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[Updated] Samsung Galaxy S21 battery drain and overheating issues continue to appear



Samsung Galaxy S21 One UI 5.1.1 update

Battery drain seems to be a common issue on Samsung smartphones. Various Galaxy S22 users are continuously reporting battery drain, heating, and low power efficiency issues on their phones. Now many users of Samsung Galaxy S21 phones are also appearing with such battery drain and overheating issues.

As per the users’ information, these issues of Galaxy S21 are arising since the beginning. There are multiple reports on Reddit that says that users are facing battery draining and heating problems since they purchased the phone in 2021 and the company has not yet fixed them.

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A user on the Reddit platform claims that his Galaxy S21 smartphone is giving very less time on-screen. Even after using common social media applications, the phone gets discharged very fast and is heating with normal usage.

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Samsung S21 battery drain overheating

In the meantime, a user says that he fully charged his Galaxy S21 smartphone at night and kept it aside after short use, when he woke up in the morning, the phone’s battery had dropped by 15% to 20% automatically.

That’s not it, there are various threads and reports about the battery drain and overheating issues of the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone. Customers are complaining about these for a long time but still, there is no fix.

Samsung needs to seriously work on this problem. Customers buy such flagship smartphones to get pro-grade performance without any issues and if these issues keep cropping up then what would be the purpose of a flagship? Such problems are not only affecting the performance of the phone but also reducing the trust of users in Samsung devices.

Updated on March 13:

Following so many reports of low battery performance for the Galaxy S21, a tipster says that the battery performance of his phone has improved substantially after the One UI 5.1 March 2023 update. The tipster is using the Exynos model of Galaxy S21 smartphone in India.

Don’t forget to let us know if the One UI 5.1 March 2023 patch fixed the battery of your phone as well.

February 23:

A Galaxy S21 Plus model user has reported that his phone’s 85% battery is offering just 4 hours of screen time. He is using the phone with a 120Hz refresh rate, maximum 50% brightness extra dim, and location and mobile data off. This is normal usage but his phone is giving less battery life.

February 20:

The heavy battery drain issue continues to appear for Galaxy S21 users. A user briefed that even after replacing the phone, he has to charge the device 2 to 3 times a day as its battery is draining too early. He also claims that none of the apps is running in the background and still his S21 is consuming a lot of battery.

February 11:

Even the new buyers of Galaxy S21 smartphones are facing battery drain and heating issues. A user has told that his S21 barely lasts for half of the day as well as it gets heated all the time while using it.

February 7:

Many other Galaxy S21 series users have conveyed their concerns about the overheating problems they are facing on their smartphones. A user said his phone always gets uncomfortably warm during light use or even just sitting at the home screen with no background apps running.

February 6:

The battery drain issue of Galaxy S21 is getting worst with time. A user recently reported that his phone is getting discharged around 3% every hour even when the screen is off. He lost 25% of his phone’s battery in 8 hours without doing anything to it.

February 3:

Users of Galaxy S21 smartphones continue to meet battery drain problems, even worst issues. A user reported that a full 100% change is only lasting for 5 hours and the system usage does not include video streaming, installing apps, or anything like that.

January 31:

Samsung Galaxy S21 battery drain and overheating issues are still appearing online. Users are really disappointed with the battery performance and asking for a fix.

Meanwhile, a Galaxy S21 user said that turning off the “Nearby device scanning” feature worked for him. Don’t know if this completely fixes the problem, however, this might help in saving battery as a nearby device scanner runs in the background even when you don’t need it.

To turn it off, you need to go to your phone’s Settings and navigate to Connections >> More connection settings. Finally, turn off the Nearby device scanning toggle.

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