SoFi Stadium named center-hung videoboard as ‘The Infinity Screen by Samsung’

On July 21st, Samsung US and SoFi Stadium have officially unveiled the new name of the center-hung video board at SoFi Stadium – The Infinity Screen by Samsung. The state-of-the-art Samsung Infinity Screen not only incorporates many of the LEDs that have been used in the arena or entertainment but also has the first 4K and only one, the final video production in the stadium.

The video board naming process at SoFi Stadium took months of consideration and testing, with the team reviewing more than a dozen names that reflect the views of Samsung and SoFi Stadium.

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Samsung Infinity Screen

The name Infinity comes from Samsung’s long history with low bezel displays and a unique videoboard design. From mobile devices to displays like The Wall, Samsung is known for its unlimited display and the Infinity Screen at SoFi Stadium is no exception.

Designed for the future and placed 122 feet above the playground, Infinity Screen by Samsung has the largest LED gaming system ever used. With approximately 80 million pixels spaced 8 millimeters from center to center, each panel can be arranged separately or in combination with statistics, live content, and/or animated content.

The different sizes of video panels are designed to serve viewers in all seats, from side to side. Side parties and fans seated in the bottom panel of the stadium will view the inside of the screen as it sits directly across from their view, while guests in the upper container will view the outer panels of the video board.

In addition to the unparalleled technology installed inside SoFi Stadium, Samsung technology will be represented throughout Hollywood Park, reaching fans across all residences, offices, and retail outlets through a connected mobile app.


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