby Routines (Android 12 or above)
    • You can turn the alarm on or off or start the timer/stopwatch through Bixby Routines.
  • Provide alarm ringtone [gradually increase the volume] option
    • Select the [Gradually increase volume] option on the alarm ringtone screen, and the alarm volume will gradually increase.
  • Provide the alarm re-sound interval (1-60 minutes) [custom] function
    • You can set the alarm to snooze at the required time interval.
  • Added UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) to the world clock
    • UTC can be added to the World Clock and Dual Clock Widget.
  • Support setting day and night background colors in dual clock and digital clock widget
    • Select [Day and Night Color] in the Widget settings, the background color of the Widget will change with the day and night.
  • Support the use of the second hand in the analog clock widget (Android 12 or above)
    • You can view the second hand in the Analog Clock Widget.
  • Button position change on the timer
    • The [Cancel] button on the timer has been moved to the left.
  • Change the position of the buttons on the stopwatch
    • The [Lap/Reset] button on the stopwatch has been moved to the left.
  • Change the position of the buttons on the notification screen from the external screen
    • The alarm/timer on the external screen indicates that the position of the buttons on the screen has been changed.

How to install?

  1. Open the Galaxy store
  2. Then tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner
  3. After that, you will find the Updates option, tap on it.
  4. Now, here you will get all the available updates, you can install any of them.

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Good Lock

Samsung unveils Good Lock 2024, launching alongside One UI 6 – New Features, Enhancements



Samsung Good Lock 2024 One UI 6

Samsung Good Lock is a popular app and some users have been waiting for a long time for the app to be updated to support the latest One UI 6.0 based on Android 14. Now, the company has announced the Samsung Good Lock 2024 through the official community.

The Functional manager has recently shared some plans for the app’s future development. In a post on the Samsung Members app, the team revealed that Good Lock will be launched simultaneously with the official 6.0 distribution and that some modules will undergo major changes and improvements.

Samsung Good Lock 2024

One UI 6 

  • Good Lock will be launched simultaneously with the official 6.0 distribution.
  • Good Lock: When installing apps with every upgrade, the company is trying to reduce the steps of moving to the store so they can be installed quickly and easily without moving.
  • Edge lighting +: ‘Edge lighting +’, which was only available on the Galaxy foldable, will be introduced in earnest this time. With the cute pop effect you want when you receive notifications and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Sound Assistant: It seems that decorating the volume panel is only done through color selection, so please look forward to the change by providing various effects and control method changes so that you can enjoy new decoration effects.
  • Wonderland, which has changed with a unique lock screen effect, is preparing to enable new transition effects when moving between AOD and lock screen/home screen.
  • Samsung is preparing to provide more detailed information about why my notifications are not ringing through NiceCatch.

One UI 6.1

  • Many people have complained about the inconvenience of LockStar / Clock Face having a structure that is separate from the lock screen, so Samsung is preparing it so that it can be set naturally within the lock screen.
  • This is a very big task, so the people in charge of the lock screen will be encouraged if you give some words of support.
  • Kids Cafe is developing a feature that allows you to map desired functions to keyboard gestures and designate keyboard touch sounds as desired.

Changes and delayed features

  • HomeUp is undergoing major structural improvements to support a wider variety of styles.
  • The theme park has a structural implementation in addition to the theme of the terminal.  Every time you install a theme, you may wonder why it takes so long to install an app. By changing the structure, the company want to improve these inconveniences and aim for a lighter theme.

Also, the ‘Dropship Ride Together’ feature will be released soon regardless of the 6.0 upgrade.


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Samsung Phone app gets new stabilization patch in September 2023 [One UI 6]



Samsung Phone September 2023 update One UI 6

We are in September 2023 and Samsung is releasing a new update for its Phone app. The update with version 15.0.28 applies a new stabilization patch to make the app more stable. It is available on Galaxy Store with an installtion package size of 25.16MB.

In addition, the update fixes some issues that users encountered in the last version. However, it does not bring any new feature or changes but provide a better usability experience.

Samsung Phone September 2023 update available for Galaxy devices running Android 14 based One UI 6. So if you testing the latest beta update on your Galaxy smartphone, then you can install this update through the Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates.

Also, you can download the latest update of the Samsung Phone app through the link mentioned here.

Samsung Phone September 2023 update One UI 6



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Download: SamsungOne Font v2.3 update rolling out to Galaxy devices



Samsung has pushed a new update for its SamsungOne Font, which carries V2.3. It is a custom font that can be used on Samsung devices. The font was last updated in 2021, and the new version brings some improvements and bug fixes.

The SamsungOne Font allows users to change the font style and size of their device’s interface, as well as some apps that support it. You can also change SamsungOne Font from thin to bold. The latest update fixes some issues that users may have encountered, such as compatibility and stability problems.

The fresh update for the SamsungOne Font app has a package size of 0.67MB, which is relatively small and should not take much time or space to download and install. The new update is compatible with Galaxy devices running Android 9.0 Pie to Android 14.

Users can install the SamsungOne Font v2.3 update through the Galaxy Store or download it directly from the third-party source link mentioned here.

SamsungOne Font v2.3 update

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