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Samsung July 2024 Security Patch Details Released: Here’s What’s New



Samsung July 2024 patch details

As we enter the 2nd day of July 2024, Samsung has unveiled details of its newest security patch for Galaxy devices. This update aims to enhance security and performance, however, the rollout is yet to start.

July 2024 Security Maintenance Release (SMR) combines patches from Google and Samsung. Google brings fixes for 4 critical and 21 high-level vulnerabilities in Android, although 2 are not applicable to Samsung devices.

Moreover, Samsung has resolved 33 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) to further improve device security. These SVE items are mainly related to One UI Home, System Property, System UI, Filter Provider, Secure Folder, Configuration Message, IMS service, Knox, MTP app, and more.

This time, Samsung’s semiconductor patch also introduces fixes for 2 high-level CVEs specific to their hardware.

Samsung July 2024 Security Patch Details

Android Patch Details


  • CVE-2023-43556, CVE-2023-43538, CVE-2023-43551, CVE-2024-31320


  • CVE-2024-0671, CVE-2024-1065, CVE-2024-23698, CVE-2024-23696, CVE-2024-23697, CVE-2024-23695, CVE-2024-23711, CVE-2024-26926, CVE-2024-20066, CVE-2024-20068, CVE-2024-20067, CVE-2023-43542, CVE-2024-23363, CVE-2024-31331, CVE-2024-34720, CVE-2024-34723, CVE-2024-31332, CVE-2024-31339, CVE-2024-34722, CVE-2024-34721, CVE-2024-31338


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • None

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2024-20069, CVE-2024-20065

Samsung Semiconductor

Samsung Semiconductor patch is also included in this Security Maintenance Release with the following CVE item:


  • CVE-2024-29153, CVE-2023-50805

One UI Patch Details

  • SVE-2023-1279(CVE-2024-20888): Improper access control in OneUIHome
  • SVE-2023-1514(CVE-2024-34583): Improper access control in system property
  • SVE-2024-0067(CVE-2024-20890, CVE-2024-20889): Improper implementation in BLE
  • SVE-2024-0144(CVE-2024-20891): Improper access control in SystemUI
  • SVE-2024-0146(CVE-2024-34585): Improper access control in SystemUI
  • SVE-2024-0148(CVE-2024-34595): Improper access control in SystemUI
  • SVE-2024-0194(CVE-2024-20892): Improper verification of signature in FilterProvider
  • SVE-2024-0440(CVE-2024-20893): Improper input validation in
  • SVE-2024-0490(CVE-2024-20894): Improper handling of exceptional conditions in Secure Folder
  • SVE-2024-0547(CVE-2024-20895): Improper access control in Dar service
  • SVE-2024-0700(CVE-2024-20896): Use of implicit intent for sensitive communication in Configuration message
  • SVE-2024-0716(CVE-2024-34584): Improper privilege management in SumeNNService
  • SVE-2024-0772(CVE-2024-20899, CVE-2024-20898, CVE-2024-20897): Use of implicit intent for sensitive communication in FCM function in IMS service.
  • SVE-2024-0788(CVE-2024-34586): Improper access control in KnoxCustomManagerService
  • SVE-2024-0793(CVE-2024-34587): Improper input validation in
  • SVE-2024-0794(CVE-2024-34588): Improper input validation in
  • SVE-2024-0795(CVE-2024-34589): Improper input validation in
  • SVE-2024-0810(CVE-2024-34590): Improper input validation in
  • SVE-2024-0811(CVE-2024-34591): Improper input validation in
  • SVE-2024-0812(CVE-2024-34592): Improper input validation in
  • SVE-2024-0818(CVE-2024-34593): Improper input validation in
  • SVE-2024-0834(CVE-2024-20900): Improper authentication in MTP application
  • SVE-2024-0851(CVE-2024-20901): Improper input validation in copying data to buffer cache in libsaped
  • SVE-2024-0882(CVE-2024-34594): Exposure of sensitive information in proc file system

Some SVE items included in the Samsung Android Security Update cannot be disclosed at this time.

Samsung June 2024 security patch details


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Breaking: Galaxy S22 running Android 15 One UI 7 knocks Geekbench



9 Samsung devices One UI 6.1 Canada

New benchmarking scores for the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone have surfaced online, hinting at the latest capabilities of the smartphone. After Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S22 performance has been tested on One UI 7 and Android 15.

According to the latest information via @tarunvats, Samsung Galaxy S22 with Android 15 and One UI 7 appeared on Geekbench. It has received a single-core score of 1219 and a multi-core score of 2802. These scores suggest notable performance improvements over its current software.

It’s important to note that these benchmarking scores are based on early builds of the Galaxy S22 and do not necessarily show its final performance. However, it indicates that Samsung is actively working towards providing One UI 7 to its Galaxy devices with next-level experience.

Samsung Galaxy S24+ Geekbench Score

On the Geekbench platform, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus smartphone spotted testing One UI 7 and Android 15. The smartphone performance is defined with a single-core score of 2114 and a multi-core score of 6616.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Geekbench Score

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra also recently appeared running on One UI 7 and Android 15. It recorded a single-core score of 1658 and a multi-core score of 4028.

Based on Android 15, One UI 7 will be announced at the October 2024 Samsung Developer Conference.  The Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy Z Fold 6, and Galaxy Z Flip 6 will be among the first devices to receive this major update.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra performance tested on Android 15, One UI 7



Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Geekbench One UI 7

Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for the next evolution in the software, and the recent leak has provided amazing glimpses of what the future holds. The latest development comes from GeekBench, where the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been spotted running on One UI 7 and Android 15.

According to the tipster @Tarunvats, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone has appeared with One UI 7 and Android 15. It has achieved a single-core score of 1658 and a multi-core score of 4028. We can expect significant performance improvements with the next major update.

Further, the tipster has noted that this benchmark is from early builds and does not suggest the beta launch. It offers a glimpse into what consumers can expect from Samsung’s next software for Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Aside from this, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus smartphone also benchmarked with One UI 7 and Android 15. This smartphone scored 2114 at single-core and 6616 at multi-core.

Samsung announced the release of One UI 7 on 3rd October 2024 at the SDC, with the rollout expected later that month. One UI 7 initial release will likely start with the newest flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy S24 series, Galaxy Z Flip 6, and Z Fold 6.

Ahead of the official launch, beta testing is expected to begin in August allowing select users to experience the new software. Notably, this major One UI update will bring several new features and enhancements.

Some reports revealed that the One UI 7 update is expected to bring One UI 6 Watch-inspired UI, vertical app drawer, better battery performance, and new AI-powered functionalities.

One UI 7 may borrow user interface tweaks from One UI 6 Watch

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One UI 7 testing moves to next phase for Galaxy S24 series



Samsung Galaxy S24 One UI 7 testing

Samsung is gearing up for major software updates, with reports emerging about the progress of One UI 7 and One UI 6.1.1. A recent development reveals that internal testing of One UI 7 has progressed for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

According to tipster @tarunvats, a new One UI 7 testing firmware has been identified on Checkfirm for the Galaxy S24 series. This firmware is identified with build S92xBXXU3BXG2, which indicates a step forward in the testing phase.

One UI 7 will bring a host of improvements and new features aimed at optimizing user experience. It is expected to integrate UI improvements inspired by One UI 6 Watch for Samsung’s wearables. Moreover, it may include a vertical app drawer, better battery performance, and new AI-powered functionalities.

Samsung announced the release of One UI 7 at the Samsung Developer Conference scheduled for October 3, 2024. Ahead of this, Samsung may start a beta program in early August 2024 to allow Galaxy users and developers to try and provide feedback on the upcoming features.

Samsung will expand One UI 6.1.1 AI Smart Reply to older Galaxy devices

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