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Samsung Galaxy A42 5G getting One UI 4.1 (Android 12) update in the US



Samsung Galaxy A42 June 2023 update

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G started getting the One UI 4.1 update in late March. So far, the update has reached various regions worldwide. And, now the Galaxy A42 One UI 4.1 update has finally begun to be released in the United States markets.

This update comes with a slew of new features, improvements, and customization options to provide you with more control over your device. Unluckily, it only installs the March 2022 Android security patch while Galaxy users are already weaving on May 2022 patch.


Further, the Samsung Galaxy A42 One UI 4.1 update holds the build version A426U1UEU3BVD5. It is available on Bluegrass Cellular’s network at this moment. And, will reach other carrier model users shortly.

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Samsung Galaxy A42

If you live in the US, you can download the latest Galaxy A42 update through Settings >> Software update >> Download and install. Now follow the on-screen prompts to get access to the latest changes.

Samsung Galaxy A42 Android 12 One UI 4.1 update

Based on Android 12, One UI 4.1 is more intuitive, more fun, more secure, and easier than ever. It has a Material You theming engine with a revamped color palette that lets you pick colors for your phone’s theme with more ease.

One UI 4.1 Color Paltte

It further provides you the ability to turn off Game Optimization Services so you won’t face any interruptions while playing games, a Samsung keyboard with built-in Grammarly that ensures that you won’t make any typing mistakes, Google Duo Live Sharing to let you share your screen with people you are far away from.

Additionally, there are many Galaxy S22-inspired camera features to enhance your photography experience, improved RAM Plus with customization options, enhanced quick share that allows you to edit and share images with more ease, Gallery with object and shadow erasers, and many more.

Samsung One UI 4.1 Enhanced Quick Share

On the other hand, the company’s partnership with Google ensures a seamless experience on using any third-party apps or services. Well, this is not it, there’s much more to know about the update, check the complete changelog here.

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Google Play System October 2023 Update Arrives: What’s New and How to Get It



Google Play System October 2023 update

Google has kicked off an October 2023 update for its Play System, which is responsible for managing the core functionality and security of Android devices. The update arrives with improvements and bug fixes to the system, as well as some new features for the Google Play Store app.

One of the new features of this update is a redesigned app details page, which will help users discover and learn about apps that are compatible with their non-phone devices, such as tablets, smartwatches, or TVs.

Moreover, the October 2023 update for Play System brings the ability to add apps to the Google Play library directly when apps ask Google Play to download new content or functionality. These features are available through Google Play Store v37.8.


Google Play Store

  • [Phone] New design on the app details page to help you discover and learn about apps for your non-phone devices.
  • [Phone] You’ll be able to add apps to your Google Play library directly when apps ask Google Play to download new content or functionality.

To get the update on Samsung smartphones, you just need to visit Settings >> Security and Privacy >> Updates >> Google System Update.

How to download new Google Play System update in your Samsung Galaxy

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Samsung Galaxy A23 gets new firmware update in the US



Samsung Galaxy A23 update US

Samsung is releasing a fresh firmware update for Galaxy A23 smartphone users in the US. This update installs the Android security patch released in August 2023 to improve system security.

The new update for the Samsung Galaxy A23 smartphone comes with PDA version A236USQU4CWHC. The update is rolling out for locked models of Galaxy S23 on the T-Mobile network in the US and other carriers could get this update soon.

August 2023 security patch fixes over 70 issues, mainly related to Samsung Members, the Internet, the Galaxy Store, and more to provide a seamless and bug-free experience.

If you have received a notification of the latest update, then check and install it now through Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install.

Samsung Galaxy A23 update US

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US unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21 FE receiving September 2023 update



Samsung Galaxy S21 FE September 2023 update US

Samsung is rolling out the September 2023 security update for the Galaxy S21 FE smartphone in the US, following India and Europe. The update is available for unlocked models of Galaxy S21 FE in the US with One UI build version G990U1UES9EWH2.

September 2023 security update for unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in the US brings bug fixes and functional enhancements to provide a better and seamless experience. It fixes over 60 security flaws found in smartphones and tablets.

The Korean tech giant will soon make this update available for all Galaxy S21 FE models. If you have received this update, then you can install it through your smartphone’s Settings >> Software Update >> Download and Install.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE September 2023 update US

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