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Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 with exclusive prizes pool: Registration begins!



To promote the real fighting spirit of Battlegrounds Mobile India players, Krafton – a South Korean game developer has announced the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 with the INR 1 CR pool award.

The company gives players the opportunity to showcase their playing skills and team spirit in this three-month tournament. On top of all this, the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 is for Indian players only.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 – REGISTRATIONS:

The players with the Platinum game stage can register themselves for the BGMI Series 2021 tournament. The registration has started now, so if you are a PUBG player you should hurry up and bring your team up for registration. See below for more details.

Registration Open


This three-month competition will take place from August 2nd, 2021 in India and will be concluded on the 10th of October 2021.

Check the qualifier schedule below:

2 Aug – 8 August: In-Game Qualifiers, 1024 Teams will be qualify

17 Aug – 12 September: Online Qualifiers, 64 Teams will be qualified

16 Sept – 26 September: Quarter Finals, 24 Teams will be qualified

30 Sept – 3 October: Semi-Finals, 16 Teams will be qualified

7 Oct – 10 October: Grand Finals, 1 Champion will be announced


The registered teams will have to play 15 matches and have to complete it by the given time to reach the next level.

The result will be judged on the basis of the top 10 matches among 15 gameplay. This event will start on 2nd August at 00:00 hours and will be finished on the 8th August at 23:59.

In the case of a tie between two teams, other gameplay parameters will be considered, for example-  finishing tasks, survival time, accuracy, and so on. Finally selected 1024 squad will enter the online qualifiers.

Note: Only the first 15 matches played with registered team members shall be deemed valid. 


The organizers decide two areas, in which the price will be distributed. The first one covers the top 16 rank holder during the entire game, while the second one will cover the additional achievements. Explore below for detailed information-

Game Rank Holders

  • 1st Price Winner: INR 50,00,000
  • 2nd Price Winner: INR 25,00,000
  • 3rd Price Winner: INR 10,00,000
  • 4th Price Winner: INR 3,00,000
  • 5th Price Winner: INR 2,00,000
  • 6th Price Winner: INR 1,50,000
  • 7th Price Winner: INR 1,00,000
  • 8th Price Winner: INR 90,000
  • 9th Price Winner: INR 80,000
  • 10th Price Winner: INR 70,000
  • 11th Price Winner: INR 60,000
  • 12th Price Winner: INR 50,000
  • 13th Price Winner: INR 40,000
  • 14th Price Winner: INR 30,000
  • 15th Price Winner: INR 20,000
  • 16th Price Winner: INR 10,000

Additional Rewards:

  • MPV: INR 1,00,000
  • The Lone Ranger: INR 50,000
  • The Rampage Freak: INR 50,000
  • Most Finished By a Squad: INR 50,000
  • The Redeemer: INR 50,000


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Samsung Calendar new update available for Galaxy Watch 5, Watch 4



Samsung Galaxy Watch Calendar update

Samsung is releasing a new update for the Calendar app and this time, it is available on WearOS devices including Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series. The fresh May 2023 update for the Calendar app comes with version 

New Samsung Calendar update for Galaxy Watch

The latest version brings general improvements to enhance the app’s overall performance. Also, it fixes some issues that users were facing after installing the previous version.

The South Korean tech giant is rolling out the Calendar update for Galaxy Watch with an installation package size of 6.9 megabytes. It is an initial rollout so it may take hours/days to reach all eligible Galaxy devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Calendar update

You can check the update on your device by visiting the Galaxy Store app >> Menu option >> Updates. Make sure to connect your Galaxy Watch to your smartphone. In addition, you can download the update from the link mentioned here.

Samsung Calendar app helps you to create events and tasks quickly and ensures that you remember them. It manages all your schedules at a glance by adding various Calendars including Google Calendar.

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Get the latest Samsung One UI Bixby updates – v3.3.15.18



Samsung Bixby Wakeup April 2023 update

Samsung Bixby voice is a brilliant voice assistant that helps you use the device more conveniently. It was first launched with Galaxy S8 series devices. It learns your routines and helps you set up reminders based on time and location. The company regularly updates the app in order to provide a better experience. Thus, here you can check the latest update for Bixby Voice.

Adding to this, it is deeply integrated with the mobile phone, which means that Bixby can perform many of the tasks you perform on the phone. You can interact with Bixby by just saying ‘Hi Bixby’ and it will even unlock your phone. With this app, you can easily control the device by voice command, significantly reducing the steps required.

Samsung Bixby Voice Updates

May 28, 2023

Samsung Bixby’s new update comes with version for One UI devices via Galaxy Store. It improves the Wake Up function, adds a new feature for the Child account, and provides a wide range of recommendations. Through this update, you will surely get the next level of experience. Read more here…

Samsung Bixby Voice

December 04, 2022

Samsung is releasing a new update for the Bixby Voice app with version The new update brings improvements, changes, and fixes to provide an ultimate experience to users. To be noted, this updated also redesign the icon of the app.

The new update of Bixby Voice revamps the Settings menu, extends Back-up and Restore of ‘Respond to voice’ feature support, and wake-up phrase improvements. You can download this update via Galaxy Store, it weighs 52.04 MB.


Do more with Bixby! Here’s what’s new:

Revamped Settings menu

  • The settings menu has been revamped to reduce complexity and also recommend new and useful features

Extended support for Back-up and Restore of ‘Respond to my voice’ feature

  • You can now back-up & restore your registered voices not only on Flagship devices but also on A series, Tablet, etc.

Improved Navigation when using Bixby with the wake-up phrase.

  • The full list is provided to you at once, and the items ready out by Bixby are highlighted.

Additionally, functional improvements and bug fixes have been applied.

October 19, 2022

Samsung Bixby Voice app is getting a new update for Galaxy devices running Android 12 to Android 9 only. This refreshing update comes with version and an installation package size of 52.03MB.

The update does not bring new features or changes, still you can update this app to enhance its performance as it fixes known issues.

June 22, 2022

Samsung Bixby Voice

Samsung released new update for Bixby Voice with version update, which now allow users to accept the incoming call without waking it up by saying “Hi, Bixby”. Read more here

Previous Updates

March 08, 2022

Samsung Bixby Voice

Samsung Bixby Voice is getting a new update that brings fixes for some common issues to enhance performance. You can identify this update with version and a package size of 70.32 MB.

To install this latest version on your smartphone, open the Galaxy Store, tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner. After that, you will find the Updates option, tap on it.

From here you will get all the available updates, you can install any of them. You can also download the update from the link mentioned below.

February  23

Samsung Bixby Voice

Samsung is rolling out another update for Bixby Voice, which brings fixes for some issues related to bugs. It enhances the performance and stability of the application. You can identify this update with version and a package size of 70.32 MB.

December 3

Samsung Bixby Voice

Samsung has begun to send a new app update for Samsung Bixby voice with version and package size of 58.28 MB. The update does not carry any changelog as it only brings some regular improvements for better stability in the application.

You can get this new update directly from the link mentioned below.

December 10

Samsung Bixby Voice

Samsung is rolling out a new app update for Samsung Bixby voice, which brings general improvements in the application for better stability and performance. Other than this, no more features and changes have been noticed from the update.

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Google Play Store App Updates – v35.9.11



Google Play Store 35.9.11 update

Google Play Store is a digital App/Game distribution and updates platform developed by the Android maker. All smartphones running Android bring the Google Play Store as a preloaded application. It delivers different categories of apps and games from official and third-party devs.

Itself, Google Play Store also receives new updates with under-the-hood improvements to provide you with a seamless app installation experience. Since the Play Store updates get installed in the background, you can bookmark this page to stay updated with the latest releases.

First, check Google Play Store version of your phone

  • Open your Google Play Store app.
  • Open the Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom, and find the “Play Store version” there.

Latest Google Play Store Update

You can update the Google Play Store from the app itself, or you can also sideload the latest version through third-party sources, however, we don’t recommend doing so.

Google Play Store 35.9.11— Link

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