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Advancing Samsung Galaxy camera with Expert RAW



Samsung Expert RAW

At present, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is Samsung’s most powerful smartphone, featuring high performing Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy, a 200-megapixel camera, and a lot more. Since the camera is strong enough, you can make it more productive by using the Expert RAW on your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone.

The great advantage of shooting in Expert RAW is capturing images without any compression, digital processing, and filters of image changes, leaving the file ready to edit manually. The app delivers digital images without changes to all the data captured by the phone’s sensor.

Here’s how to install and use Expert RAW:

How to get Expert RAW

Firstly, you need to download the Expert RAW app. To do so, open the Camera app and tap “More” in the bottom right corner. Once done, you will see an icon of Expert RAW with a down arrow showing the requirement of installation from the Galaxy Store, and it’s free for all users having a supported phone.

One UI 5.1 Camera More

Expert RAW

With Expert RAW, it’s possible to take pictures at up to 50-megapixel, allowing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to capture and store images like no other smartphone. Even the app lets you shoot more clearly, thanks to the wider dynamic range as well as exposure and ISO settings.

You can control both functions by selecting “EV” and “ISO” in the camera options bar for day or night shooting. With the first, you notice the increase or decrease of clarity – that is, the exposure control of light and shadows. After touching “EV”, move the ruler to the right or left, as per what works best for the environment.

Samsung Expert RAW Custom Preset

The same goes for the “ISO” sensitivity, which seeks good image quality, from the right amount of light reaching the image sensor. In brighter lighting conditions, it’s best to use a lower ISO.

On the other hand, the less light available, the more ISO you will need to compensate. As you move the ruler, you can see the focus of light changing. Test and find the best ISO for each situation.

Manual Focus

Did you know that Expert RAW offers the possibility to manually adjust the focus? Expert RAW lets you set separate points for focus and exposure. Press and hold the viewfinder to set your focus point until the AF/AE ring flashes yellow. So, you will be able to move separate exposure and focus points.


Samsung Expert RAW is available on many Galaxy models, including Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S22 series, Z Fold4 5G, S21 Ultra 5G, Z Fold3 5G, S20 Ultra 5G, Note 20 Ultra 5G, and Z Fold2.

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Galaxy S23 Blurry Close-up Camera Explained, Samsung Pledges Software Fix



Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 series brings some of the best camera smartphones out there. Following the launch, it was noticed that the non-Ultra models of Samsung Galaxy S23 have some issues, causing blurry close-up shots, which are now officially acknowledged.

What’s the issue?

Some Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus smartphone users noticed that the area around the subject looks a bit blurred when taking a close-up shot. The impact of this problem is limited to both low-end models of the lineup, while the Ultra remains issue-free.

What’s the reason?

Samsung disclosed through its community post that Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus use a 50-megapixel primary camera powered by AI features and machine learning. The blurry close-up problem causes due to the sensor’s bright aperture, which makes stunning Nitghtography possible.

Fix coming in the future!

Samsung not only explained the issue and shared the reason, but also confirmed that the blurry close-up shots problem on Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus is planned to improve (fix) in a future software update. However, when this software update will release, remains a question for now.


If you are experiencing this on your Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+, there are a few solutions you can try:

  1. Try taking a picture from a bit further away; if the subject you are photographing is about 30 cm away, move back a hand’s width
  2. Try to take a photo holding the phone vertically; if you hold the phone horizontally or diagonally, the background may appear blurred.

Why S23 Ultra is unimpacted?

Galaxy S23 Ultra remains unimpacted from the blurry shot issue as its camera automatically switches to the wide-angle camera and activates the focus booster to prevent blur. But do note that the focus enhancer stops working in high-resolution image mode, possibly resulting in a blurry close-up.

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Samsung One UI 6 Concept: Colorful Menus, Revamped Notification and Quick Settings



Samsung One UI 6 Concept

Samsung users are eagerly waiting to see what’s new in the One UI 6. Meanwhile, the company would take about two months to showcase the changes and features through Beta activity. Early concept images are surfacing regularly, giving the idea of what Samsung fans want with One UI 6.

Brilliant concept creator @Vetrox360 has recently shared a number of One UI 6 concept images, asking Samsung if these changes can be applied to its Android 14 upgrade. Since the company remains away, the redesigned user interface shown in the concept is here.

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In the concept, the primary quick settings panel got tweaked, with circular toggles abandoned in favor of Samsung’s default app icon shape. In addition, the placement is also changed to 2×4, followed by a brightness slider and a beautiful music player.

Once expanded, the main Quick Settings panel has enlarged toggles for enhanced reachability in placement of 4 toggles per row. Including the brightness slider at the bottom, the panel showcases twelve toggles per page, with horizontal scroll pagination.

Here are some additional images which show minor tweaks across user interface elements. In the One UI 6 concept, the menus are imagined filled with gradient colors, which Samsung adopted in One UI 5. There are high possibilities of these changes to arrive in One UI 6.

Concepts are based on imagination, Samsung could consider the suggestions shared by users, but it’s not certain. Meanwhile, it’s sure that the next One UI iteration will have more capabilities to compete with rival brands’ software including iOS and Google’s stock Android.

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Samsung official confirms next Galaxy Unpacked in Korea, says ‘it is important’



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Cover Display

Lee Young-hee, Head of Global Marketing Office at Samsung Electronics reportedly disclosed that the new foldable smartphone-centric Galaxy Unpacked event would be held in South Korea.

During a meeting with reporters (via Yonhap), President Lee briefly replied “Because Korea is meaningful and important,” to the reporter’s question, “Why are you holding Unpacked in Seoul?”

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Previously, the South Korean tech giant organized its in-person Galaxy Unpacked events in New York and San Francisco, in the US. However, the next Unpacked is going to be held in Samsung’s home ground for the first time.

These remarks are interpreted as considering the importance and symbolism of the South Korean market. Notably, the official further said that the schedule or venue has not yet been finalized, but Seoul or Busan is likely.

Besides, Tae-moon Noh, head of Samsung’s MX division, avoided answering the question, “Where is the Unpack held?, saying, “Today, I want you to focus only on Ho-Am. I’ll tell you when it’s decided.”

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