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Samsung Good Lock Theme Park App Updates – v1.0.09.59



Samsung Theme Park slider UI

Samsung Theme Park is a module offered by Good Lock to create the most amazing theme and install it quickly and easily. It extracts the main color from the wallpaper and automatically creates themes based on the user’s style and color. The user can see the final appearance from the preview screen and can create their own theme that can express their personality.

In addition to this, this application provides plenty of features and new theme options to Galaxy smartphone users. You can check some of the highlighted features of the Samsung Galaxy theme below.

Prominently, if you want to experience the newest feature of this app, then keep updating it to the latest version through the Galaxy store.

Samsung Theme Park Updates

[June 08, 2023]

Samsung is releasing a new update for Good Lock Theme Park with version The new update comes with a new option for Icons and Themes. Read more here…

Samsung Theme Park

[April 04, 2023]

Samsung Theme Park app is getting April 2023 update with version, which brings bug fixes, new features and more. Read more here…

[February 14, 2023]

Samsung has begun releasing the February 2023 update for the Good Lock module Theme Park. The new update removes the transparency limit for notification background color in the quick panel. Read more here…

[December 04, 2022]

Samsung Theme Park is grabbing December 2022 update, which fixes some user interface issues related to visibility and quick panel preview. Read more here…

[November 21, 2022]

Samsung is releasing a November 2022 update for the Good Lock module Theme Park with version The new version updated the quick panel preview and fixes some issues related to theme colors.

The installation package size of the latest Theme Park update is 14.87MB. You can install the latest update via Galaxy Store.

Samsung Theme Park November 2022 update

October 25, 2022

Samsung Good Lock module Theme Park is receiving a new update via Galaxy Store. The new update of Theme Park can be identified via version It weighs 14.27MB package.

Theme Park update brings Android 13-based One UI 5 support and improves Quick Panel Brightness Bar Custom UI.

Main feature

  • Creating a theme from a background image
  • You can easily create a keyboard theme by selecting a basic color and style.
  • You can customize keycaps and text colors to your own color or image
  • Deciding whether to apply the theme for each app
  • You can apply the theme for the quick panel separately from the main theme.
  • You can also use the theme park on tablet devices
  • Landscape mode is also supported on devices

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Enhance your Samsung AR Emoji app performance with a new update



Samsung AR Emoji update

Samsung has pushed a new update for the AR Emoji app, which carries a version The update brings bug fixes and functional enhancements to improve the user experience.

The fresh update of the Samsung AR Emoji app is available on the Galaxy Store with an installtion package size of 72.57MB. The update does not include any new features or changes but users will surely get a better performance.

The AR Emoji app is part of the AR Zone app, which is a collection of augmented reality features that allow you to interact with virtual characters and objects. You can access the AR Emoji app from the AR Zone app or from the camera app on your Samsung phone.

With the AR Emoji app, you can create an emoji that looks just like you by taking a picture of yourself or selecting one from your gallery. You can then edit your emoji’s face, makeup, clothes, and accessories to suit your style. You can also design your own clothing items in different colors.

To enhance it more, you just need to install the Samsung AR Emoji update on your smartphone through Galaxy Store or third-party link sources.

Google Messages updates its home screen design for Android users

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Samsung Galaxy Store update rolling out for One UI devices



Samsung Galaxy Store update

Samsung is pushing a new update for the Galaxy Store app with version The new update fixes some bugs to improve the stability of the app. The update is available for Galaxy devices running Android 13 or later versions with an installation package size of 62.01MB

The fresh update of the Samsung Galaxy Store enhances some functions of the app. Although, the update does not contain any new feature or change it surely provides a better user experience.

The company is constantly improving Galaxy Store’s usability through continuous updates and provides various features. Users who want to use the Galaxy Store feature must update it to the latest version and grant the required access permissions.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Store update through the Galaxy Store app. Also, you can download the update directly from the third-party source link mentioned here.

Samsung Galaxy Store update

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Spotify introduces ‘Jam’ feature for collaborative music listening



Spotify Jam feature

Spotify has announced a new feature ‘Jam’ that will let users create and control a music playlist together in real-time. This feature will allow up to 32 Spotify users to join a shared music queue and add, remove, or reorder songs as they wish.

To start a “Jam”, a Spotify Premium user can tap the speaker icon on the Now Playing screen and share an invite code with other Spotify users via a QR code or a link. The invite code will grant access to the music queue, where everyone can see what songs are playing and who added them. Free Spotify users can also join a “Jam” and contribute songs, but they cannot start one.

The Jam feature of Spotify is designed to make music listening more social and interactive, especially for situations where multiple people want to have a say in the music selection, such as parties, road trips, or workouts. Spotify says that the feature is rolling out starting today and will be available to all Spotify users soon.

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