Samsung unveiled new chips to enhance next-gen 5G RAN solutions

On June 23, 2021, Samsung introduced a variety of new chipsets, which will be installed into the next generation 5G solutions. The new 3GPP Rel.16 compliant chipsets include a 3rd gen mmWave Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit chip, a 2nd gen 5G modem SoC and a Digital Front End (DFE)-RFIC integrated chip.

The Korean tech giant confirmed that it will power the next-generation products for 5G build-out including the next generation 5G Compact Macro, Massive MIMO radios, and baseband units. However, these solutions will be commercially available next year.

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As scheduled, Samsung held the “Samsung Networks: Redefined” event to introduce new solutions and notable 5G accomplishments for network transformation. At the event, the company highlighted its experience in developing in-house chipsets for over 20 years.

According to Samsung, the new chipsets are designed to take Samsung’s next-generation 5G lineup to a new level by increasing power efficiency, boosting performance, and reducing the size of the 5G solutions.

Samsung’s newly-introduced chips-

3rd Generation mmWave RFIC:

The new 3rd generation RFIC chip supports both 28GHz and 39GHz spectrums that will be implemented in Samsung’s next-gen 5G Compact Macro. The chip consists of advanced technology that reduces antenna size by nearly 50% to maximize the 5G radio’s interior space.

2nd Generation 5G Modem SoC:

Samsung’s 2nd generation chipsets will let its future baseband unit have twice the capacity while cutting power consumption in half per cell, in comparison to the previous generation.

DFE-RFIC Integrated Chip:

This new chip combines RFIC and DFE functions for sub-6GHz and millimeter wave spectrum. By integrating these functions, the chip not only doubles the frequency bandwidth but also reduces the size and increases the output power of Samsung’s next-generation solutions, including 5G compact macros.

Samsung Chipsets for 5G Network Solutions [Infographic]

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