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One UI 6.0

One UI 6.0: The ultimate features wishlist for Samsung users



Samsung One UI 6.0 Features Wishlist

One UI 6.0 features will reveal throughout the Beta testing, expected to start in late July, while our wishlist consists of all the features we want Samsung to bring with its Android 14 update this year.

Google started the Android 14 Developer Preview in February and the final release will probably happen in early August. Samsung has neither joined Google in Preview nor became a part of Android 14’s Public Beta testing.

In 2023, Samsung is expected to release the One UI 6 Beta earlier, which will reveal the user interface and features. Since there’s a two-month gap before One UI 6 Beta, we will continue to gather inputs on what could come.

Samsung One UI 6.0 Features Wishlist

Here’s our wishlist of One UI 6.0 features:

Ultra HDR

At I/O, Google unveiled Ultra HDR support for Image, which arriving in Android 14. This new feature will deliver more realistic stills, courtesy of a greater range of brightness, colors, and contrast.

Drag and Drop

As Google is testing drag and drop feature on Android 14, we want Samsung One UI 6 software should not to miss it for Galaxy devices. As you can see in the videos embedded here, Android 14 allows transferring text and media content such as photos between apps with drag and drop.

Seamless Updates [A/B Partition]

It has been a long time since Galaxy consumers are demanding the seamless updates feature. Google Pixel phones adopted this tech years ago, which radically reduces the shutdown time while installing firmware updates. Hopefully, Galaxy devices will get support for seamless updates or the S24 series.

Redesigned user interface elements

The original One UI version was first launched in 2019 and the company introduced a total of five generations excluding point versions. Eye-catching user interface plays a key role in user experience but Samsung seems to be only focussing on refinements, which should change with One UI 6.

Pixel Dynamic Colors

Themed Icons and even the Color Palette feature don’t look appropriate on Galaxy devices. Samsung needs to make significant changes in this aspect as most of the users are not satisfied with One UI’s Material You version. Pay attention, Pixel comes with way better Material You integration than the Galaxy.

Refined animations and visual effects

The Korean tech giant brought new visual effects and improved animations with the One UI 5.0. But when compared to Apple iOS, it appears Samsung is far behind in optimization. Flagship phones undoubtedly offer great animations but Apple manages to offer the same experience on all models.

One UI Boot animation

Samsung is the world’s biggest smartphone vendor and the biggest spreader of Android operating system. With the One UI 5.1, it has added One UI animation which appears at the time of app optimization. However, Samsung One UI 6.0 should bring One UI’s native boot animation to Galaxy devices.

Tabular icons and large folder

MIUI 14 introduces tabular icons and large folder features (via RPRNA) as part of renovating the home screen experience. Large folders became part of almost every Android skin developed by China-based vendors, however, the tabular icons are a step ahead. Samsung should consider bringing such kind of home screen tweaks.

Multi user profiles

Multi-user profiles feature was sadly ditched from the One UI 5.0 due to unknown reasons. We hoped One UI 5.1 could bring back the function but it didn’t happen. There’s no input on why the company is not bringing this useful feature to Galaxy devices, and we hope it will come back with One UI 6.0

Native app lock

Norton app lock has over 5 million installations on Google Play Store and most of the users are from Samsung and Google. Chinese ROMs such as MIUI bring a native app lock feature in order to allow users to give another protection shield on certain apps to share the phone with others hassle-free.

Leaving Google aside, One UI 6.0 should include the native app lock feature so users won’t have to get any third-party applications from app markets. Secure folder works pretty well, but an app lock’s usability is far away from this limited function.

Passkeys for native apps

Dashlane confirmed that its native app will get passkeys support following the final release of Android 14. Since the One UI 6.0 will be based on Android 14, we hope, Samsung won’t leave this feature behind or keep limited to flagship devices or certain models.

Emoji wallpaper generator

Android 14 DP2 brings an excellent new feature, allowing Pixel users to create wallpaper based on emojis. There’s a new emoji lab added in the native wallpaper section, where user can pick up their preferred emojis and combine them in an image background to create wallpaper. One UI 6.0 should bring this feature to Samsung phones.

Super low battery alert

Android 14 adds a new battery low alert which prompts users when the phone has just 2% battery left. One UI 6.0 should also bring this feature so users can stop using the phone and get a few minutes to plug in the charger.

Video Remaster

One UI 5.1 expands the usability of One UI’s Remaster feature with support for GIF files. We now want Samsung to bring support for Video Remaster with the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 firmware.

Improved Nightography

Google is working on the development of an improved Night Sight feature for the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, with multi-camera sensors support. As rivals are now focussing on nighttime photography, Samsung One UI 6.0 should bring improvements to its epic Nightography feature.

Enhanced Auto Brightness

Google is reportedly testing a new Android feature, which might auto-adjust screen brightness even if the device is locked. The release of this feature is expected with Android 14, and we believe Samsung One UI 6.0 may bring it to Galaxy users.

Separate lock screen live wallpaper

As Google begins to prepare, Samsung One UI 6.0 could finally allow users to set separate live wallpaper on the home screen and lock screen.

Features acknowledged by Samsung developer for consideration:

1. Samsung Phone App

It would be beneficial to have a conference or party button, which enables the use of a microphone and speaker while the Bluetooth device is connected and in use. Dual input and output during calls to include other individuals in a conversation.

This provides the ability to include other people in the conversation you are on without waiting for the Bluetooth to disconnect, or if you need to confer for a moment without including others, for it to reconnect and then disconnect again.

2. Document “Read Text Aloud”

A Samsung user wants the company to bring Adobe Acrobat document reader-like function with the One UI 6.0 so it will read docs like PDF files aloud.

3. Samsung Notes

It would be great to have a way to automatically sort folders in alphabetical order. Notably, a similar feature is already available in the Notes app that can be accessed from the right side through the Up or Down arrow, followed by the Filter option.

4. Samsung Messages

Some third-party apps allow you to stop or cancel messages before sending them to the second party, however, it’s a great idea to be applied in One UI 6.

5. S Pen

With the One UI 6.0, Samsung should add drag and drop hovering for content, using the S Pen’s pointer. When the button is pressed for a certain time over text to activate the drag and drop feature.

6. Samsung Health

A Galaxy user suggested bringing a barcode scanning feature in the Samsung Health app to scan food and nutrition stuff.

7. Modes and Routines

One UI 5 update brings fruitful upgrades to the iconic Modes and Routines functions, while users want the ability to reorder or sort the list of modes with the next One UI version.

We will continue to add more features to our wishlist. If you have your own expectations with One UI 6, feel free to share them with us through the details given below.

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Samsung One UI 6.0 Features Wishlist

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Android 14

First Samsung One UI 6.0 app is already up for download



Samsung One UI 6 Apps UX

Samsung is already rolling out support for One UI 6 to a native app, up for download for some. The company is internally testing the Android 14 Beta on the Galaxy S23 series and today begins to update stock apps months ahead of the software’s debut.

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The South Korean tech giant often updates One UI apps, bringing support for unreleased software iterations. It helps the app continue to work after upgrading to a new version of the operating system or a major One UI switch. It brings “added colors following One UI 6.x” the changelog reads.

Notably, the Samsung Calculator app with support for One UI 6 is not available to download for all consumers. It rolled out to a limited number of users having the latest flagship smartphone. In the coming days, we are expecting a wider rollout of this upgraded app version.

Download Samsung One UI 6 app

  • Galaxy Store – Link
  • Google Play Store – Link
  • APKMirror – Link

Samsung Calculator One UI 6 support

One UI 6 Release Date

Google is expected to release the Stable Android 14 operating system by August this year. Around the same timeframe, Samsung is likely to announce the One UI 6 Beta program for select Galaxy devices. However, the Stable One UI 6.0 update rollout could begin in October 2023.

One UI 6 Eligible Devices

All the Samsung devices released with Android 12-based One UI 4 out of the box are eligible to get the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update. In addition, a number of flagship devices (phones and tablets) will also get the major upgrade, thanks to the four OS guarantee. Check the list below:

  • Galaxy S23 Lineup: S23, S23 Plus & S23 Ultra
  • Galaxy S22 Lineup: S22, S22 Plus & S22 Ultra
  • Galaxy S21 Lineup: S21, S21 Plus & S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy Z Fold Lineup: Z Fold 5, Fold 4 and Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip Lineup: Z Flip 5, Flip 4 and Flip 3
  • Galaxy A Lineup: A72, A52 and newer A phones
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One UI 6.0

Samsung One UI 6 support already rolling out to Calculator app



Samsung Calculator One UI 6 support

Samsung is reportedly going to unveil an Android 14-based One UI 6 with the next Galaxy foldable smartphone in late July 2023. Ahead of that, the company has now started bringing One UI 6 support to one of its stock apps named the Samsung Calculator app.

The South Korean tech giant is rolling out a new update for the Samsung Calculator app, which bears support for Android 14-based One UI 6. The company’s aim is to make its stock apps compatible with the next One UI so that when the update will be released for the smartphone, the app will not stop working or start crashing.

According to the latest update, the Calculator app gets One UI 6.0 support along with some new features and improvements. The company updates colors following the One UI 6. In addition to this, the fresh update of the Samsung Calculator app also added a data unit converter.

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Furthermore, the new version has also updated the targetSdkVersion 33 and minSdkVersion 31. At the moment, the update is rolling out for limited Galaxy devices and the company will soon expand it to more eligible devices soon.

Samsung Calculator One UI 6 support
Several reports revealed that Samsung will start the Beta program in late July or early August 2023 while the stable version in October 2023.

These Samsung Galaxy devices are eligible for Android 14: One UI 6.0 Device List

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One UI 6.0

One UI 6 Design Concept: Ideas for Samsung to renovate Quick Settings and Notification Panel



Samsung One UI 6 Concept

Samsung is internally working on the Android 14-based One UI 6 software. Earlier, we’ve seen alleged One UI 6 test firmware builds for the Galaxy S23 lineup, suggesting an early debut of the Beta program. Meanwhile, concept creators now share design ideas, which Samsung could apply in One UI 6 design.

Quick Settings and Notification Panel are the two most useful parts of the user interface. Samsung currently offers neat and clean panels with circular toggles integrated with the notification panel. However, both sections just got refinements over the past few versions, and now require a design renovation.

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Two concept creators shared their idea of how the Samsung One UI 6 software’s Quick Settings and Notification Panel can be designed. Both are inspired by Google’s stock Android design, which features toggles in large horizontal tiles for better visibility and access.

You can check the concept images below:

Here’s another set of concept images with redesigned clock, and stock Android Music Player.

Samsung is expected to start the Android 14-based One UI 6 Beta program for the Galaxy S23 series by the end of July. After the initial introduction, the Beta activity will continue to run for about three months, with joining new models such as the Galaxy S22, S21 and foldable phones.

Credits – IntoGalaxy | MarqusPlus

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