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New iOS 18 features that Android phones have for years!



Apple iOS 18 will be the biggest upgrade for iPhone users in years. As always, Apple managed to take all the credit for changes it made in the iOS 18, but many of the new features have been available in Android phones for years.

iOS 18 is going to be a big upgrade for Apple iPhone users. However, the features are not so innovative as Android users have had most of them for years. Let’s have a look at the most notable ones!

Homescreen personalization

iOS 18 will enable homescreen customization on iPhone, which was not possible till v17. While Android vendors continued to make homescreen and lockscreen heavily personalizable, Apple realized it too late.

Static app grid is gone, and app icon movement is no longer limited. The iOS 18 also introduces custom color palettes that turn app icons into different shades – a similar approach to Android’s Material You.

Apple Intelligence

Feature-packed Gallery

Android’s Google Photos and Galaxy’s Samsung Gallery are equipped with advanced editing features. Taking inspiration, Apple also made some fruitful changes to its Photos app to uplevel user experience.

iOS 18 improves the search system of Photos app, allowing users to search for details in photos, including numbers, places, and other identifiers. Magic/Object Eraser is also added in the Photos app to remove unwanted objects.

On-device AI

Google introduced Pixel 8 Pro as the first on-device AI-powered smartphone. Later, Samsung launched the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra – all are equipped with Gemini Nano AI innovation.

Apple unveiled Apple Intelligence, which is arriving on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max with iOS 18. The company partnered with OpenAI to fuel ChatGPT in products ranging in iPhone, as well as iPad and Mac lineups.

Apple iOS 18


Google has been criticizing Apple over the lack of RCS messaging in the iMessage app. The iPhone maker was forced by the European Union to adopt RCS messaging innovation, which is debuting with the iOS 18 upgrade.

The integration of RCS tech will allow users to see delivery and read receipts, theoretically typing indicators, and much richer images. Notably, RCS has been available in Android’s Google Messages for several years.

Emoji generator

iOS 18 has a powerful emoji generator functionality, which is better than Android’s emoji kitchen. It lets users generate bespoke emojis with AI in the style of Apple’s existing library of emojis.

Android has an Emoji Kitchen feature, which allows you to create unique stickers. However, the power of artificial intelligence gives an edge to Apple’s version of emoji creator functionality.

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Android’s Ultra HDR will work on third-party camera apps



Android 14 Ultra HDR

Google is working to expand Android’s Ultra HDR support to third-party camera apps. It will significantly improve the user experience as they can directly capture images from a social media app or a third-party camera app.

With Android 14, Google debuted Ultra HDR camera technology. It’s a new Google-made image format that is based on JPEG. The JPEG helps the device capture both SDR and HDR versions of the scene and display it according to the device’s hardware.

At present, many third-party apps with built-in camera support can’t capture photos in Ultra HDR. It’s going to be changed soon. It’s expected that the Camera2 API powering the feature could be used by apps that want to deploy Ultra HDR functionality.

As the image is based on JPEG format, it can be viewed in any handset. If your device has compatible hardware (display), you will notice more vibrant and contrasty colors. However, devices that lack hardware will display the same image but in its SDR format.

JPEG file keeps an HDR gain map in its metadata, making it possible to extend Ultra HDR support. Third-party app developers can make changes so the app’s native camera can apply an HDR gain map over the base SDR version of the image which is already contained in the file.

Apps crafted using Camera2API will benefit first from Ultra HDR support. Meanwhile, CameraX API-based applications will have to wait for Google to bring that functionality over. Regarding this, the company has already made an announcement but an official release is yet to come.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, Pixel 8, and Pixel 7 series are some of the devices that screen Ultra HDR images in their full glory. These smartphones are set to receive many fruitful enhancements through the CameraX platform upgrade to support Ultra HDR format.

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Samsung Galaxy A54 5G (Quantum 4) bags July 2024 security update



Samsung Galaxy A54 July 2024 update

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, also known as the Quantum 4 in Korea, is now receiving the latest July 2024 security update. The update brings enhancements for security and stability, aiming to provide a better user experience.

The July 2024 update includes the most recent Android security patch. This patch is essential for protecting the device against potential security risks and ensuring a safe user experience.

Additionally, the update enhances GPS-related features by applying stabilization code, making location services more accurate and reliable. However, it does not include any new features or changes but provides smoother device performance.

July 2024 security update for Samsung Galaxy A54 5G smartphone can be identified via One UI build version A546SKSS6CXG1. It weighs 261.33MB of software package. The update is currently live for users in Korea and will be available in more countries in the coming days.

If you have received the notification of the update then install it now to get a bug-free experience. You can also check the update by visiting the Settings app on your smartphone and opening the Software Update section.

Now, click on the Download and Install option. If any update is available, you can follow the on-screen instructions to install the update on your Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A54 July 2024 update

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Next premium Loewe Stellar TV will run Samsung’s Tizen OS



Samsung Tizen OS Stellar TV

Samsung Tizen OS will be seen in Loewe’s premium Stellar TV. The company revealed that Tizen OS will be used in Loewe’s latest premium TV, set to launch on July 15 in Europe.

The Korean tech giant considers it a big milestone for the Tizen Licensing Program. It first commenced in 2022 and is now rapidly growing in Europe and worldwide.

Based on the newest 2024 Tizen licensing platform, Tizen OS for Stellar offers a wealth of content and service options, making it the ideal choice for Loewe’s discerning customer base.

With Samsung Tizen OS, Loewe Stellar TV users have access to a wide variety of features, ensuring an unparalleled entertainment experience. Key features include:

  • Samsung TV Plus: A vast array of free channels and on-demand content, providing a diverse selection of entertainment options.
  • Gaming Hub: Access to top gaming platforms and services, offering an integrated gaming experience of 1,000+ titles without the need for a console.
  • SmartThings: Seamless connection to smart devices in your home.

Samsung Tizen OS Stellar TV

Loewe is renowned for its luxury and high-end TVs. The company is famous for its impeccable design and use of premium and unique materials including stone and concrete back panels.

Tizen OS

Samsung’s Tizen OS runs on 270 million Smart TVs globally. It delivers an intuitive interface, which minimizes the steps required for navigation and customization.

Tizen OS users can stream their favorite content and play thousands of games — all on one screen — and every aspect of the TV experience is personalized and secured by Samsung Knox.

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