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The Best Smartphone of 2022: Samsung, Google or Apple?



Samsung T-Mobile disconnection issues

Lots of flagship smartphones launched this year and we are about to give farewell to 2022. There will be new innovations and products debut in 2023 for which we all are waiting eagerly. Well, what about the best smartphone of 2022?

In 2022, Samsung started the flagship launch with Galaxy S22 series, which later followed by Galaxy Z Fold 4. Aside from this, more phone vendors including Apple, and Google come up with their new smartphone lineups, which are now competing with Galaxies.

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Keeping unnecessary ones aside, we enclose four great phones including Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max and Google’s Pixel 7 Pro. The Korean tech giant introduced real innovation in the industry, while Google and Apple made meaningful changes in their flagships.

Best smartphone of 2022

As a die-hard Samsung fan, I can’t go against Samsung, but, even, in reality, Samsung is the brand that awake smartphone industry with innovations and consumer support. Hearing consumers’ feedback, kept the Note alive and expanded the S Pen experiences for non-Note devices as well.

S22 Ultra is the best phone of 2022:

Famous YouTube MKBHD named the Galaxy S22 Ultra as his best big phone of 2022. However, it’s not just big, it’s the best smartphone launched this year in every aspect including display, camera, performance, and battery along with incredible software.

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 series, in which, the S22 Ultra is a hybrid variant with the design of Note and other specs of S. This sizzling combination introduces the best smartphone of 2022, beating rivals launched throughout the year.

Samsung app location access disable

With the launch of S22, Samsung raised the bar of software updates with up to four generations of Android, plus, up to five years of regular security updates. Stock Android phones – Pixel flagships even lag behind Galaxies in terms of longer software support.


2. Galaxy Z Fold 4:

Choice between the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra was a pretty difficult task, but I eventually found that the S22 Ultra is a beast in Android. Since consumers still prefer regular form factor of smartphones over foldables due to durability, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 introduces the most durable body and design in the market to date.

Samsung Fold 4 One UI 5.0 Canada

You can use the Galaxy Z Fold 4 as a daily driver, thanks to Samsung’s design and aspect ratio changes. Competitors like Oppo Find N and Xiaomi Mix Fold are limited to China, which awards a one sided victory to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4.

3. Pixel 7 Pro:

Pixel 7 Pro, which is an overrated Google smartphone, is a great competitor to the Galaxy S22 Ultra in the Android market. As Google is focussing more on mobile phones, the Android OS is getting further advancements, which will benefit Galaxies alongside.

The Pixel 7 Pro kills with its night photography capabilities, and saves users from downloading different kinds of apps for astrophotography and erasing objects. The Tensor G2 is like trash in benchmarks, but performs great, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

4. iPhone 14 Pro

Apple is the biggest rival of Samsung in the smartphone market. With its historical decision, Apple ditched the notch from the display and converted it to a pill shape cutout with some software tweaks. iSheeps like everything Apple do, while we really like the Dynamic Island that turns trash into a bit useful stuff.

Apple iPhone 14 Dynamic Island

James is the lead content creator on Sammy Fans and mostly works on Samsung's firmware section. His first phone was the Galaxy S4 and continues to get new S series devices. Most of the time, James tries to learn about new technologies and gadgets but he also sneaks a bit of free time to nearby rivers and nature.


Samsung launches Galaxy self-repair program in South Korea



Samsung Self repair Service

Samsung Galaxy smartphone and laptop owners will be able to repair their products themselves. Today, Samsung announced the launch of the Galaxy self-repair program in South Korea, allowing consumers to repair their own products.

Thanks to the self-repair program, Korean consumers will not only be able to visit the Samsung Electronics service center and repair the product but will also be able to purchase the necessary parts online and perform the repair themselves.

Self-repair begins with some models and limited parts and will be gradually expanded in the future. Accurate repairable models and parts can be found on the official website. First, self-repair of Galaxy mobile products and some models of TVs becomes possible.

It starts with three models: Galaxy S20 ∙ S21 ∙ S22 series, Galaxy Book Pro 39.6cm (15.6- inch ) series laptops, and 80cm (32-inch) TV. Users of this model can purchase necessary parts and repair tools through the Samsung service website.

In the case of smartphones, self-repair is possible for three parts: the display, the back cover, and the charging port. A total of seven parts, including the touchpad and fingerprint recognition power button, are included in the subject of self-repair for laptops.

Once replaced, you can use the “self-repair helper app” to optimize the new part to work properly. Afterward, through the self-diagnosis function of the “Samsung Members App,” you can check whether or not there is an abnormality in the repair result.

Consumers who have completed self-repair can visit the service center or return some of the replaced parts and repair tools to Samsung through courier service and receive a refund of the eco-friendly deposit. Recovered parts are either recycled or lead to responsible disposal through inspection by Samsung.

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Google delayed its ‘dual’ foldable attack on Samsung



Samsung Fold Flip 4 One UI 5.1 T-Mobile

Google’s hardware product design director Ivy Ross recently participated in a podcast show, confirming that Google has a second Pixel foldable phone, but did not disclose other details. It’s like a delay in a dual attack on Samsung’s Galaxy foldable portfolio.

Ross simply said that the Pixel device would “beyond every existing foldable,” which also caused Google to delay the product launch. She said Ross said the decision to forego launching a second foldable Pixel device was due to strict requirements for quality and innovation.

The official further added that she is proud of the team’s ability to create a better experience than existing foldable phones. It was previously reported that Google is developing a clamshell foldable phone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It’s unclear whether Ross’s Pixel will be the rumored foldable phone.

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Apple iPhones left Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the dust in Q1 sales



Samsung Galaxy S23 May 2023 update canada

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is equipped with the fastest Snapdragon processor, 200-megapixel camera, power-efficient display, and the signature Galaxy design. Still, consumers in the high-end market prefer the Apple iPhone 14 and even 13 over it as shown in a recent Canalys report.

According to Canalys, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max was the best-selling high-end smartphone in Q1 2023. iPhone 14 Pro was the runner-up, followed by iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 secured third and fourth spots. On the fifth, Galaxy S23 Ultra managed to make its place amid the iPhone tsunami.

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Apple is rapidly growing its shipments in the high-end market, as it makes only premium phones. Samsung, on the other hand, unquestionably leads the global smartphone market, but with just the highest number of units shipped. Consumers who have a budget of over $500 prefer buying iPhone over Galaxy.

Apart from Ultra, the base Galaxy S23 is listed as seventh after the iPhone 14 Plus, while iPhone 12 was the ninth most-sold premium phone in the same duration. Samsung’s latest flagships were released in February, while the iPhone 14 landed last September, still, sales numbers are not favoring the S23 line.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Canalys high end 2023

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