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Samsung June 2024 Security Patch Details Published



Samsung July 2024 patch details

Samsung has disclosed details of the June 2024 security patch, which includes various security enhancements, specifically CVE and SVE items to boost security. Although the release of the June 2024 security update has not started for Galaxy devices, it is expected to begin shortly.

June 2024 security patch for Samsung devices is ready to fix 37 high-level CVEs for the Android operating system. Notably, one of these CVEs has already been addressed in earlier updates from Samsung, and two of them do not apply to Galaxy devices.

In addition to the Google security fixes, Samsung is also including 22 SVE items in the update. These enhance the overall user experience. The latest security patch resolves several issues including those affecting the grid image display, battery statistics services, call verification, the Samsung Dialer app, and more.

Samsung June 2024 Security Patch Details

Android Patch Details


  • None


  • CVE-2023-6363, CVE-2024-1067, CVE-2024-1395, CVE-2023-4622, CVE-2023-32871, CVE-2023-32873, CVE-2024-20057, CVE-2024-20056, CVE-2023-43530, CVE-2024-21471, CVE-2024-23351, CVE-2024-23354, CVE-2023-43529, CVE-2024-21475, CVE-2024-21477, CVE-2023-21266, CVE-2024-31310, CVE-2024-31316, CVE-2024-31317, CVE-2024-31318, CVE-2024-31319, CVE-2024-31322, CVE-2024-31324, CVE-2024-31325, CVE-2024-31326, CVE-2024-31312, CVE-2024-31314, CVE-2023-21113, CVE-2023-21114, CVE-2024-31311, CVE-2024-31313, CVE-2024-31315, CVE-2024-31323, CVE-2024-31327, CVE-2024-31328, CVE-2024-31329, CVE-2024-31330


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2023-33119

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2024-21480, CVE-2023-43531

One UI Patch Details

  • SVE-2023-2165(CVE-2024-20873): Improper input validation vulnerability in caminfo driver
  • SVE-2023-2325(CVE-2024-20874): Improper access control vulnerability in SmartManagerCN
  • SVE-2024-0035(CVE-2024-20885): Improper component protection vulnerability in Samsung Dialer
  • SVE-2024-0047(CVE-2024-20875): Improper caller verification vulnerability in SemClipboard
  • SVE-2024-0209(CVE-2024-20876): Improper input validation in
  • SVE-2024-0225(CVE-2024-20877): Heap out-of-bound write vulnerability in parsing grid image header in
  • SVE-2024-0238(CVE-2024-20878): Heap out-of-bound write vulnerability in parsing grid image in
  • SVE-2024-0272(CVE-2024-20879): Improper input validation vulnerability in
  • SVE-2024-0341(CVE-2024-20880): Stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in bootloader
  • SVE-2024-0434(CVE-2024-20881): Improper input validation vulnerability in chnactiv TA
  • SVE-2024-0462(CVE-2024-20882): Out-of-bounds read vulnerability in bootloader
  • SVE-2024-0538(CVE-2024-20883): Incorrect use of privileged API vulnerability in BatteryStatsService
  • SVE-2024-0539(CVE-2024-20884): Incorrect use of privileged API vulnerability in BatteryStatsService

Samsung June 2024 security patch details

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Samsung Galaxy Ring cheapest in Korea, not the US: Price breakdown



Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring is cheapest in South Korea followed by the US. The company’s first ring-type wearable is available for pre-order in six countries. Of these countries, Korea is the cheapest while the UK is the most expensive Galaxy Ring market.

Galaxy Ring pricing data gathered by AndroidAuthority shows that the product is the cheapest in South Korea. In US dollar terms, Samsung is selling the Galaxy Ring for $360, translated from the 499,400 Korean won retail price.

Samsung is selling the Galaxy Ring for $400 in the United States. The pricing decision makes it $40 more expensive than South Korea. It costs $412 (2,999 CNY) in China, $489 (440 EUR) in Germany and France, and $515 (399 GBP) in the UK.

As of now, the Korean tech giant is availing the Galaxy Ring in two Asian and three European countries alongside the United States. Notably, the US price in the below-mentioned chart doesn’t include sales tax, which could be approximately $40 or $45.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Price

Samsung will put the Galaxy Ring on general sale on July 24, 2024. If you travel abroad, you will be able to save some money on your Ring purchase. However, your trip destination should be South Korea or China to have travel discount perks.

The general availability will commence the day after tomorrow. We expect US e-commerce platforms would bring some sharp discounts for local shoppers in the US. Amazon and Best Buy may put the Galaxy Ring on sale, bringing additional discounts.

Well, it would take time for Galaxy Ring to see any significant price reduction. It all depends on the popularity of the product and production volume. If the product becomes hit, forget about any severe cash discount for at least 6 months.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring is available in 9 different sizes. Pre-order your Ring to claim early buyer perks and faster delivery at your doorstep. You can also opt for a Sizing Kit, which will help you determine the perfect Ring size for yourself.

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Samsung AR Emoji Stickers app lets you download various facial expressions



Samsung AR Emoji Stickers update

Samsung AR Emoji Stickers are getting a new update with version The new update is available on the Galaxy Store with a package size of 44.36MB. It elevates the user experience with new features and enhancements.

The fresh update introduces the ability to download facial expressions. Users can now expand their AR Emoji sticker collection by downloading a variety of facial expressions.

Moreover, the update includes enhancements to the Edit Stickers screen to make customization more intuitive and user-friendly. By addressing various issues and bugs, the update improves overall stability and performance.

To enjoy these new features, users can update their AR Emoji Stickers to version through the Samsung Galaxy Store. For that open the Galaxy Store app >> Tap on Menu option >> Updates.

Also, they can download the update directly from the third-party app source link mentioned here. Once updated, users can explore the new downloadable facial expressions and improved editing capabilities.

AR Emoji Stickers

AR Emoji Stickers is an app for your Samsung devices that allows users to create various stickers and have fun using them. It offers exciting features, such as facial expressions, actions, decorations, and backgrounds, to create your own stickers.

Moreover, it helps you create unique faces by choosing a variety of styles. Samsung regularly updates this update to add new features and fix issues. In addition, you can edit these AR Emoji Stickers through the AR Emoji Editor app.

For better editing, Samsung recently added an improved asset filter and sorting feature to AR Emoji Editor. Also, the company added an upgraded feature for creating AR Emojis using photos so users can convert their selfies into animated versions.

One UI 6.1.1 will bring Sketch to Image feature to older Samsung devices

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Samsung distributes 17000 Galaxy Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition phones



Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition

On July 10, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition alongside the regular model. Now, the company announced plans to distribute nearly 17000 Galaxy Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition units to athletes and Olympic families for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A proud Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition continues Samsung’s over three-decade-long legacy of providing its cutting-edge technology and mobile innovations in support of the Games.

The Korean tech giant says the Paris 2024 Olympic Edition phone is a special edition of the brand-new Galaxy Z Flip 6. The company closely worked with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to ensure timely delivery to all Paris 2024 athletes.

Paris Olympic 2024 will kick off on July 26 in France. With just days to go until the start, nearly 17,000 athletes and Olympic family for Olympic and Paralympic Games began receiving their Galaxy Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition.

The Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition boasts a full suite of exclusive services and useful apps. Exclusive freebies include an eSIM of 100GB 5G data, an unlimited complimentary public transport access card, and several official Olympic apps.

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 is equipped with a Gemini Nano AI model. It introduces many new on-device AI features that will help Olympic athletes. The Live Translate and Interpreter feature will ensure seamless and barrier-free communication all season.

It features Qualcomm’s fastest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy processor. The main camera is also upgraded to a 50-megapixel resolution sensor. The new Flip also has a larger battery than previous Flip phones to unlock a longer battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition Paris 2024

Team USA Casey Kaufhold and Jennifer Mucino-Fernandez
proudly show their new special edition Pins and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition FlipSuit at the Olympic rendezvous @ Samsung | Village Plaza showcase.

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