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Galaxy Store: Everything App your Galaxy device needs, together in one place



Samsung Galaxy Store an all-in-one platform for downloading apps, games, themes, and much more. Galaxy store brings together all the features from Galaxy Apps and Galaxy themes that Samsung users love, creating a whole digital store optimized for individual users.

This Galaxy Store is a premium app market made for Samsung devices. The only place where can shop for all digital Galaxy purchases, allowing you to personalize your device with a design of apps and themes, ranging from Galaxy-exclusive partner apps that provide various range of services.

A complete collection of apps is available for download from the store, allowing users to their digital ecosystem to match their lifestyles.

This Galaxy store is categorized into the following types which are given below.

  • Game
  • Application
  • Styling
    • Galaxy Themes
    • Camera Filters
    • Photos with Stickers and Stamps
    • Edge Panels
    • Fonts
    • Launchers, and More.
  • Made for Samsung
  • Clock (Watch Faces)

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Explore the Galaxy What’s New & Trending

Galaxy Themes

A Theme app that introduces users to new content interested in using videos to provide more detailed information on the subject.

With Galaxy Store, users can select a variety of themes and fonts to customize their Samsung devices with a style that suits them through the My Galaxy tab, which is accessible from the store.

Applying themes in simple steps:

  • Choose your theme, download it, and tap ‘Apply’.
  • Long press on the home screen.
  • Tap the ‘Themes’ icon.
  • Select an item of content.
  • Download your content.

Styling with new features

Users can also download various new camera filters, adding creative flair to their messages and photos with stickers and stamps, or even install new edge panels for more convenient navigation.

Makes your Galaxy Watch unique

Galaxy Watch and Samsung Gear user can also adjust their watch faces and download the apps directly from the phone using the ‘Watch’ tab in the Galaxy store.

An adaptable watch face is one of the greatest advantages of a smartwatch. Users can choose different watch faces for different purposes and can interact with a watch in diverse ways. Because a watch face creates the first impression of the watch, it also holds value as a fashion accessory.

The redesigned digital store is now is completely redesigned to create an attractive way to browse for new apps and content.

Customize watch faces using the Galaxy Wearable app 

  1. Navigate to the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. Tap the Watch faces tab.
  3. From here, you can pick a new watch face.
  4. Tap My watchfaces > Customize to change the available features like the background color, or add widgets to appear on the watch face.

Custom-Curated, AI-Recommended

Users can use lists and themes to easily search for popular or suggested content in categories such as photos, news, or travel.

The Galaxy Store recommendation feature has been enhanced, adding an AI-based analysis tool to the user-oriented UI, so when you access the store, you’ll see a personalized page that suggests content based on your previous interests.

Access a Premium Gaming Experience

The latest in mobile games will be shown to users who enjoy gaming and health-conscious users will find suggestions for lifestyle and fitness apps. Additionally, the Galaxy Store makes support based on the seasons, holidays, and events throughout the year.

What’s changing in the new Galaxy Store:

The Galaxy Store now features just two tabs on the home screen including Games and Apps.

  1. Games is your launchpad for exclusive previews, promos, and Rewards.
  2. Apps are your one-stop-shop for customized experiences that connect you to the rest of the Galaxy ecosystem.

Hey, Camila is here! From the very beginning, I love using Samsung phones like a die-hard fan. Apart from detailing One UI features for readers, I love exploring different apps of the Samsung ecosystem with a cup of tea!

Good Lock

Samsung plans to enhance Virtual Touchpad function in H2 2024



Samsung Virtual touchpad

Samsung is planning to improve its virtual touchpad functionality, following valuable user feedback from its community. The company may release a major update for the One Hand Operation + Good Lock module to implement improvements.

A user on the Samsung community suggested including a “lock (fix) button” on the virtual touchpad to stabilize the cursor. This button would address concerns of thumb fatigue and precision aiming during single-handed operation.

This suggestion of a lock button is mainly useful for those who sometimes find the current controls challenging due to the cursor movement when adjusting the pointer speed.

In response, a community moderator has acknowledged the feedback and commitment to reviewing and improving the virtual touchpad by the second half of 2024.

samsung Virtual touchpad

Moreover, he has assured users that the team is taking a complete approach to integrating these suggestions. Although these improvements may take time to implement. Through this, the company aims to improve the usability of the One Hand Operation+ functions.

One UI 7.0 update to improve clock format alignment in Samsung devices

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Samsung Wallet/Pay App’s enhanced service now available on Galaxy Watch



Samsung Wallet update galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch users are getting a new Samsung Wallet/Pay app update via the Galaxy Store. The update arrives with version and a package size of 53.89MB.

The fresh update of the Samsung Wallet app brings significant service enhancements, improving the overall user experience. Although Samsung hasn’t mentioned any specific functional enhancements, you will surely get enhanced performance by installing the update.

In addition, the update fixes some bugs that users encountered in the previous version. Users can expect smoother transactions and improved features that could enhance their digital payment experiences directly from their Galaxy Watch devices.

By focusing on enhancements, Samsung aims to provide seamless and efficient services through its devices. Galaxy Watch owners are advised to update their Samsung Wallet/Pay app promptly to enjoy enhanced service.

To install the update on your Galaxy Watch, connect it with your smartphone. Now, open the Galaxy Store app >> tap on the Menu option >> Click on Updates. Also, you can get it directly from the third-party app source link mentioned here.

Samsung Wallet update galaxy Watch

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Samsung One UI Clock Style app upgrades to version 8.5.66



One UI 7.0 Clock Format alignment

Samsung Clock Style app is receiving a new update with version 8.5.66, which improves functions and fixes bugs. This update is available on the Galaxy Store with a package size of 16.15MB.

The fresh update enhances user experience by addressing issues that users encountered in the previous version. In addition, it refines some functions for better performance.

The new version 8.5.66 of Samsung’s Clock Style app aims to make interactions smoother and more reliable for users globally. Overall, it delivers improved functionality and reliability.

Users of Galaxy devices can install the update through Galaxy Store by tapping to Menu option and then Updates. Also, they can download it through the third-party app source link mentioned here.

Recently, a community moderator stated that Samsung may improve the Clock format of the QuickStar with One UI 7.0 update. Users of Galaxy devices are currently facing an issue with the QuickStar Good Lock module feature when setting the clock format to ‘AM/PM’, particularly noticeable when the device includes Korean or Chinese characters.

One UI 7.0 update to improve clock format alignment in Samsung devices

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