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Samsung becomes the leading 5G smartphone brand by revenue in 2020

Samsung did not help introduce 5G to the world – they set new records. In October 2020, a report from Strategy Analytics revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G will be the best-selling 5G device in the first half of 2020, accounting for 9% of global revenue.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G ranks second, with 8% of global revenue, while the Galaxy S20 5G is at 5%. The global 5G sales account for 22% of revenue and Samsung’s S20 trio are the top-selling 5G smartphones in the world.

In addition to leading sales records, Samsung has unveiled new devices and network solutions to bring 5G worldwide. Over the past two years, Samsung has introduced a complete portfolio of Galaxy 5G phones ranging from mid-range devices such as the Galaxy A51 5G to category-changing devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Samsung has released 5G enabled PCs and tablets. In addition, Samsung has teamed up with the world’s leading mobile operators to advance 5G through a wide range of network solutions, including 5G RAN, Core, and Network Automation tools.

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Leading the 5G Transformation

For over 10 years, Samsung has been planning the foundation for 5G by investing in creating meaningful innovations and building a strong network of partners. From chipsets to network solutions and devices, Samsung technology has been developing critical components of 5G since its inception.

Making 5G Available to More People

Samsung is set to focus on bringing Next-Gen connectivity to more people in more markets. An important part of this plan is to develop more device options beyond the high-end segment and introduce 5G connectivity to a wider range of entry-level devices.

Another important point is that Samsung is expanding its 5G network footprint worldwide and providing a deeper 5G experience to more customers and markets worldwide.

With the success of the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung has already set consumer expectations for 5G selection and next-gen connectivity.

The future of 5G looks better than ever, as it plays a key role in technological advancement and makes it more accessible through a wider range of devices, including standalone 5G smartphones.

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