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Samsung Kids One UI 4 update helps kids grow good digital habits



Samsung Kids One UI 4 Update

Samsung Kids is a unique mode of Galaxy smartphones that allows children to use their smartphones in a more secure and enjoyable way. It was originally introduced as Kids Mode in 2014 and later renamed Samsung Kids. With One UI 4.0, Samsung is further expanding the features and capabilities of the service.

The latest update offers new customization options, updated parental controls, AR apps, a new onboarding experience and more. The platform we now call Samsung Kids was actually introduced in 2014 as Kids Mode.

Samsung Kids Designed to allow children to use their smartphones more securely, the Kids Mode feature settings make it easy for parents to ensure that their children only have access to the apps provided by the Kids Mode service.

Samsung Kids One UI 4 Update

As well as access to any other app allowed by parents. It gave children their first taste of the galactic ecosystem with their preferences and unique and friendly characters. Since then, Kids Mode has continued to develop. A diverse content collection for each age and class has been added to help children have fun and learn with their smartphones.

When Kids Mode finally became Samsung Kids, it became more comfortable and offered more diverse content. Users can now activate Samsung Kids in Quick Panel with just one tap – no download required.

They can also toggle the feature on or off immediately when they unlock their phone. No special password needs to be set and this feature provides a detailed overview of usage patterns.

Adjusting Background Colors and Apps Based on Age Groups

Samsung Kids is primarily intended for use by children between the ages of three and eight. Now, with the update, there are options to change the background color and the apps that are displayed on the screen so that older people can use the service.

To better meet the needs of their children, parents can remove the default apps and fill the home screen with the recommended content page and content from the apps they have downloaded and allowed.

Children aged eight and over can benefit greatly from things that are a little more challenging. Examples include apps like Crocross Adventure, which allows children to practice logical thinking through black coding, as well as Pettson’s innovations listed below My Browser and partner apps that contain English news articles.

Stronger Parental Controls for Monitoring Activity and Setting Weekly Goals

Every parent wants to know which apps their children use the most and what apps they like. Samsung Kids’ updated Parental Controls feature provides detailed information about children’s mobile activities throughout the day, but also over the past month. Apps are listed based on the frequency they use, making it easy to monitor each screen time.

Healthy smartphone usage habits are formed when goals are set and followed. Keeping a record of your child’s smartphone activity can help you set weekly usage goals. Depending on their circumstances, users can set the same screen time goals that they need to follow each day, or even set different goals each day of the week.

Recommended Content Page Now Includes AR Features and Partner Apps

Samsung Kids offers features for basic activities such as taking and drawing photos, as well as a wide range of content developed with partners. If you swipe right on the home screen, you will find tons of new apps tailored to your child’s preferences, which can be easily dragged around and added to the home screen.

Promoting Healthy Mobile Habits by Offering Kids Insights Into Their Smartphone Use

Samsung Kids continues to evolve to make it easier for young consumers to enjoy more fun and educational content. Starting with One UI 4, Crocross welcomes children to the Little Friends Welcome Board, and their wishes and interactions vary depending on the situation and more character activities are added. The newly added partner content app cards, meanwhile, recommended apps grouped by category, making it more convenient for users to find the apps they like.

Now, children can monitor their activities and screen time with their parents or set up their own smartphone usage plan to further develop their autonomy.

Introducing New and Even Friendlier ‘Little Friends’

With limited opportunities to enjoy the outdoors these days, children are increasingly using mobile devices. In view of this trend, it has become even more important for children to develop good mobile habits and access fun and educational content.

Going forward, Samsung plans to make children more enjoyable and has a safe ‘fence’ to the digital world that treats both parents and children.

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Fresh Samsung Expert RAW update available on Galaxy Store



Samsung Expert RAW new update

Samsung has released a new update for the Expert RAW app, bringing it up to version This update enhances functionality and addresses issues reported by users.

The latest update of the Samsung Expert RAW app aims to improve user experience and expand capabilities. Users can expect smoother and faster operation as it enhances some functions.

In addition, this update fixes some issues to improve app stability and reduce crashes, enhancing reliability. It enhances the overall performance to provide a better photography experience.

The update to version of the Samsung Expert RAW app is currently being rolled out gradually. Users should check the Galaxy Store app for update availability.

Users of eligible Galaxy devices will have to download a 221.48MB package to install the update. You can download the update through the Galaxy Store or from the third-party app source link mentioned here.

The Expert RAW app for Samsung users is useful who prefer shooting in RAW format to get the highest quality images and more editing functions on Samsung Galaxy devices. The company recently expanded it to the Galaxy Z Flip 6 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 launched with support for Expert RAW and is the first in its series to enjoy these amazing camera features. With this smartphone, Samsung brought significant enhancements to the app.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 supports Expert RAW, check what’s new

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Samsung caught developing Satellite Connectivity for Galaxy phones



Samsung Galaxy S24 July 2024 update

Satellite connectivity feature is lacking in the most recent Samsung Galaxy phones. Apple and many Chinese phone makers adopted this technology about two years ago. Meanwhile, Samsung has been keeping it reserved with the Galaxy S23 and S24 series devices.

Samsung is now preparing to deploy a Satellite connectivity feature to Galaxy phones. Various Samsung apps show signs of the under-development feature. Galaxy phones are likely to get it through various communication applications.

Google Messages has been adopting the Satellite SMS feature. Samsung seems to be working with Google to optimize this feature on Galaxy devices. The recent code changes in Samsung Messages suggest that Satellite SMS could be possible on Galaxy through Google Messages.

When required, Samsung Messages will redirect Galaxy users to Google Messages. It will allow them to send SOS messages through Google’s messaging apps by connecting to satellites. It will be quite helpful when your device loses network connection given any reason.

AndroidAuthority performed APKTeardown on several Samsung apps. Native Galaxy apps such as Emergency SOS, Samsung Messages, and Samsung Phone show signs of satellite messaging feature. The deployment to general consumers could take place with Android 15 later this year.

The recent Apple iPhone models are equipped with Satellite connectivity technology. Huawei and Honor have also debuted it in their recent flagship phones. Beyond that, Huawei’s flagship smartwatch is also capable to let to sending SOS through satellite.

While the feature isn’t in demand, Samsung is lacking in the deployment on Galaxy. A small number of users would have been waiting for it on Galaxy. Hence, the company isn’t in the mood to lag behind its rivals in any aspect that has become a basic functionality in the industry.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series may get the satellite connectivity tech through Google Messages. The development is running well thanks to the inclusion of strings in the latest app versions. We will keep you updated with further developments.

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Samsung Single Take 6.0 update brings One UI 6.1.1 support



Samsung Single Take 6.0

Samsung is rolling out the Single Take 6.0 update for its One UI devices, which can be identified with the full version number This update enhances the overall performance of the feature by bringing One UI 6.1.1 support.

Single Take is one of the popular features of Samsung phones. It allows users to capture multiple photos and videos with just one tap. Using AI, the feature helps users choose the best moments from a scene automatically. With the version 6.0 update, Samsung is improving the Single Take feature to make it more user-friendly and efficient.

The update improves some functions of the Single Take feature to enhance the quality of photos and videos it captures. Additionally, the update includes fixes for various issues for smoother and more reliable performance.

It is recommended to install the update promptly to enjoy the latest features and improvements. The Single Take update is mainly automatically installed on your devices. You can sometimes see it on your Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates.

Also, you can download it directly from the third-party app link mentioned here but it is not recommended. Notably, the update makes the app compatible with Android 14-based One UI 6.1.1 software. After updating to One UI 6.1.1, you can use the Single Take feature without any crashes.


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