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Samsung March 2024 Security Patch Details Published!



Samsung July 2024 patch details

Samsung has announced the details of the March 2024 security patch for its Galaxy devices on the 4th day of the month. However, the company has already begun releasing the latest security update with the Galaxy S24 series.

The March 2024 security patch from Samsung addresses 2 critical,  35 high levels of CVEs for the Android operating system. However, 4 CVE was resolved by previous updates from the company, and 5 is not relevant to Galaxy devices.

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Besides Google patches, Samsung offers 9 SVE items to improve user experience. The latest security patch fixes various issues related to AppLock, Bootloader, some services, and more.

Samsung March 2024 Security Patch Details

Android Patch Details

The fresh security update is based on the Android Security Bulletin – March 2024, which contains patches for 41 issues identified by Google.


  • CVE-2024-0039, CVE-2024-23717


  • CVE-2023-5091, CVE-2023-5249, CVE-2023-5643, CVE-2024-20011, CVE-2024-20007, CVE-2023-33046, CVE-2023-33072, CVE-2023-33060, CVE-2023-33076, CVE-2023-33058, CVE-2023-33049, CVE-2023-33057, CVE-2023-43523, CVE-2023-43522, CVE-2023-43536, CVE-2023-43533, CVE-2023-43513, CVE-2023-43516, CVE-2023-43534, CVE-2023-49668, CVE-2023-49667, CVE-2023-32842, CVE-2023-32841, CVE-2023-32843, CVE-2024-0044, CVE-2024-0046, CVE-2024-0048, CVE-2024-0049, CVE-2024-0050, CVE-2024-0051, CVE-2024-0053, CVE-2024-0047, CVE-2024-0045, CVE-2024-0052, CVE-2023-21135


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2024-20010, CVE-2023-43520, CVE-2024-20003, CVE-2023-21234

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2024-20009, CVE-2024-20006, CVE-2023-43518, CVE-2023-43519, CVE-2023-40081

One UI Patch Details

Samsung also addressed 9 issues specific to its devices, such as improper access control vulnerability in CustomFrequencyManagerService, sensitive information exposure vulnerability in WlanTest, and more.

  • SVE-2023-1793(CVE-2024-20830): Incorrect default permission in AppLock
  • SVE-2023-2078(CVE-2024-20831): Stack overflow in bootloader
  • SVE-2023-2079(CVE-2024-20832): Heap overflow in bootloader
  • SVE-2023-2151(CVE-2024-20833): Use after free vulnerability in NETLINKFIPSCRYPTO
  • SVE-2023-2170(CVE-2024-20834): The sensitive information exposure vulnerability in WlanTest
  • SVE-2023-2382(CVE-2024-20835): Improper access control vulnerability in CustomFrequencyManagerService
  • SVE-2023-2385(CVE-2024-20836): Out of bounds Read vulnerability in
  • Some SVE items included in the Samsung Android Security Update cannot be disclosed at this time.

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One UI 7.0 update to improve functions of Good Lock’s NavStar app



Samsung NavStar One UI 7.0

Samsung NavStar app is a Good Lock module app, which enables an extra gesture settings menu provided in devices with a simplified navigation bar. It regularly receives updates to add new features and enhancements. The next One UI iteration, One UI 7.0, will also enhance the functions of the NavStar Good Lock module.

Users of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 have recently reported a concerning issue related to notifications not displaying correctly on the device’s cover screen. This problem seems to have surfaced suddenly for some users, who noticed that notifications only feature vibrations without displaying on the cover screen itself.

Samsung has acknowledged the issue and the community moderator has explained the cause. This issue is likely linked to the Samsung NavStar app and it is particularly affecting devices with simplified navigation bars.

Moreover, the community moderator has assured users that Samsung is actively working on a solution. He has also mentioned that the upcoming One UI 7.0 update will likely include fixes for these notification display issues.

Samsung NavStar One UI 7.0

It means that the One UI 7.0 update will improve the functions of the Samsung NavStar to provide a better and smoother navigation experience. However, the company hasn’t announced any official timeline for this but the next major software will be unveiled in October 2024.

Recent reports revealed that the One UI 7 Beta Program will start either by the end of July or in early August 2024 for Galaxy devices. Through this, Samsung allows users to enjoy the One UI 7 features on their smartphones ahead of the official release.

However, several Samsung smartphones including Galaxy S24 Plus, Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S23 FE, and Galaxy S21 Plus have already appeared on Geekbench with One UI 7 and Android 15.

Here’s when Samsung One UI 7 Beta (Android 15) could be coming

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Samsung One UI 7 will let you renovate Galaxy icons, new personalization tools coming



Samsung One UI 7 icons

One UI 7.0 is the next version of Samsung‘s custom skin and it has been making waves with several leaked features surfacing online. The Korean tech giant has now officially unveiled exciting new features for One UI 7.0, as confirmed by a Theme Park Developer.

Samsung is working on new features related to icon themes, which will give users more control over their device customization. The new Theme Park features are set to debut with One UI 7.0 to enhance the overall Galaxy experience.

According to the developer, the One UI 7.0 update will bring two new features support. One of them is the ability to customize both folder and app button icons with gallery images. It allows users to decorate their phone screens with images that show their style and interests.

Another one is the option to directly customize the shape of icons. Currently, there are 11 presets but the company will expand it to choose from a broader range of shapes to match their preferences. This customization extends to both folders and app buttons.

Samsung One UI 7 Theme Park icons

Aside from features, the recently added Theme Park method hasn’t been seamless for everyone. The developers acknowledge feedback from the community regarding limitations in applying images. The team assures users that these concerns are being addressed to ensure a smooth and intuitive experience with the upcoming update.

With One UI 7.0, Samsung will allow users to explore new customization options and create themes with unique styles. Stay tuned with us to know more information.

Samsung One UI 7 Gallery icon may look this bad

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Samsung One UI 7 Gallery icon may look this bad



Samsung Galaxy A55 July 2024 update Brazil

Samsung One UI 7 may adopt a bad-looking icon for Galaxy’s native Gallery app. The company is rumored to introduce redesigned app icons with the next One UI version. Meanwhile, an alleged Gallery app icon appeared online that looks bad.

Tipster Chunvn8888 posted the alleged One UI 7 Gallery app icon’s image. The new icon features a solid White background with six leaves of different colors. It’s a complete revamp from the current design that has a solid purplish-red color with White leaves.

The icon apparently lacks a dynamic appearance such as a 3D effect or shadow. The arrangement of leaves also looks odd, with six different colors that don’t give it a pleasing feel. As the work is still underway, there might be changes in icon-making.

Samsung One UI 7 Gallery Icon

The image is shared by a tipster in his X post, which could be untrue but it isn’t very likely. If Samsung brings this bad-looking Gallery icon, it could have to replace it with a new one as most of the users have the same opinion with its design.

The same source previously revealed that One UI will have a new notification panel. Swipe down from the screen’s upper right will open Quick Settings while the upper left corner will expand the Notification panel.

One UI 7 Update

Samsung could start the One UI 7 Beta Program next month. Recent flagship and select mid-range phones will be eligible for the testing activity. The recently launched foldable smartphones will also be invited for the testing activity.

Stable One UI 7 will start rolling out to compatible models later this year. The official rollout may commence after the October 3rd – Samsung Developer Conference. Android 15 update will be widely available on Samsung devices by the end of the year.

In the initial run, One UI 7 will roll out to the Galaxy S24 series. Later on, Samsung will gradually expand the update to the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 users. Older models will also join the party with the latest One UI version by November this year.

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