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Samsung announces Galaxy Book Flex 5G with 13MP world-facing camera and S Pen



Samsung just announced the Galaxy Book Flex 5G featuring Intel’s latest powerful processor, 13MP world-facing camera, and sophisticated S Pen.

The Galaxy Book Flex 5G meets the requirements of the Intel Evo™ platform for advanced computing and features, allowing exceptional response, more efficient battery life, and instant awakening.

The Galaxy Book Flex 5G runs on the new 11th General Intel Core processor, Intel Iris Excess graphics, offering Wi-Fi 6 and 5G connectivity for great performance, excellent productivity, excellent processing, and powerful processing and unmatched laptop experience.

“Across the world, we’re being asked to adapt and change constantly, and it’s vital we have devices that move with us,” said Michael Lee, Corporate VP and Head of New Computing Biz Group at Samsung Electronics. “Thanks to our close collaboration with Intel, Galaxy Book Flex 5G provides users with a powerful performance, next-generation connectivity, effortless productivity, and premium entertainment features, all in the form function of their choosing.”

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With 5G connectivity, you can stream live, download documents, and share high-resolution videos anywhere on social media. On Samsung’s first 5G-enabled laptop, these tasks are done at high speed, which means you can enjoy the power of the mobile 5G network on your PC. You can also experience WiFi 6 for quick and easy connectivity.

With stunning displays and Intel Iris graphics, the Galaxy Book Flex 5G offers brighter and better visuals, but games up to 60 fps are more playable and free from delays.

The Galaxy Book Flex 5G is powered by a high-capacity 69.7Wh battery for its dynamic performance, providing reliable battery life for a non-toxic laptop experience. 16GB of NVM memory means you can create, listen, and transmit all day without slowing down.



Samsung has introduced the world’s first 13MP camera in its laptop line. The Galaxy Book Flex 5G allows you to quickly and easily take any other snapshots you need to record notes and recipes.

In addition, by using Voice Note with the S Pen, you can record audio while taking notes, and then select a note to playback the recorded audio and listen to what you have to say as you write – so you always have the opportunity to make sure your notes are correct.

The Galaxy Book Flex 5G has all the new Samsung Note 3 features you know and love, so you always have access to the app to explain the ideas in your Galaxy smartphone and laptop.

Samsung Connected Ecosystem syncs your notes with your other Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Tab S7, and S7 +, so you can always transfer them when you need them.

The Galaxy Book Flex 5G lets you capture stunning panoramas and record videos from anywhere with a worldwide camera. The device also has a 720p front-facing camera, so you can display it clearly and concisely at Microsoft team meetings with friends, family, video calls, and coworkers.

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Google’s Gemini Nano AI deal with Samsung on EU antitrust radar



Samsung Google Gemini

EU seemingly investigating if Google’s Gemini AI deal with Samsung violates antitrust law. Regulators of the European Union seeking input from industry to know if Samsung’s Gemini AI deal constitutes anti-competitive conduct.

An EU document seen by Reuters indicates that the Commission wants the opinion of industry officials. The inquiry is about whether Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series with Gemini Nano would limit the pre-installation of rival AI chatbot platforms.

The query also includes whether Gemini Nano limits interoperability with other chatbots and apps on the Galaxy S24 series. Details are also required if there were any cases of failure in signing contracts with phone makers to pre-install AI chatbots.

“EU antitrust regulators are asking industry participants if Google’s multi-year generative artificial intelligence (AI) deal with Samsung hinders rival chatbots on Samsung smartphones.” – Reuters.

Earlier, EU competition authorities hinted at an antitrust investigation into Samsung and Google’s AI deal. The Commission’s Deputy Competition Commissioner asked to “understand the impact of pre-installing Google’s Gemini Nano on Samsung devices.”

The report notes that the executive committee distributed an 8-page questionnaire, with a response required by this week. Samsung and Google may be in trouble if the EU Commission observes any anti-competitive practices.

The Galaxy S24 series is the first to use the Gemini Nano AI model developed by Google. Both companies signed a multi-year partnership to fuel future products with the AI model. The Pixel 8 Pro also came pre-installed with Gemini Nano for on-device AI capabilities.

Samsung also brought Gemini AI to Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 devices. Google is also preparing to introduce the Pixel 9 series next month, equipped with Gemini Nano. Apple is also in close-door talks with Google to include Gemini in iPhone models.

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Apple iPhone could support Samsung Wallet, Google Wallet in Europe



Samsung Apple Canalys q4 2023

Apple iPhone users could soon be able to use Samsung Wallet and Google Wallet in Europe. Recently, the EU antitrust regulator revealed that Apple will open up its tap-and-go mobile payments system for third-party payment platforms in Europe.

KoreaTimes reports that the EU accepted Apple’s offer to open the NFC payments system. The iPhone maker agreed in favor of ending the antitrust probe began in 2020. It will expand Apple iPhone users’ choices beyond Apple Pay, such as Samsung Wallet and Google Wallet in Europe.

Apple’s agreement will be valid for a period of 10 years in EU territories. From now on, the US tech giant can no longer use its control over the iPhone ecosystem to keep other mobile wallets out of the market.

As Samsung Wallet looks to expand on the iPhone, Apple Pay is eating its market in its home ground. Following the launch in South Korea, Apple Pay is gradually gaining popularity. The company is expanding its support across categories to be acceptable everywhere.

European Union forced Apple to ditch its lighting port from products. The company replaced its lighting port with a universal USB C-Type port on iPhone models. iMessage is also adopting the RCS messaging standard that is heavily forced by Google.

Apple is also bringing place to third-party app markets on iPhones in Europe. Now with the latest development, iPhone users will be getting the choice to opt for a payment platform other than Apple Pay. It would be interesting to see whether Google or Samsung manage to make a solid entry.

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Gemini AI now functions on your Android’s lockscreen



Samsung One UI 6.1.1 Galaxy AI

Google has upgraded the Gemini AI app to answer general questions even on your Android phone’s lockscreen. Initially, the company’s new Gemini app was limited to Google Assistant-level commands. Now, if you trigger Gemini on the lock screen, it will respond to some general questions.

The upgraded Gemini AI now allows you to “get answers on lockscreen from Gemini without unlocking your device.” You can now get weather information at a glance with the new Gemini application, but additional actions would require you to unlock the device first.

You can keep your phone locked if your query has been answered properly. If you prefer entering the whole user interface, just unlock the device using fingerprint or PIN. Once unlocked, you will get the keyboard in the popped-up state, offering seamless flow.

The Gemini app added a new “Gemini on lock screen” setting on the main preferences page. Google’s new “Gemini responses on lock screen” toggle completes the already available “Google Assistant on lock screen” option.

Notably, Google is rolling out this update to random users sequentially. You may soon notice the changes as soon as the update reaches your handset. As it’s the first deployment, you may not get responses to some basic queries, but not too long.

Similar to Google Assistant, Gemini was able to control alarms and timers, media (play/pause), and “some phone features,” like volume. As part of the “Utilities” Extension, the US tech giant is further enhancing the user experience through the Gemini app.

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