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Samsung Galaxy S23 HDR vignetting issue will fix with next software



Samsung Galaxy S23 September 2023 update Brazil

Samsung is continuously improving the camera capabilities of its latest flagship lineup. Now, tipster claimed that the next Samsung update will fix the HDR vignetting issue of the Galaxy S23 series.

According to @UniverseIce, Samsung developers are working on camera improvements for the Galaxy S23 smartphones, which also includes a fix for the HDR issue. As the May 2023 patch began to rollout, all eyes are on the next OTA, which could solve the vignetting problem.

After analyzing the error log shared by the user, in the reply, a Samsung executive explained that “the problem occurs due to a mix of negative EV input frames containing the same contour pattern, and applying LTM after HDR output will make the problem worse.”

Samsung Galaxy S23 HDR

Earlier, the same source shared an image so users can better understand what’s the HDR-related problem on the Galaxy S23 camera. When captured in certain scenarios, the photos taken by Galaxy S23/+/Ultra get affected by HDR problems, which can be seen at the edges of the subject.

In order to fix the issue, the South Korean tech giant is reportedly working on optimization of the exposure value (EV) frame and local tone-mapping (LTM). As the May patch is available in select markets, we may see the camera SW in South Korea and China.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra High Dynamic Range

April 2023 Update Changelog

New Feature/Function

  • A function has been added to the gallery so that you can immediately delete photos that are being processed immediately after taking them with the camera.


  1. For faster photo taking, the AF concept has been changed so that when the user presses the shooting button, the user can take a photo even when the focus is not completely set. However, if you want to shoot after completing Focus as before, please change the settings in the latest Camera Assistant.
    • Camera Assistant > Prioritize focus over speed (focus priority) On

Bug/Issue Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where a green line was displayed on the left side intermittently when shooting in the rear photo mode.
  2. Fixed a malfunction when shooting after Night Off in low light after selecting Shooting Speed ​​> High Resolution > Speed ​​Priority in Camera Assistant.
    • Camera Assistant > Shooting Speed ​​> High Resolution > Speed ​​Priority, then Camera > Night Off or Scene Optimizer Off
  3. Fixed an issue where face recognition could not be recognized intermittently after ending a 3rd party video call.


  1. Improved sharpness/flicker and added notice when shooting Ultrawide in low light indoors after setting Camera Video Mode > Super Steady On.
    • “To take a good Super Steady photo, I need more light.”
  2. Improved image stabilization when shooting with FHD60 after setting Auto FPS Off in rear video.
  3. Improved line-shaped banding noise in the sky in mid-low light when shooting high-pixel in low-mid light.
  4. Improved stability for camera movements introduced through other routes.


  1. Optimized overall sharpness for high-pixel shooting and improved intermittent blurring through OIS stabilization.

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Here’s how to fix screen capture issue on your Samsung device



Samsung One UI Home New update

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy phone? Then you might have noticed that your screen captures look weird lately. The picture might be fuzzy, rainbow-colored, or overlapping. This is not because of your phone, but it is a bug in the One UI 5.1/One UI 5.1.1 software that affects the image processing.

Don’t worry, there is a solution for this problem. Samsung has released a software update that fixes the issue and makes your screen captures look normal again. All you need to do is to update your device software.

For that, you just need to open Settings >> Software Update > Download and Install. This new software will also make your phone work better and more secure, so don’t wait any longer. Update your Galaxy phone now and get rid of this Samsung screen capture issue.

Samsung Screen capture issue

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How to fix black screen issue on Samsung Galaxy devices



Samsung Always On Display One UI 6

Some users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones have reported a problem with the lock screen, where the screen turns black and only the top indicator bar and bottom navigation bar are visible. This happened when an app on the lock screen is closed while the phone is locked.

To fix this issue, you can turn the screen off and on, or fold and unfold the device if it is foldable. However, this is not a permanent solution. To prevent the black screen issue from happening again, you need to update your device software to the latest version.

Samsung has announced that the company plans to release software that improves the phenomenon and fixes the bug. To update your device software, you just need to go to Settings >> Software update >> Download and install.

Samsung issues surprise Galaxy S23 Ultra downgrade

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Android Auto users report Google Maps bug that keeps navigation running



Android Auto Google Maps issue

Do you use Android Auto and Google Maps to find your way in the car? If yes, then you may have noticed a small problem recently. Sometimes, Google Maps doesn’t close when you get out of the car. It keeps showing you directions on your phone, which is very annoying and confusing.

This issue seems to have emerged after the latest updates of Android Auto and Google Maps, which were released last week. It affects various Android phones such as Samsung and Pixel.

It mainly occurs on Android Auto v10.0 and Google Maps v11.88 version. The only solution at the moment is to manually exit the navigation by tapping on the corresponding option.

Currently, the cause of this issue is unknown, but it is expected to be resolved soon. Until then, remember to check your phone and exit navigation when you get out of the car.

Android Auto Google Maps issue


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