Samsung Cloud will be discontinued in June next year

Some time ago, Samsung started shutting down its customer cloud service Samsung Cloud, but they recently officially announced this plan.

According to foreign media reports, Samsung will officially discontinue cloud services on June 21, 2021. Also, the option to sync images and videos from the Samsung Album app to the Samsung Cloud will soon be stepping out. For example, the Netherlands Photo Album app sync activity ends on October 5, with local time and other markets closing this fall.

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Samsung will allow cloud users to migrate data to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud disk before April 1 next year. During the 10 weeks from April 1 to June 21, users will only be allowed to manually download data from the Samsung cloud. After June 21, Samsung cloud servers will be permanently shut down.
Samsung devises users should know that two years ago Samsung Cloud did not allow users to purchase capacity packages. The standard 15GB is only available for use, then reduced to 5GB. Currently, on Samsung phones, Samsung has replaced the cloud with Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. Album Sync only supports OneDrive cloud disks.

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Samsung Cloud End means that Samsung has officially partnered with Microsoft to use OneDrive Cloud Disk Sync on the device. However, in the “My Files” app, Google Drive sync is still an option. It is reported that this is part of Samsung’s major strategic change and that it will be more costly to establish a major partnership with Microsoft’s OneDrive team. Samsung’s software cuts are huge, but it does have a definite impact on their production environment.

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