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Everything about Samsung Galaxy Book 3, Book 3 Pro revealed in new leak



Samsung Book 3 Pro leak

Recently, we witnessed a massive leak of the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra laptop that revealed everything about the device including its specs, design, and price. Now a similar leak of the lower variants of the upcoming Samsung laptops – Galaxy Book 3, Book 3 360, Book 3 Pro, and Book 3 Pro 360 emerges.

Winfuture has appeared with all the key information about these upcoming laptops and their design. As per the information, the devices will look similar to their predecessor, however, there are some notable specs and features upgrades.

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Galaxy Book 3, Book 3 360:

Going by the new information, the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 will feature a 15-inch 60Hz display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Whereas, the Galaxy Book 3 Pro will come in two display sizes, such as 13-inch and 15-inch, and will feature a 120Hz refresh rate.

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Samsung Book 3 Pro leak

Moreover, the base model will be available in three processor variants, including Intel Core i3-1315U, Intel Core i5-1335U, and Intel Core i7-1355U. And, its 360 models will feature Intel Core i5-1340P and Intel Core i7-1360P chipset versions.

Both devices will equip 8GB and 16GB LPDDR4X RAM in addition to 256GB and 512GB internal storage. Meanwhile, Book 3 sports a 54 Wh Li-Ion battery whereas, the Book 3 360 13-inch is equipped with a 61 Wh Li-Ion battery and the 15-inch version features a 68 Wh Li-Ion battery.

Samsung Book 3 Pro leak

Moreover, the devices run Windows 11 software as well as have so many Galaxy-specific features. For connections, there will be WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, MicroSDXC, 3,5mm Klinke, 1x Thunderbolt 4, 1x USB A 3.2 Gen 1, 1x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, and HDMI.

Galaxy Book 3 Pro, Book 3 Pro 360:

While the Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 features a 16-inch screen, the Book 3 Pro offers two display variants – 14-inch and 16-inch. Both support a 120Hz refresh rate, 2880 x 1800 pixels resolution, HDR 500, and 400 nits brightness.

There will be two processor versions of both the laptops, such as Intel Core i5-1340P and the Intel Core i7-1360P. These are paired with 16GB LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB internal storage.

In addition to these, the 14-inch version of the laptop supports a 63Wh Li-Ion battery and the 16-inch variant has a 76Wh Li-Ion battery. Both devices drive the latest Windows 11 software.

Samsung Book 3 Pro leak

Lastly, they feature WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, MicroSDXC, 3,5mm Klinke, 2x Thunderbolt 4, 1x USB A 3.2 Gen 1, 2x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, and HDMI for connectivity.

Besides these specs, the latest leak further claims that Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro 14-inch version will be priced at 1749 euros (~ USD 1,901) and the 16-inch version will cost 1949 euros (~ USD 2,119).

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New Samsung all-solid-state battery patent reduces ignition risks



Samsung All Solid State Battery Patent

Samsung (Electro-Mechanics) has filed 14 all-solid-state battery patent with the Korean Intellectual Property Office including the term ‘all-solid-state’ in the title of the invention, discovered by Cypris. The patents that have been disclosed so far are those applied until the end of 2020.

Of the 14 all-solid-state battery patents filed by Samsung, 12 were filed between November and December 2020. At the end of December 2020, there were 11 applications. Since patents are generally published 1 year and 6 months after filing, patents filed at the end of 2021 will not be published until July this year.

By July this year, when the patent filed at the end of 2021 would also be disclosed, Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ direction for developing all-solid-state battery components is expected to materialize. At the shareholders’ meeting last week, an official confirmed: “developing small all-solid-state battery parts.”

All-solid-state battery

  • An all-solid-state battery is a battery in which the electrolyte between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery is changed from liquid to solid.

Since the electrolyte is not liquid, there is no need for a separator between the anode and cathode, and compared to lithium-ion batteries currently in use, the risk of battery ignition can be reduced and the energy density can be increased.

Samsung All Solid State Battery Patent

After the regular shareholders’ meeting on March 15, President Jang Deok-hyun told reporters that “the multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) that Samsung Electro-Mechanics makes well is a ceramic product, and (Samsung Electro-Mechanics) has the technology to make it into a solid oxide at high temperatures.”

He added, “based on this technology, we are preparing small all-solid-state batteries or parts for green energy. I will take a separate time to explain when I’m at the point of making a prototype (prototype).”

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Google crafting an ultimate Night Sight feature to take on Samsung’s Nightography



Google Pixel Camera Night Sight Google Multi-camera Super Res Zoom

Samsung’s Nightography feature is way too excellent! Powerful hardware and intelligent use of artificial intelligence and deep machine learning turn low-light/night photos captured in the day. Well, Google is reportedly crafting an ultimate Night Sight solution (Multi-camera Super Res Zoom) to challenge Samsung’s Nightography.

According to 9to5Google’s findings, Google is preparing a new feature for the upcoming Pixel 8 Pro, which would combine multiple camera sensors to take even better Night Sight photos. Earlier, the Google Camera app got updated to version 8.8, which brings new codes for experimental features.

As reported, the Google Camera app’s code includes some of the first details for the Pixel 8 series. Since there are no authentic details available for now, the code indicates that the company is crafting a Pixel 8 Pro-exclusive feature for improved nighttime photography.

Google crafting Multi-camera Super Res Zoom?

In the Google Camera 8.8 APK, the “Multi-camera Super Res Zoom” feature above seems to be referred to in the code as “Hawk” and “FusionZoom.” Exclusively for the Pixel 8 Pro, the company is expanding when this special Hawk variety of Super Res Zoom can be used, enabling it for Night Sight shots.

Google Pixel Camera Night Sight

That way, both the primary and telephoto camera sensors of the smartphone would capture the same shot over an extended period of time. Once done, Pixel’s Camera application could possibly merge the shots together to deliver improved Night Sight photos or more detailed astrophotography.

The Android maker improved Night Sight photography with the Pixel 7 Pro flagship. If you zoom in, but not far enough to switch to the telephoto lens, the Google Camera app will take your intended shot with both the main and telephoto cameras to enhance the center portion of the photo with details.

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra are unbeatable when it comes to smartphone photography. The company not only installed cutting-edge hardware but also applied futuristic software-derived techniques to make stunning night photography possible.

More on Google x Samsung:


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Samsung could cut production at its biggest money-making business



Samsung employees bonuses

Semiconductor Division of Samsung Electronics is known as its biggest money-making business, which could get a strategic production cut. However, the company is likely to post deficits of billions of won in the first quarter of this year amid weakening memory chip prices and higher inventories.

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According to the regulatory filing to DART by Samsung, its inventory assets reached an all-time high of 52.2 trillion won ($39.9 billion) as of the fourth quarter of last year, compared with last year’s 41.4 trillion won.

The South Korean tech titan’s chip business division accounted for the lion’s share of the total figure, with 29.1 trillion won in the same year, up nearly 12.6 trillion won from the same period tallied in 2021, the data showed.

Pent-up demand during the pandemic for home appliances, including TVs, has lost momentum, and aggressive rate hikes in major economies have significantly weakened consumer spending power.

This situation, on top of the inventory surge, has resulted in a sharp drop in chip prices. Market watchers believe the prices of PC DRAM and NAND memory chips are reportedly getting closer to their costs.

  • KB Securities forecast the prices of DRAM and NAND chips will drop by a further 19 percent and 18 percent, respectively, in the January-March 2023 period.

While falling chip prices and soaring inventories affect Samsung’s earnings, the company is expected to take a turn into the red in this first quarter, logging operating losses of between 1.91 trillion won and 4.47 trillion won, reports FnGuide.

Despite witnessing a sharp drop in chip profits, Samsung maintains it will not be “artificially” cutting output and will keep up investment in its chips business. However, it has hinted at the possibility of a “natural” reduction through process conversion.

At Wednesday’s shareholder’s meeting, the company shared a downbeat forecast for its chip business this year but said it will continue to invest to secure clean rooms and technology advances in its efforts to “turn misfortune into advantage.”

“We will be flexible in executing infrastructure investment given volatile market conditions. We’re also planning to enhance our investment efficiency and improve the corporate structure.” Said Lee Jung-bae, president of Samsung’s device solution division.

Samsung and SK Hynix might reduce their production further to prevent soaring inventory assets and boost semiconductor prices. Market watchers say that reducing supply is the way to accelerate rebound in their chip businesses.


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