[Breaking] Samsung developed stretchable OLED, sticks to skin and monitors health

In addition to the smartphone market, Samsung is also known as a leader of various display innovations, and the foldable displays implemented in the Galaxy Fold/Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 are the perfect examples to understand its research and development on display technologies.

After successfully developing flexible displays, many peoples thinking about what the next big development in display technology will be. In a recent development, researchers at Samsung’s in-house R&D unit Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology have successfully melded a stretchable OLED display.

Staff researcher Yeongjun Lee, co-first author of the paper said, “We applied an ‘island’ structure to alleviate the stress4 caused by elongation.”

This organic light-emitting diode display merged with a photoplethysmography sensor into a single device to measure and display the user’s heart rate in real-time. In order to make the sensor and display stretchable, the researchers used a specially modified “elastomer”.

“The technology can also be expanded to use in wearable healthcare products for adults, children and infants, as well as patients with certain diseases,” said principal researcher Youngjun Yun, corresponding author of the paper.

By using the elastomer, the sensor, and display maintained to operate normally even without showing any performance degradation with elongation of up to 30 percent, in their test. Moreover, this stretchable OLED also continued to work stably even after being stretched 1,000 times.

Principal researcher Jong Won Chung, co-first author of the paper said, “Our research is still in the early stages, but our goal is to realize and commercialize stretchable devices by increasing system resolution, stretchability, and measurement accuracy to a level that makes mass production possible.”

Aside from the heartbeat sensor that was applied in this test case, Samsung plans to combine stretchable sensors and high-resolution freeform displays to enable users to monitor things like peripheral oxygen saturation, electromyogram readings, and blood pressure.


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