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Here’s how to set custom ringtone on your Samsung device



Samsung One UI 5.0 wi-fi calling

Ringtone! All smartphone users are well aware of this term as it is the basic thing of a smartphone. It is an audio file played to give an alert of an incoming call. Nowadays, ringtone becomes an important aspect for smartphone users. Samsung offers a bunch of custom ringtones and you can set a ringtone on your Galaxy smartphone.

When we buy a new smartphone, a ringtone is set by default. If you have more than one Samsung smartphone, when one of them rings, you will be confused as to which smartphone the call is coming from, although you can identify it by looking at the phone’s screen. If you want to know without looking, you have to set different ringtones on both smartphones.

So let’s see the ringtones settings of your Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

How to set the ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone?

You can easily select and set a ringtone on your Galaxy smartphone, just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone
  • Tap Sounds and Vibration option
  • Now, tap on the Ringtone
  • A list of  custom ringtones appears, choose any one of them with a click
  • It is done.

From here, you can also adjust the ringtone volume via the slider. By turning on Vibrate while ringing toggle, the vibration sync with a ringtone.

Samsung RIngtone

How to add a new ringtone?

Sometimes we want to set a ringtone other than the custom one then you can add and set it by following some easy steps. Visit Settings >> Sounds and Vibration option >>Ringtone. You can see Plus sign in the top right corner, tap on it. Now, you can select anyone and it will be added to the ringtone page list, set it.

Add Ringtone

How to set different ringtones in contacts?

To set a different ringtone for important contacts, check the steps below.

  • Open the Contacts app.
  • Now, select any contact and open its profile.
  • Press the Edit option.
  • Tap on Ringtone after clicking the View more option
  • You can choose to set it.

Samsung released Over the Horizon 2023 theme music ahead of Galaxy S23

Hey, Camila is here! From the very beginning, I love using Samsung phones like a die-hard fan. Apart from detailing One UI features for readers, I love exploring different apps of the Samsung ecosystem with a cup of tea!

One UI 6.0

Samsung One UI 6 concept displays gradient elements, interface rounding



Samsung is internally readying the One UI 6 software, which will bring the Android 14 to Galaxy devices. The Beta activity is about two months away, while concept creator SOUIC shared a handful of images displaying One UI 6 featuring aesthetic gradient elements, an elegant interface rounding, and beautiful blur.

The Quick Settings and Notification Panel got refreshed in the concept with beautiful blur, renovated brightness slider, and neat toggles. The notifications are now featuring padding from both sides to provide you with more convenient access across them.

Similar to Apple’s iOS, the expanded app settings panel is now presented with hard blurred background, which entirely makes the remaining home screen icons blurry. Thankfully, the expanded tools are now visible with an even clearer appearance with solid shape below.

Additional functional sections of the system Settings window are also aligned in the center with padding on both sides. The overall appearance got sticking, and it will be interesting to see if Samsung makes it happen int he official One UI 6 software.

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One UI

One UI 5.1.1 coming to these Samsung devices: One UI 5.1.1 Device List



Samsung One UI 5.1.1

In February, Samsung started releasing the One UI 5.1 for Galaxy devices. Moving ahead, the company has started the development and testing of the new One UI 5.1.1 version for select Galaxy devices. Here, you can check the One UI 5.1.1 device list to ensure the availability of this One UI version.

Usually, Samsung develops and brings the x.1.1 version for foldable and tablet devices, however, select Galaxy S and A series devices also receive enhancements. This year, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 will bring One UI 5.1.1 software iteration, which will be based on Android 13.

Samsung is expected to begin the One UI 5.1.1 rollout for older Galaxy devices by late August. We are months away from the tentative timeline, however, the South Korean company may amaze Galaxy consumers yet again with speedy software deployment.

Apart from foldable Galaxy devices, the Galaxy tablets running One UI 5.1 would also get a chance to get updated to the new One UI 5.1.1. Ahead of the Android 14-based One UI 6.0, One UI 5.1.1 is likely to introduce new multitasking features and functional enhancements.

Samsung One UI 5.1.1 Device List

  • Z Fold 4 5G
  • Z Fold 3 5G
  • Z Fold 2 5G


  • Z Flip 4 5G
  • Z Flip 3 5G
  • Z Flip 5G
  • Z Flip LTE


  • Tab S8, Tab S8 Plus and Tab S8 Ultra
  • Tab S7 FE

Note: This is not an official list. It is based on Samsung’s rollout habits and past deployments.

One UI 5.1 will remain the latest Samsung software until the debut of the One UI 5.1.1 version. The 5.1 version of One UI comes with improved animation and visual effects over the One UI 5.0, based on Android 13. There’s plenty to explore in this new iteration, find out more here!

Samsung One UI 5.1.1

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One UI 6.0

Samsung One UI 6.0 beta coming very soon



Samsung Galaxy

Samsung has recently released a new Calculator app update, bringing support for the unreleased One UI 6.0 software. The changelog also revealed that the Android 14-based One UI version is going to be more colorful, thanks to Google’s efforts towards the Material You design engine.

Calculator app got support for an upcoming One UI version isn’t the first time incident as Samsung often did it in the past. Meanwhile, it’s not an avoidable development but indicates an early (than last year) arrival of Samsung’s Android 14-based One UI 6 Beta Program to Galaxy devices.

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Android 14 reached the second Beta milestone, while Google has two more Beta builds in the pipeline. After two major Beta and some additional incremental updates, the new OS will go official for the Pixel smartphone lineup as well as AOSP.

Last year, the South Korean tech giant started the One UI 5 Beta program 10 days ahead of the Android 13 launch. This year, the program is expected to go official earlier as the company is already preparing for the new software, with major features may be reserved for the 2024 debut.

At first, the One UI 6 Beta will be available for the Galaxy S23 series in seven countries including the US and South Korea. After the latest flagship lineup, the company will expand this opportunity to more products including the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 series.


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